A claim was made on x.com on Friday, May 24th, that a firearm was found at the scene of the Anti-Plantation protests at Ballyogan where 9 individuals were arrested.

We at The Burkean investigated this claim and found it to be false.

One individual arrested, Sean Rush (33), was arrested after Garda brutally charged a peaceful protest akin to scenes of the RUC. He was charged under Section 9(1) of the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act, 1990 for having a Stanley knife on his person.

The person who tweeted this seemed to comprehend that the word ‘Firearms’ under Section 9(1) meant a firearm was found at the scene, and appears not to have read the rest of the sentence of the section nor the charge at hand.

The individual also posted a stock image of a gun, which he does not state is a stock image, and which has mislead people into thinking that the stock image gun was a gun at the scene. If one looks at the image, you can clearly see ‘adobe stock’ written in transparent writing, along with ‘Adobe Stock #248490916’ in black font on the left side.

This tweet currently has 340 likes and 17.7k views, with no community note, showcasing a deadly example of misinformation.

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  1. Mary Murphy 26/05/2024 at 7:20 pm

    The looney left are trying everything to stop anyone against illegal immigration from being elected, the are being totally blatant about it because rte or Newstalk won’t call the left out on their campaign of hate against right wing candidates. It’s a sad day for democracy when the left are allowed carry on with impunity for orchestrating violence against other political parties. The left use antifa to attack peaceful protesters


  2. Daniel BUCKLEY 26/05/2024 at 7:34 pm

    The biggest threat to a Govt with nefarious policies and evil intent to the People of a Nation is a Free and Independent Press, TV Stations and Radio.
    This is known as the 4th Estate of a Democracy. (Edmund Burke)
    Its duty is to hold Power to account and prevent it overreaching, and repressing the People, by exposing its misdeeds to the Public, thus preventing the abuse of its Power.
    ‘Power corrupts ,and absolute Power corrupts absolutely’.(Lord Acton)
    The Regime controls Irelands Media by bribery,funding and opportunities of appointment as Special Advisors to Journalists who are prepared to shill for high salaries at Taxpayers expense.
    The Catholic Church in Rome was the main Power in Medieval times.
    Clerics and a few noblemen were educated in Latin and Greek and could read and interpret the Bible and the few Classics available. The ignorance of the Common Man cemented the secular power of Rome.
    All changed in the 15th century ,with the invention of the Printing Press and the translation of the Bible and the Classics.into the plain language of Nations.
    Opinions and knowledge exploded among the masses, leading to religous wars and a decline in the power of Rome.
    So it is today.
    The legacy Media has been subverted and used to maintain political power ,by management of opinion and controlling perception.
    Social Media and guerrila blogs now offer a myriad of alternatives ,to expose Regime untruths and crimes and have displaced the Fake Media.
    This is a new type of revolution and a great danger to nefarious Regimes.
    This is the reason they wish to control internet output with the Digital Services Act and Hate Speech Laws.
    Power can not be supreme under the scrutiny of an Independent Free Press.
    The Free Press 4th Estate has been subverted by bribery ,blackmail and coercion. It no longer holds Power to account, and is now the 5th Column Propaganda arm of the Establishment.
    Ireland leads the world by forced circumstances , in having a powerful, unpaid Alternative guerilla Media of Patriots, with some of the greatest writers /presenters creating powerful blogs and exposing the malfeasance,crimes and hidden agendas by an evil, rogue ,tyrannic despotic Regime.
    Get out and Vote on 7th June for Independent and nationalist candidate only, to prevent transfers.
    The traitorous wretches of the Uniparty must be swept away forever, from the opportunity to ever abuse Power ,our Republic/Nation and the People again.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 28/05/2024 at 4:47 pm

    Crying wolf and far right has come home to roost and the miserable left are well aware of their future,their prospects…and their existence in a Independent Reformed Ireland…best served cold it’s been worth the wait so don’t expect to see too many around when all the dust settles…and it definitely will be settled IN OUR TIME ….at long last THE RIGHT WAY


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