The Irish government, following the growth of anti-immigrant sentiment in various protests across the country, has mobilised its efforts to save face on its purposeful negligence towards the topic of immigration.

Simon Harris says that the state is deporting people every month – including 128 people this January. This is because the government only officially resumed deportations in September of last year, albeit not before ensuring the introduction of a general amnesty for illegal immigrants from January to July of 2022.

The government has much reputation to recover and asylum seekers to deport if it wants to perform well in the next general election as support for establishment parties, including Sinn Féin, falls amidst an awakening of sorts of the country to the issue of migration.

However, rather than receiving the complaints of their constituents with the duty that which statesmen are beholden to, Simon Harris has characterised the protests as “thuggish, mobbish behaviour… spurred on by the far right.” By labelling the protests are far-right demonstrations at which “a small number of far right actors who travel from town to town trying to stake up division,” Harris is discrediting entirely the valid grievances of working-class communities throughout Dublin.

The government, keen to use the presence of right-wing political parties such as the National Party and Irish Freedom Party at such demonstrations to delegitimise the protests which have emerged as spontaneous movements, organised by locals in areas such as East Wall, Ballymun, and Finglas, over resident’s concerns for the safety of their families amidst communities deeply mistrusting of the government to adequately address their concerns.

The reputational self-immolation pursued by the government in its policy of self-deportation has seen several instances in which migrants simply did not leave the country. One such case is that of Chico Makamda, a repeated sexual offender, who was permitted to wander the streets of Dublin following the state’s failure to expel him from the country.

Minister for Justice, Simon Harris, believes the notion that “Ireland is full” as has been spread throughout social media, is a “ridiculous” idea. However, Harris proves himself the fool when his government is scrambling to find literally anywhere to house the continually growing influx of migrants.

The infamous Roderick O’Gorman has now announced the government is so desperate to find accommodation for asylum seekers that the possibilities of sports halls, classrooms, student accommodation, and college lecture theatres being used to house the state’s newest arrivals.

Diarmaid Ferriter too has, in an article for the Irish Times, thrown shade on Irish protestors by misrepresenting the “lack” of racism in Ireland both historically and contemporaneously. The regime’s go-to historian, Ferriter fabricates an article from nothing as he quotes long excerpts of another man’s writings and retrofits it to contemporary political issues, in an exemplary manner of the superficiality of his intellectual caliber.

The stubborn attitude of the government to obsessively protect foreign peoples on the island of Ireland would be humourous if not for the fact that it directly threatens the existence of Ireland as a homogenous, and emphatically Irish nation, as opposed to a motley statelet representing the interests of a plurality of people in perpetual economic competition.

In the state’s search for new housing, Kilbride Barracks in County Wicklow has been commandeered, much to the chagrin of the migrants themselves who demanded to be brought closer to Dublin city centre, as well as dozens of buildings in the processes of planning and renovation.

During the summer holidays, student accommodation is expected to be commandeered by the state to relieve tensions on the asylum industry, however, it remains to be seen as to whether the government is willing, or even has the capabilities, to remove them once the new academic year begins.

Newly constructed student housing module buildings, due to open to students for the next academic year, are likely to be made available to migrants shortly, as the Department of Higher Education has revealed.

Though officially Ireland now has taken in 74,000 refugees in state funded accommodation, that figure excludes those who have been legalised as per McEntee’s programme, or who have arrived and settled in Ireland through private means.

54,000 of that number are believed to be Ukrainian, though there are reasons to doubt that label in a world where one’s country is determined not by blood and heritage, but by ink and paper, while another 20,000 have arrived through the International Protection system.

The government, by action, not word, has made every opportunity available for these people to stay, where they consistently return the state’s folly and hospitable stupidity with the harassment of locals. Rather than curtailing the growing asylum racketeering industry in the late 2010s, the government opted instead to decry the evils of Direct Provision and promise own-door accommodation to all asylum seekers and is now experiencing a frightening realisation that the rise of the far-right in Ireland is a consequence of their own, repeated, negligent, arrogant mistakes.

Meanwhile, forgotten and left out in the cold to rot, are thousands of homeless Irish people who can only look on with jealousy and dismay as their country removes all obstacles in its way to house foreign peoples.

Posted by Ryan Kiersey


  1. Great article Ryan.
    The ‘far-right’ label trope is as spurious as the intent of that label, even your article culminates highlighting the homeless and abandoned Irish. A point that even the shameless politicians can’t avoid answering.
    Here’s my retort to the mendacious label game: ‘The neglectful leftists’, ‘The extreme perfids (traitors).
    Surely, you don’t need a gypsy headscarf and a crystal ball to see the imminent brain-drain of Irelands brightest and best if they cannot have the amenities to study?


  2. When you look at the 2 chancers in the photo. Remember this,
    Simon Harris elected 15th count!
    Leo Varadkar elected 5th
    These 2 have mandate.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 08/02/2023 at 1:35 pm

    Vengeance,is a dish best served cold.I do not imagine the majority of the Citizens and Electorate will forget to remind these unelected pric.s the next time when seeking votes,reminding THEM same idiots that THEY labeled the majority FAR RIGHT…if THESE Cretinous Traitors actually make it to another election.
    NONE of THIS Shower of Gombeens was elected with a majority and certainly NO MANDATE.A desperate attempt by a Hogwash of misplaced misfits to maximize for all THEIR individual selfish interests,
    while putting a whole NATION AND PEOPLE in dire mismanagement,
    Security Risk and the extreme belligerent attitude never witnessed at such a scale in the History of Irish Political incompetence.
    WHO NEEDS THEM…? certainly no sane Irish Voter or Person


  4. No worries , twice a week the cops @ Dublin airport will be checking incoming passenger documents ! Expect non Ukraine asylum applications to hit 30,000 this yr , the Brits & French don’t want hem .


  5. How do you deport someone who arrives without i d ? Expect a small # of deportations of single men ; anchor baby nonsense is alive & well ( families are never deported ) – Whisper it gently .


  6. Daniel BUCKLEY 08/02/2023 at 5:55 pm

    The Irish Regime of FF/FG/G is not a Govt of the People, but the middle managers of the EU, carrying out the orders given to them.
    To know how Ireland has come to this sorry pass, we must go back to the root cause and the Instruments used to control our weakling Regime
    The engineered Financial crises in the Europe in 2008/9 were to further centralise power amongst a small grouping and not for the benefit of the people living in these regions, called the PIIGS. Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece.Spain.

    Countries within the Euro currency bloc had forfeited their right to a national currency and handed this power to the European Central Bank (ECB), the most powerful and secretive of all central banks.

    Under such a system, no European country has control over its own economy and is completely exposed to whatever the ECB decides.

    Economist, Prof .Richard Werner. Author of ‘Princes of the Yen’ shows the parallels between planned destruction of the Asian Tiger Economies in1997, Japan.Thailand Indonesia with the engineered destruction of the PIIGS.
    The Euro zone Nations of Ireland,Spain,Portugal.Greece Italy Ireland, were allowed massive credit expansion of 20% per annum, with encouragement of the ECB in 2002.
    Interest rates are the same in the Eurozone, but the quantity of credit allowed is very different in each country.
    There is one interest rate for the whole Euro area but in 2002 the ECB told the Bundesbank [Central bank of Germany] to reduce its credit creation by the biggest amount in its history and told the Irish Central bank to print as much money as if there was no tomorrow.
    A recession occured in Germany, a huge property boom in Ireland.

    From 2002 under the ECB’s watch, bank credit growth in Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain increased by over 20% per annum and property prices sky-rocketed.
    When under ECB diktat, bank credit was maliciously reduced , property prices collapsed, developers went bankrupt and the banking systems of Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece became insolvent.

    The Princes of Yen documentary remarks:

    “The ECB could have prevented these bubbles just as it could have ended the ensuing banking and economic crises. But it refused to do so until major political economic and social concessions had been made, such as the transfer of fiscal and budgeting powers from each sovereign state to the European Union, Open Borders, supremacy of EU Law and the promotion of liberal,deviant sex indoctrination in school curriculum and Media.
    The EU seeks to control the political,economic and social policies of its monetary subjugated Nations using its exotortionate Monetary Power, to further its Agenda of a unified European State.

    In both Spain and Greece, youth unemployment was pushed up to 50%, forcing many youths to seek employment abroad. The deliberations of the ECB’s decision-making bodies are secret.
    The mere attempt at influencing the ECB, for instance through democratic debate and discussion, is forbidden according to the Maastricht Treaty.

    The ECB is an international organisation that is above and outside the laws of jurisdictions of any individual nation.
    Its senior staff carry diplomatic passports and the files and documents inside the European Central Bank cannot be searched or impounded by any police force or public prosecutor, just like the Bank of International Settlements in Basle.

    The European Commission whose President is Ursula van der Lyen, is an unelected group whose aim is to build a ‘United States of Europe,’ with all the trappings of a unified State.
    It has an interest in weakening individual governments and the Power of the Democratic parliaments of Europe.
    It turns out that the evidence for central-bank independence that was relied upon in the Maastricht Treaty derived from a single study that was commissioned by none other than the European Commission itself.”
    This is the root cause of the present Mass Plantation Migration into Ireland.
    The EU seeks to dismantle the Sovereign Independent States of Europe ,to implement a United States of Europe.
    Ethnic cohesion of the Nation must be destroyed by Mass Plantation Migration,to reduce resistance to the Plan.
    Christianity must be destroyed to prevent a unified culture.
    Family structure must be destroyed,using abortion,LGBT, Trangender cult ideology,deviancy indoctrination etc.
    The attack on Ireland is a multi vectored one.The Regime are but the compromised fools/stooges to effect it.
    Know your Enemy,and know his weaknesses and how to defeat him.
    Family ,Faith and Nation, unified are our weapons in this war on Ireland.


  7. James Gough 09/02/2023 at 2:52 pm

    For gods sake if you want to stop this lunacy of filling Ireland with a bunch of criminal freeloaders then stop voting for Fiana Fail. Fina Gael, Sinn Fein, Labor and the assorted muppets on the left. When they knock on your door tell them why you are not voting for them. Take their election leaflets. Put them in an envelope and post it back to the party leaders in Dail Eireann with a short note telling them why. It is free to post to the Dail so it will only cost you pennies for the envelope. Once this starts happening then the lunacy of inviting the world to Ireland to live free at our expense will come to a very quick halt.


  8. Daniel BUCKLEY 10/02/2023 at 9:47 am

    It’s not a secret that one of the nastier advantages of the European Central Bank control is that they have total control over Eurozone economies.
    Since they control both the money supply and the interest rates, they have easily the power to whipsaw economies and profit immensely at every cycle.
    They do it the same way every time – by lowering interest rates to zero or nearly so, while hugely inflating the money supply and extending almost unlimited credit, thereby creating large bubbles in debt, in the Stock Market and Property markets as in Ireland from 2002 to 2008
    Then, they severely contract the money supply and all credit ,while simultaneously raising interest rates, thus bankrupting countless banks, businesses and families, and buying up for pennies on the dollar every manner of assets when the blood is running in the streets. using their connections in the Vulture Funds, as happened in Ireland after 2009.
    It is also not a secret that all such recessions have been deliberately inflicted on Western economies by these bankers for the past 200 years or more. The 1929 collapse and the resulting Great Depression of the 1930s was only one such.
    This was done many times worldwide, prior to 1929, and has been done many times since,as in Ireland 2008/9
    The ECB used this well known method to enrich the Vulture Funds with the disposal of distressed assets at fire sale prices, with the co-operation of the Irish Govt and NAMA.
    Ireland is now a major debtor of the ECB in the region of 250 Billion Euro.
    Debt is a nuclear weapon of extortion and is being used to ensure the Irish Regime toes the line of EU diktats or Irelands Bond issues, to raise money, will have difficulty finding buyers.
    A Nation without its own Independent Sovereign currency,does not control its economy and cannot bail out its Banks by issuing credit.
    It can go Bankrupt or be made Bankrupt by the ECB, should it not conform to EU diktats on Mass Migration, etc.
    Ireland submissive politicians are kept sweet by the incentives of well paid sinecures in Brussels.
    Irelands FF/FG/G Regime does not work in the interests of the Irish People , it is captured by a mix of threats and incentives to comply with Brussels agenda.
    This is its main priority.
    This explains why Mehole Martin stood in the Dail ,and reeking of servility, traitorously denied Ireland’s Sovereignity as a Nation.


  9. Fear na Muintire 13/02/2023 at 2:27 am

    Important to point out there were not 128 deportations in January. That was the misleading headline; in reality there were 128 deportation orders issued in January, which is an entirely different thing given last time I checked the state’s deportation system (for the pitiful few who do get ‘deported’) last time I checked for the most part consists of the state saying go and hoping they leave.


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