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Ireland needs a Left Government for Populism to Rise

This Saturday marks a potential shuffle in the electoral deck of cards in the 26 county state, but not in the way one might think. Since the gunmen went away, Irish elections have never really mattered, and even less so...

/ 08/02/2020

Election 2020: A Vision For the Coming Decade

The general election is of both great importance and no importance at the same time. It is of no importance because the difference between the parties is very narrow, and virtually all have been rendered uniform by the State-NGO complex. Given...

/ 07/02/2020

Ireland’s Drug Blues: A Slow Cowardly Surrender

If ever there was a clear sign that Ireland is in serious danger of disappearing up its own contradictions it was the sight of Minister of State for health promotion Catherine Byrne holding a brightly coloured poster providing details on how to...

/ 21/07/2018