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Trade, Industry, and Immigration Flows Effects on the Environment

Climate change is not the next generation’s problem to deal with, it is ours. If humanity cannot globally work towards stopping and reversing the damage being inflicted on the earth in the next few decades, the effects may be irreparable....

/ 27/05/2019

A Case Study in Journalistic Dishonesty

On the 16th of January, published an article titled ‘FactCheck: Does this tweet show the decline of the 'ethnic Irish' population from 2040 onward?’ This article is worth analysing as a case study for two reasons. The first is...

/ 25/01/2019

Book Review: Jordanetics

“Falsehoods have consequences, that’s what makes them false” – Jordan Peterson Jordanetics is not the book I expected it to be. I expected a political criticism of Jordan B. Peterson’s politics, a takedown of atomised individualism, and a nationalist defence...

/ 14/12/2018