Renua Ireland is a modern, open, collaborative political party designed to engage the nation in a new political and social conversation.

The party’s six pillars reflect our core beliefs and priorities. We seek to have these pillars reflected across our policies. This helps us to provide consistency in policy design and working together to achieve a common goal; something other political parties have neglected.

Renua is committed to the development and implementation of evidence-based economic and social policies. We believe in a society of unlimited opportunities working with compassion towards the common good and the promotion of self-reliance.

We aim for a government that encourages and rewards human endeavour in an enterprise culture that spans the social, public and private sectors, minimising disadvantage by removing barriers to personal growth, while fostering economic and social mobility for all.

Renua firmly believes in freedom of speech and stands for honest and respectful debate. We value diverse views and opinions and will defend the right of the people to be informed by their conscience.

We are proud of Ireland’s history, heritage and culture and will always put Ireland’s interests and people to the fore. We will defend Ireland’s culture and sovereignty which is under constant attack from the ‘progressive left.’

Renua believes that the objective of Government is to keep the Irish state and its people safe and secure, to ensure that the institutions of the State are well designed, well run and serve the interests of the Irish nation as a whole and not just an elite.

Renua’s core beliefs are in the nation state, capitalism, small government, free enterprise, low taxes, property ownership, equal opportunities, law and order, free speech and the free exchange of ideas

Renua believes in putting the taxpayer first by: focusing on reducing taxes, respecting every Euro of taxpayers’ money, highlighting and eliminating wasteful expenditure of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash. We will Increase the point at which workers start paying the top rate of tax on their income.

Ireland is home to 248,344 Irish Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) employing nearly a million people. Renua believes that while Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) receives a lot of attention it is necessary for the Government to focus on measures to help our home-grown enterprises to grow and prosper.

We also want to reform the justice system, for far too long the Irish Justice system has pushed the victims of crime and their families to the side in the rush to ‘understand’ and be fair to the criminal. Renua will end that practice and will put the victims of crime and their families at the centre of our criminal justice system.

Renua want harsher sentences for violent repeat offenders and the introduction of minimum mandatory sentencing for a number of serious crimes. Anyone charged with a serious crime such as rape, murder, manslaughter, burglary, grievous bodily harm, will only be granted bail if they are electronically tagged and monitored, its time our justice system took notice of the 19,000 crimes committed each year by people on bail and did something to protect the public.

Renua believes in the dignity of every human being. Renua are Pro-Life and believe that the right to life is the most fundamental right of all and the right from which all other human rights flow. We believe that the family is the single greatest unit for the nurturing and development of children.

Renua Ireland believes in the nation state and will defend Ireland’s sovereignty. We will place Ireland’s interest first against all others. We are against further integration of the EU and believe strongly that the EU works best when member countries are recognised fully as sovereign nations coming together voluntarily, to promote economic cooperation rather than as a stepping stone to a federal Europe.

We will work to introduce an Australian-type points system for EU migration. We do not believe that the free movement of people is an essential element of any customs union. Renua would like to bring back the ‘Green’ passport. In 2006 Ireland abandoned the green passport in favour of the common ‘burgundy’ passport of the EU.  The introduction of the green passport in 1927 was an important symbol of our new-found independence. 

We would also like to set up a similar points system to manage immigration from Non-EEA countries. Preference will be given to those immigrants who can speak English, have skills that are not available in Ireland and can demonstrate a shared belief in our national values.

We will also require the Immigration Service to reach a decision on an asylum application within 6 months of an application being made.  Those whose applications have been rejected must be detained or electronically monitored during any appeals process.  If an appeal is rejected the Immigration Service will be required to remove the applicant from the State within 14 days, unlike the current system which fails to deport up to 80% of failed asylum seekers and allows them to remain in the state.

We will ensure that immigrants who commit serious crime in Ireland are deported once they have served their sentence, and ensure that local communities are consulted before any decision is made regarding the placing of a large number of refugees within their community area.

Renua believes that social cohesion is the willingness of all of us in society to cooperate with each other in order to be safe, secure and prosper together. We need to create a better future for all the people, our families and our communities. In making social cohesion a pillar Renua is proposing a transformative society that will raise the living standards and quality of life for everyone.

Renua believes that when the institutions of state are trustworthy, when they are seen to ensure the welfare of all of the people, when there is equality of opportunity to get ahead, regardless of age, ability, gender or social status, then social cohesion will happen. It will become the glue that will hold the nation together. All of this has implications for health, education, prosperity and the environment. Join Renua today and help us make this a reality and show the people of Ireland a brighter future.

Posted by Neil O'Mahoney