What Happened on the Day?

At 12.15pm yesterday Gardaí arrived on the scene to what they described as a public order incident, outside Hartstown Shopping Centre near Blanchardstown. The incident involved a Nigerian male named George Nkencho (27) with a large blade harassing passersby, having previously assaulted two male employees at a local EuroSpar.

As a consequence of the assault, one of the two shop staff received facial injuries resulting in them being taken to Connolly Hospital. Subsequent to this, Gardaí responded to a separate incident involving the same Nigerian male at an adjacent post office.

According to statements and footage, uniformed Gardaí made contact directly with Nkencho who, per reports, was threatening members of the public with a knife. For twenty minutes, uniformed Gardaí on foot and in marked vehicles followed Nkencho imploring him to put down his weapon, but to no avail. Gardaí also warned members of the public to keep distance to ensure their safety.

In a nearby estate, Manorfield Drive, Gardaí discharged multiple shots, having made repeated attempts to reason with Nkencho who, from footage taken, was erratically swinging his knife at Gardaí, almost slashing one in the process. Previous to this, less-than-lethal options (taser and OC pepper spray) were used.

After initial treatment the individual was transferred to Connolly Hospital before being pronounced dead. Under Section 102 of An Garda Síochána Act 2005, an investigation has been ordered with a post-mortem scheduled tomorrow.

Since then there has been small scale protests regarding the killing, largely driven by local Nigerians, with footage emerging apparently of fireworks being thrown at members of An Garda Síochána near to where the shooting occured. There have also been various fundraising efforts launched to pay for the deceased funeral costs.

Ireland’s George Floyd Moment?

Despite the clear case for the use of lethal force, the Irish political elites wasted no time in inverting reality to import American racial narratives. Some were relatively innocuous, such as the Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu, though many were an egregious assault on all rational thought. Ruth Coppinger, the former TD who lost her seat in Dublin West, claimed that, save for the machete he was intent on hacking Gardaí apart with, he was “otherwise unarmed.”

Paul Murphy TD stated that he believes that “it appears to be a disproportionate and unnecessary use of lethal force” by Gardaí. Which begs the question – if a nearly 30-year old man with a knife attacking the Gardaí isn’t a proportionate situation – what is?

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee, who will be bringing hate speech legislation in front of the Dáil in the coming months, also chimed in, calling Nkencho’s death a ‘tragedy’. Other politicians who chimed in to mourn the death of Nkencho were Labour Head Alan Kelly, and former TCDSU President Senator Lynn Ruane. 

Some Nigerians have also posted the name and a picture of a member of the Gardaí, intimating that the member of the force was responsible for the shooting —a deplorable carry-over from the strategy of the far-left in recent years, where individual Gardaí were identified on social media and threats issued against them in an attempt to intimidate members of the force.

Information has also arisen on social media relating to Nkencho and his past behaviours —with allegations ranging from burglary to assault being made by many within the locality.

The aftermath of the shooting has resulted in the mobilisation of not just a considerable street presence by the Nigerian community, but also members of the country’s bloated NGO complex, keen to get their talons into what could be an Irish Stephen Lawerence case, which was used to re-engineer the British justice system.

The prominent yet controversial anti-racist academic Ebun Joseph has already appeared front and centre of coverage, and has called for a ‘media blast’ to promote the death on the national airwaves. In addition, Fine Gael councillor Yemi Adenuga has already stated they have been liaising with the Department of Justice due to the racial angle of the crime.

While the dust is still settling on the matter, less than 24 hours since shots were fired, there is already a cynical effort being made by progressive activists, as well as particular elements within the Nigerian community to use the death to muscle their agenda into the public square. The efficacy of these attempts though is questionable at best, with the use of force against Nkencho clearly falling under the remit of justified action owing to the immediate, lethal threat he posed to individual Gardaí, as well as the exhausting of non-lethal force prior to the shooting.

Despite the desires of Ireland’s NGO complex, there is insufficient grounds to plug their agenda on this matter, and they have garnered very little public sympathy for BLM-style protests, especially as the state enters another ‘Level 5’ lockdown. 

If there was no footage showing the events leading up to Nkencho’s death, the Gardaí involved would have been in a perilous situation considering the cultural mood of the past year. However, as things stand at the moment, there can be little doubt that the members of the force present on the scene yesterday were acting in an ethical and proper manner.

Shootings by Gardaí are a statistically rare incident in Ireland, occuring only as a last resort. Attempts to cheaply import in Americanised racial narratives will fall flat on their face, especially considering the blatant nature of the grounds for engagement in this case. The Irish population at large will likely not tolerate the attempts to beatify Nkencho, and are too jaded by constant lockdowns to tolerate mass BLM protests, as was seen in summer.

This, of course, will not stop the NGO complex from trying, though their efforts will only be of benefit to Nationalists at the end of the day. It is not for us to interrupt malignant actors when they’re making a mistake.

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  1. Michael Holmes 31/12/2020 at 7:56 pm

    The Irish government are currentlywaiting to appear in the coming weeks before the United Nations to answer for human rights abuses regarding their strongarming of Ghana regarding that country’s tax codes….for Apple Inc…..Killing a black lad also of African origin is of interest to the United Nations which show’s contempt for Africa and Africans in that country’s culture…. that’s why this case is of international interest..this article neglect s to mention that….. maybe the author can do a follow up to this piece…?


    1. By lad you mean a black sociopath bent on killing people. If he had succeeded in taking out a few white people, would that have been of interst to the United Nations? If not, why not? Ever been to Ghana? That is one of the most corrupt countries on planet earth and they treat their own citizens far worse than the Irish treat them.


    2. Did the UN have any regard for the brutal assaults and rapes of Congolese women by their own peacekeepers????

      Over 2000 sexual assault reports against UN Peacekeepers over the last 12 years—-700 in the Congo alone. Did anyone hear a worldwide protest for such disgusting and depraved actions????


      The UN is run by a cadre of bureaucratic despots and mental defectives. The irony is that they have wealthy nations pay for their lavish decadence and crimes while raging against said wealthy nations.

      The UN is no panacea for the world’s ills—in fact it contributes to the chaos more than it helps.


    3. Geoffrey Britain 03/01/2021 at 2:30 am

      So… killing a knife wielding black man who has been threatening innocent civilians and who repeatedly refuses to drop his knife and who ignores repeated attempts to use non-lethal force to get him to comply is grounds for a UN ivestigation?

      If you’re serious, you need mental help.


  2. Unfortunately other nations adopt the worst aspects of America! In this case George Floyd wokeism. Fortunately the Pandemic has placed serious limits on delusional Irish virtue signaling. An example of something good arising from something bad!


    1. America is the best country in the world. I’m sure that you have not traveled much. Your and my country are importing the worst of the worst people in the world. They only know how to hurt people and steal what they want. 99% are uneducated and have no skills. Don’t understand why people want this for their countrymen. Your country and mine will be transformed into a lookalike third world country the same as where their likes came from. Stop with the guilt and self shaming. You didn’t create their dire situation. What do you plan to leave for your next generations that are not making these foolish decisions for themselves? George Soros loves this way of thinking. He’s tearing down every country and their traditions using people like you. I don’t know how old you are but I hope you live long enough to see what you crated! one rule to remember, respect law and order. If you don’t want to die don’t come to a gunfight with a knife.


      1. America is quickly loosing it’s title as best in the world (I’m a 14th gerneration American). The communists have made great inroads in the media, academia, religion and the government. Their current tack is to blame everything on race, specifically white on black racism and it’s having quite the effect here and globally so that the woke crowd thinks it makes perfect sense to toss out western civilization for communism.


      2. Richard Ong 05/01/2021 at 1:19 am



    2. The lads you speak of in the USA was a DOPER high as hell. FULL OF cocaine,FENTINAL and other crap!!! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS DICKUS WADUS!


      1. IM sure my comment will not make it through mods.


      2. Latin! That makes it a legal comment! Here in the USA our purported to be “President-Elect” Joe (aka “Cha-Ching”) Biden would have suggested “shooting him in the leg” as an intervention strategy. There you go!


  3. Attacking or threatening Gardai is a very serious matter as we know from the murder of Garda Colm Horkan in Castlerea in June last year. Unwell or mentally deranged people or trouble-makers , irrespective of their place of birth, cannot be allowed to take the law into their own hands. The Gardai are there to protect the public and must be supported in that critical task. All reports on this tragic incident in Hartstown point to the necessity of them being present to protect local businesses and the public. Sadly, the racist card is now always played where a non-Irish born person is in the frame of attention. The people behind that type of campaigning are giving oxygen to the creation of racism and defeating their own cause. No surprise that the controversial Ebun Joseph was one of the first in line trying to escalate tension for her delusionary ideas.

    Why was such a large gathering allowed to protest in Level 5 restrictions? Is there one law or set of regulations for them and a different one for the rest of us?


    1. Rules for thee but not for me in other words.


  4. Ralph Oldenburg 01/01/2021 at 10:26 pm

    Although the facts of what happened are good for record-keeping, it’s not facts that informs the belief-system of the group. For example, most (politically illiterate) people I know still completely adhere to the official George Floyd narrative.

    At this point it’s better to concentrate on how the Garda /other employees were in fear of their lives and for public safety in general. Calling Nkencho a ‘bad man’ will go nowhere. Instead a strategically-offensive position that allows us to virtue-signal our own causes should be the aim.

    Voicing support that the Gards be allowed to do their job without fear of reprisal would be a start. But honestly, without the infrastructure of pop-up action network it’s going to be a losing battle. There’s still no long term thinking and no forethought of being in a cultural conflict on the Irish right. A multitude of ‘join now’ posts relating to every issue equates to having no cultural relevance or ideas.


  5. paul Vincent zecchino 02/01/2021 at 9:45 pm

    The majority of Americans do not , never have, and never will buy the marxstream media’s fake ‘George Floyd’ narrative that he was a ‘Victim! ‘ of the so-called ‘racist police.’

    If anyone killed George Floyd, it was George Floyd, and despite police best efforts to save him.

    According to reports, Mr. Floyd was a career criminal who did five stints in prison. He was a drug abuser who by age forty seven was suffering from atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, and several other grave conditions related to habitual drug abuse.

    Toxicology reports, which the rotten communist, unAmerican media ignored, showed that he had fentanyl in his blood, as well as marijuana, alcohol, among other drugs in lethal amounts.

    Police responded to a distress call to find Mr. Floyd in extremis, near death. The police did everything they could to save the man’s life. Floyd, however, was dying prior to the arrival of the police.

    The rotten, communist, unAmerican marxstream media however was searching for a ‘racist police’ tale to ignite a race war. Their goal was to create chaos, destroy Trump’s presidency and restore power to democrats. The press floated several stories, a shooting in South Carolina, a predator in Central Park who accosted a woman and her dog, among others. All failed until they got a ‘hit’ with Floyd.

    This is not how Americans view matters at all. It is well known that cynical politicians and professional agitators distort and exploit these ‘racial incidents’ to enrich and empower themselves. They speak for themselves and their mendacious interests, not the American people who clearly see the truth.


    1. Agreed to a point. Accepting or not, it will be driving down our throats as the democrats proved by stealing an election in broad daylight, well in the middle of the night but close enough. Anyway the loud and proud minority funded by the billionaires and US Government with the help of the media make it seem as though Americans believe the Floyd myth, just like the losers who scream, “hands up, don’t shoot.” It never happened, just another psyop.


      1. paul+Vincent+zecchino 03/01/2021 at 12:57 am

        Concur, completely, Seth.

        Good to know you’re OK, despite premature media reports of your demise.


  6. Import the third world: become the third world. Nice knowing ya Eire.


  7. youbejivinme 02/01/2021 at 10:34 pm

    Oh, please! The average IQ of Nigerian ciitizens is 84. In the United States the average IQ of all Blacks is 85. Can you imagine what your success rate would be for arguing… though you speak law and truth… with a belligerent person who is of a group whose IQs are on average 20% above the retardation threshold of 70 IQ?

    If Black IQs are raised, much of racism will disappear. The converse is not true… decreasing White IQs will not see a lessening of racism, as Whites will become as belligerent and frustrated at lack of success as Blacks are. Your IQ largely determines your future. Learn how to permanently raise it through nutrition: cod, herring, salmon, redfish and other cold water, oily fish. Lithium, no more than 5 mg or 10 mg daily. Exercise your brain. Study at various and difficult things for you.

    And reject pussy-hat knitting liberals.


  8. qre you fucking kidding me, Ireland? Have you learned N OTHING from watching what happens in the US? Why you would import negroes is just beyond me. Dumbest move ever and you WILL regret it.


  9. Birthright citizenship set to be restored in Ireland. Madness.


  10. What wrong with Ireland…..If this happened in the City of Chicago the Nut case would have been riddled with dozens of bullets……The U.S. and the UK both have a similar situation…..Thousands of Mid Eastern uneducated wild people immigrated into a solid stable Government will cause the Crime and Murder rate to explode !!!! If your smart, you’ll get the heck out of the EU before it’s too late and you have Communist Officials like Hazel Chu.???? On second thought……It may be too late for Ireland ……


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