The slow-motion disintegration of the American sponsored Kabul regime will invariably impact upon the country’s threadbare asylum system in the years ahead. While the battlefields and refugee camps of Helmand and Greece may be the furthest places imaginable from the townlands of Ireland, it will potentially be these localities left to deal with the result of any future asylum surge.

Already we see a targeted media campaign internationally for the cause of Afghan asylum seekers as Taliban forces look set to swallow up the remaining territories held by the Afghan puppet regime. It is no secret that without political pressure and an intricate nexus of open borders NGOs waiting to act as conduits, the Republic may very well top the list of desired destinations as a predominantly English speaking EU country.

2021 Taliban Offensive.png
Current state of play in Afghanistan-Wikipedia

While the nations of Europe have somewhat strengthened their external border security in the wake of the 2014/2015 asylum surges, Ireland has tilted the other direction with a liberalisation of the asylum process underway against EU norms. From family reunification to own door accommodation promised to applicants within 6 months, Ireland could very well be the flame to the moth should a new asylum wave break European borders.

Those of us involved in opposing the asylum industry have witnessed a litany of towns and parishes gobbled up by rapacious local gombeens and indifferent DoJ apparatchiks to placate the open border lobby already. From Lisdonvarna to Wicklow Town, the general modus operandi has been to stuff as many asylum seekers as possible into whatever town is lethargic enough not to resist, passing enough silver through the palms of amoral businessmen to lubricate the process. While we have seen remarkable acts of community resistance most notably at Oughterard in 2019, the lamentable reality is that authorities can and will act to implement their writ without public approval.

With the Brookings Institute warning of a surge come the Spring of 2022, the wheels could already be in motion for a crisis within our own domestic asylum system. Patched over by the 27th Amendment which staved off the issue of birth tourism as well Direct Provision which acted as a policy mudguard to prevent against even more wholescale abuse of the system, these minimal protections are currently being withered away by our very brazen NGO complex.

UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency

On matters of asylum there is in place an effective shadow government of NGOs and activists happy to coordinate asylum dumps on local towns in the dead of night. While we wish the best for the Afghan people especially after two decades of NATO meddling , more cynical heads must apprehend that some of the individuals fleeing the collapse of the US backed narco state may not be totally enviable to be walking Irish streets. 

Unlike 2018, there is a better networked community of nativist activists fine tuned after 18 months of austere covid authoritarianism. Now is the time to begin strengthening these connections as we look set to be dunked into a fresh asylum crisis as soon as covid temporarily recedes. While asylum numbers have collapsed since the pandemic, despite covert attempts to fly refugees in by stealth, expect this respite to swiftly end.

We know by now how weaponised migration is a tool to bludgeon communities and nations into submission. One hopes that Afghanisation mends itself to be able to sustain its own populace at home, however we make no apology in wanting to bolt our own doors internally.

Europe cannot politically afford another asylum surge akin to 2014/2015. Ireland on the other hand maintains a juvenile attitude on the matter, potentially making itself target number one for an asylum feeding frenzy. Let’s hope the inevitably asylum learning curve is swift and saner voices prevail but don’t be surprised if busloads of Afghans have already started on their path to Irish towns and parishes. The chatter of Pastho could be heard more and more on Irish street corners. 

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. The Real Fianna 09/08/2021 at 11:40 pm

    From the article – the Republic may very well top the list of desired destinations as a predominantly English speaking EU country.

    It is definetly an attractive destination for sure, and the useful idiots are making it even more attractive to illegal immigrants, basically a little-britain owned and run by globalists. The politicans that continously acquiesce to the demands of “globalist political discourse” and the privately funded globalist NGO’s pushing for third world mass-immigration into a small island, the same politicans who made Ireland the European Communist unions bitch, a union that devours irelands natural resources, taxes it for climate hoax agenda, pushes dangerous clot-shots tied in with a QR code communist digitalized pass, where is it all going?

    Oh but the GDP Per capita? A complete con of an argument, how the fuck can Ireland be considered rich and prosperous if the country basically sells itself out to GLOBALIST Corporations, and communist unions (EU) and the cost of living costs a fortune, and someone has to literally be a slave for 30 to 40 years to call a decent house their own? but even if you pay off the mortgage, you still pay the fucking PROPERTY tax, another mortgage in and of itself, basically nearly 2 euros a day for that tax. What in the fuck?

    Climate Tax next?

    They don’t want people to live FREELY. All those taxes, costs of living, mortgages, its like a heavy chain around the neck weighing people down, stressing people out. They don’t have time to think, time to live. The time to be FREE.

    All the imported third world labour reducing minumum wages, PACKED to the BRIM landlord houses with immigrants, that results in increased rent rates for irish familie naking them homeless in cramped hotel roomss etc, the high crime rates from mass-immigration creating ghettoized communities. Where are the journalists?

    The idea of ireland being an independent sovereign nation is a complete and utter fucking joke!

    The world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” – David Rockefeller.

    Irish politicans = We are the heart of europe (Essentially a globalist communist party, undermining european nations sovereignty.

    Hungary = We don’t want such LGBT propaganda in the schools, we don’t want refugee quotas. Leave us alone.

    European Communist Party = Do as we fucking say, or we will isolate and exclude you, and you will not be able to trade with our controlled member nations.

    Irish politicans = Bad Bad hungaty, why can’t you be the best in class like us.

    Irish politicans = Subservient, no backbone, no nationalism only globalism. Creeps!

    Any political right-wing party being content with membership of the EU are not really nationalist parties anymore, the hungarian incident is proof of it. Its time other countries started to leave it and let it fall apart.

    EU has shown its true colours now. If parties like the national party in Ireland are content with EU Membership going forward, they need to be criticised on it.

    People like Herman Kelly are right about how the EU is bad for ireland. That barrett fella hasn’t a clue.

    Oh but the economy? Irish politicans need to understand that they CONTROL their OWN COUNTRY AND ITS ECONOMY, its destiny is in their hands, and should not be given away to creatures like the EU.

    It is time for Irelands electorate to wake up a small bit.


  2. bells of shandon 10/08/2021 at 9:52 am

    The only solution to the illegal mass migration crisis is a change of Govt.
    The FF/FG/G Regime has no qualms in placing Irish citizens at the end of the queue as it plays up to its EU and UN Masters.
    Asylum seekers come to Ireland without Health or criminla checks to avail of the Welfare system.
    A Welfare System and Open Borders is a recipe for social chaos.
    The only cure is to sweep these legacy political Parties into the dustbin of History along with their 5th Column of NGO’s and Media


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 10/08/2021 at 10:21 am

    Forewarned is Forearmed. Ireland is surely prepared by now after years of suffering through a globalist agenda being carried out by its own govts. First things first and all the rest falls in place. GET RID OF THE GLOBALIST UNelected,UNdemocratic,UNconstitutional,UNtalented GovernmUNt. You do not have to WAIT FOR AN ELECTION, You get them out in a very legal,democratic and respectful way. If they will not leave of their own free will,you can ESCORT THEM OUT,and then arrest them all, surely I do not have to list all THAT THEY ARE GUILTY OF OVER YEARS AND DECADES OF CORRUPTION- a cabal illegal cesspit. Then RTE-OUT.


  4. The Brits are in the process of closing their open doors. Last stop for asylum seekers is Ireland. If birthright citizenship is reimposed by the pc brigade , expect 30,000 asylum seekers per annum.


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