Tag: Anti-racism

Irish Antifa Project: Conclusion

Entering into this project we had a series of strategic objectives to attain, in order to make the project worth our while.  Firstly, we wanted to show that even complacent leftist apparatchiks, who are ensconced in a world of established...

/ 17/05/2020

Irish Antifa Project: Dylan O’Connell – Journalist

This is the latest part of an undercover investigation into the tacit and sometimes overt support for antifascist harassment among elements of the Irish media and political class. We advise you to listen to all leaked audio and read all...

/ 27/03/2020

CERD19: Cat Lady Totalitarianism On Display

The following is the second in a multipart series examining the influence of Ireland’s inordinately sized NGO sector in the realm of policy formation, particularly in the areas of hate speech legislation and anti-racism advocacy. This segment casts an eye...

/ 12/12/2019