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Ireland’s Traveller Policy: An Inherent Contradiction

The ‘National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy’ (2017 – 2021), published in June 2017 described Travellers and Roma as “among the most disadvantaged and marginalised people in Ireland”. The Report provides strong evidence for this marginalization citing for example that...

/ 19/08/2018

Kevin Sharkey: An Ireland-First President?

Ultimately however, Kevin Sharkey is at the mercy of mainstream politics for the time being.

/ 09/08/2018

Ireland’s Drug Blues: A Slow Cowardly Surrender

If ever there was a clear sign that Ireland is in serious danger of disappearing up its own contradictions it was the sight of Minister of State for health promotion Catherine Byrne holding a brightly coloured poster providing details on how to...

/ 21/07/2018

Mary Lou and the Neutering of Sinn Féin

For generations born before the Good Friday Agreement the name Sinn Féin engenders a certain level of well warranted disgust. As the former political wing of a paramilitary organisation Sinn Féin is unusual for a Western European democracy, and only over the...

/ 29/06/2018

The MacGill Controversy: A Storm in a Bubble

In the midst of the biggest housing crisis in the history of the state, the longest ever hospital waiting lists, and the potential outcomes for Ireland in the ongoing Brexit negotiations, you might think that an obscure political summer school...

/ 25/06/2018

Lawless Ireland: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Something is seriously wrong. The strangulation and beating of an 18-year-old teenage boy, the abduction and strangulation of a 24-year-old waitress, the savage beating and killing of a 14-year-old schoolgirl, and now the triple shooting at a Bray boxing club...

/ 08/06/2018

The Burkean Interviews Maria Steen of the No Campaign

Maria Steen is at the forefront of the pro-life campaign in Ireland, and she is urging a No vote in the upcoming referendum on the Eighth Amendment tomorrow on May 25th. She is a spokeswoman for the Iona institute and...

/ 24/05/2018

A Doctored Solution

Photo: “The Rock of Cashel [...]” by RX-Guru is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 Around the turn of the 12th century, Muirchertach Ua Briain, grandson of Brian Boru, had plans to become High King of Ireland. He couldn’t risk the...

/ 28/04/2018

Ireland and the Coming Post-Liberal Order

Cemented by solid gains made by Eurosceptic and ultranationalists parties this March, Italy now joins a list of nations breaking ranks from the American led liberal order pervasive across the continent since the fall of the Berlin Wall. With an...

/ 12/03/2018

The Socialist Case For Being Pro-Life

If nothing else, conservatives and libertarians can admire the sincere socialist belief in improving the material conditions of the working class. Whilst we may show a preference towards private ownership as well as a justified apprehension towards state control over...

/ 06/03/2018