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A Catholic Education Scattered To The Four Winds

In light of the recent “Catholic Schools Week”, it bears saying that it is an open secret that the vast majority of schools in Ireland, which purport to be Catholic, are merely Catholic in name only. They keep up the...

/ 04/02/2021

Trinity CSC Takes Aim at Catholic Prayer Groups

Trinity College Dublin’s Central Societies Committee (CSC), the group in charge of managing campus societies, has taken aim at a Catholic prayer group held by the college’s Catholic Laurentian society. In a statement given to University Times, CSC Secretary Ultan...

/ 17/11/2020

Ireland: The Land of Sin and Cynicism

Last week, I had the pleasure of talking to presidential hopeful Kevin Sharkey about the problems this island faces now and in the future. Unfortunately, due to having to keep the article to a readable length, a whole range of...

/ 13/08/2018