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Virtue Signalling & American Racial Politics — The George Nkencho Shooting

What Happened on the Day? At 12.15pm yesterday Gardaí arrived on the scene to what they described as a public order incident, outside Hartstown Shopping Centre near Blanchardstown. The incident involved a Nigerian male named George Nkencho (27) with a...

/ 31/12/2020

Floyd Riots: A Critique of Impotent Rage, and the Future of Black Nationalism

There have been two main responses to the recent demonstrations in Minneapolis and other US cities.  The first is that the rioting is justified to a greater or lesser extent. This stems usually from some argument that the destruction of...

/ 30/05/2020

A Look at the 2020 Democratic Primaries

Biden vs. Bernie: All of the major 2020 Democratic candidates for president of the United States have formally launched their campaigns. It is an extremely diverse field. We have an octogenarian socialist who owns three houses, terrorist sympathizers, and a...

/ 12/05/2019