Dublin’s streets could have been mistaken for inner city Los Angeles yesterday as it played host to its very own ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest. 

Numbering the best part of three thousand strong, the protest came as the city is tentatively recovering from the coronavirus epidemic. 

Technically such a gathering is banned under public health guidelines, and not forgetting that Dublin’s inner city is one of the country’s viral hotspots. 

The protest was in response to the ongoing conflagration emerging from the death of an African American in Minneapolis last week, with the usual grievance issues of Direct Provision latched on for good measure. 

As expected, it received neutral to positive coverage from an Irish media fixated on cultivating its very own racial grievance industry akin to what exists in America. As highlighted ad nauseum, Irish journalism is merely an extension of the left-wing activism on display. 

While the media has been hammering home the need for social distancing to the point of bankrupting swathes of our country over the past three 3 months, yesterday’s protestors were essentially given a free pass amid the ongoing public health crisis. 

RTÉ gave the protests ample coverage with minimal criticism, while the Irish Times’ resident diversity propagandist Sorcha Pollak joined the crowds.

As noted by some, the same media talking-heads and left-wing activist groups were calling for authorities to clamp down on anti-lockdown protests at the High Court two weeks ago. 

Moreover, in late April Gardaí shut down the Debenhams workers’ protest in Dublin’s city centre. They declared there that the workers had made a ‘non-essential journey’ to the shopfront and that failure to leave would constitute an offence. Similar to the Keelings fiasco, the right of Capital to operate unaffected remains, as society alters drastically.

To some, championing trendy left-liberal causes about racial dogfights in America grants people immunity to the virus.

The fact public health has been imperiled to feed left-wing egos is beyond anything this publication could even conjure up. The fact this was done for the sake of a foreign policing issue by quite literally the same people who just last week were castigating Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters for doing much less, is hypocrisy on another level.

Per usual Ireland’s well-oiled and well-financed NGO diversity lobby was on full display, pontificating on matters as they flouted public health advice.

As if to typify what they felt towards Ireland and the Irish taxpayer who fund these activist groups, they flouted any modicum of self-awareness as they ran roughshod over public safety concerns.

Virtue-signalling about racial politics in America was more important than basic public health concerns. The people who wanted baton charges against relatively minuscule anti-lockdown protesters at the High Court, stormed the streets of Dublin without a second thought.

The hypocrisy is only matched by the fact this was done for the sake of an issue largely irrelevant to Ireland.

Later on the protests received de facto sanction from An Taoiseach with little awareness of the fact he is presently presiding over nationwide lockdown efforts.

While Irish businesses remain shut our leader feels the need to offer his political benediction to leftist street carnivals. He is enabled in doing so by the same media that ignored and minimised his own flouting of health guidelines when he was caught breaking protocols in Phoenix Park last week.

While the Irish State indirectly killed hundreds through a botched corona-virus response, that has likely destroyed the livelihoods of thousands, the Irish Left fixate on the minutiae of American racial politics.

The Irish people remained silent as the leadership of An Garda Síochána was simply handed over to members of British intelligence, themselves with shady backgrounds from the northern conflict.

They remain silent as a drug epidemic destroys the lives of young men and women.

They remain silent as a nexus of NGOs and ideologues dismantle any semblance of migration control, pushing sob stories on Direct Provision and hate speech legislation against those who speak out.

Instead, like self-righteous infants, they mobilise in a viral hotspot to protest American racial politics.

As if to epitomise how their outlook is largely narcissistic, manufactured by Facebook algorithms over reason, they put the middle finger up to public safety.

The carnival is not just a once-off however. As if to rub salt in our collective wounds more protests are planned not just in Dublin but nationwide. Readers of this piece are prohibited by law from visiting elderly relatives, attending a funeral or supporting a local pub, yet these activists are given carte blanche to parade around in the middle of a pandemic. 

Not just with Black Lives Matter, but with similarly astroturfed campaigns like Extinction Rebellion, Irish society is being held hostage by those willing to risk our health for an ego trip. 

Until such a point as Ireland bears witness to similar racial tension, these people will not be happy, and even then they would simply make a living in an NGO through the antagonism created.

Other than feeding their own egos, the protesters yesterday were the most rancid example of what left-wing activism actually is. A carnival for the perennial narcissistic yuppies to throw society under the bus for the issues they are programmed to champion.

Ireland has no earthly reason to join in with the cultural and racial tinderbox that is America in 2020. The civilisational and cultural lessons from the American experience is clear for all with eyes to see, and if Ireland is committed to becoming an American colony, then expect Irish streets to look like Minneapolis within a generation.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Richard N.Greene 02/06/2020 at 5:25 pm

    Excellent article. It exposes the fact that we in this 26 county province of the EU have no balanced and impartial media. Our people are now thoroughly brainwashed by a Stalinist media class who would blend into the newspapers and broadcasting radio and Television stations of the former Soviet Union.They condemned those who questioned the totalitarian nature of the Covid 19 pandemic by protesting and yet turn out in droves ignoring all the Covid 19 directives for an issue that many know very little about except what our biased media told them and the young people amongst them what their cultural marxist social media sites told them.


    1. Richard, Every single molecule in their brain is addled with virtue-signallingitis and allow no opportunity to be squandered in a physical gesture of ‘Solidarity’.
      In London a couple of years ago, a university lecturer was tied-up along with his wife and daughter and he then was beaten to a pulp to get him to disclose information where the money or valuables were in the house; a home invasion to use the American vernacular. The gang were all Polish. When he recovered he still advocated open borders and the European Project.
      This is the mind-set we up against: so brain-washed with Frankfurt School ideology it’s like a far-fetched (maybe not so implausible) thriller (Mancurian Candidate) then they do not even realise it.


  2. sean mccormack 03/06/2020 at 8:53 am

    Well said guys !


    1. John Murphy 28/07/2020 at 6:16 pm

      In case you think that it can’t get any worse this is what’s coming out of America in the past week… htpps://youtu.be/sENVBAstNqk protect your children, they are being got at big time. Time for the real men of Ireland to stand up and be counted.


  3. I wonder if that crowd would have been so large or enthusiastic if Barrack Obama or even Joe Biden were president. It was more about having an excuse to bash Donald Trump’s America.


  4. tony shannon 06/06/2020 at 1:09 pm

    it used to be one law for the rich and another for the poor…now it seems to be one law for the leftie liberal globalists and another for the rest of the law abiding citizens!


  5. Mike Showalter 24/06/2020 at 1:28 pm

    Wow – It’s amazing how much your descriptions of the Left in Ireland sounds like the Left in America. I am a 60 year old American and truly worry that the Left will prevail here as well as around to world. Thanks for all The Burkean does to expose the Left and their true goals.


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