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The New Gender Recognition and Education Bills are Ideology Not Policy

Recently, RTE’s Prime Time saw the programme tackle gender identity; an increasingly contentious issue in Irish society. Despite offering various perspectives, the show was attacked by transgender activists, who started the hashtag ‘TurnOffPrimeTime.’ Such hashtags should be viewed as an...

/ 23/02/2019

The Progressive Subversion of Leaving Cert ‘Politics and Society’

This year, around 900 students from 41 pilot schools across the country will sit the first ever Leaving Cert exam for ‘Politics and Society’. Introduced in 2016, the new subject supposedly is designed to educate students in regards to both...

/ 14/06/2018

A Proposal for a Course on National Studies

What with the “Beast from the East”, the upcoming abortion referendum and the ongoing crises in health and housing, you’ve most likely missed a double celebration of the Irish language that’s languishing at the bottom of the media’s priority list....

/ 15/03/2018