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Ireland Should Prepare Against Afghan Asylum Surge

The slow-motion disintegration of the American sponsored Kabul regime will invariably impact upon the country’s threadbare asylum system in the years ahead. While the battlefields and refugee camps of Helmand and Greece may be the furthest places imaginable from the...

/ 09/08/2021

What to Expect from Irish Hate Speech Laws

In the pipes since it was smuggled into the Programme for Government, we received a clear outline of the impending hate speech laws looking to make their way onto the statute books. Previously, this publication has covered the lobbying process...

/ 20/04/2021

Fewer Than 20% Of Deportation Orders Actually Actioned

Under Freedom of Information request The Burkean can reveal that since 2015, only 18.9% of deportation orders issued have actually been actioned. From figures obtained from the Department of Justice of the 7,496 deportation orders issued by the state between...

/ 16/04/2021