Leo Varadkar is stepping down. The future of his political career is anyone’s guess, but it does not look rosy.


When the history of Varadkar’s career in office is written, it will be damning, no matter who writes that history book.

From the perspective of the Right/conservatives/nationalists, he will be seen as the man who wrought sadistic damage to our national existence and very dignity. Evidence against the dangers of multiculturalism, moral decay, Godlessness, and the threat of foreign capital and international communist infiltration in the form of green-red diktats we have followed from the US and Europe.

But he will also be hated by the Left Liberals. His incompetent and arrogant rule sowed the seeds for the coming populist Right-wing flood.

Après lui, le déluge…

As we at this publication have predicted for a long time, and recently reported on, this development has been a long time coming. Leo has been stung a lot lately, the recent referenda debacle being a coup de grâce of sorts.

Leo Varadkar took a party well-placed to build a stranglehold on the Irish parliament, and by endless incompetence and rainbow nonsense, left it at the precipice of collapse with many sitting reps at all levels leaving and no identity left.

Multicult Ireland™ was never going to last. The Irish people have too much vinegar in their blood. Varadkar’s position has become completely untenable in the context of a semi-failed 26 county state that reflexively mocks the Irish nation at every juncture, as if by instinct. It’s now up to us to shape how the decline unfolds and how the country will be rebuilt for the whole island.

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  1. Doctor Leo won’t be returning to the surgery . A cushy gig in Brussels / Frankfurt awaits . If Mc Entee gets the top job , many of us will lose the will to breathe .


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 21/03/2024 at 3:55 pm

    Lieo NEVER STOOD UP, not for Ireland nor its people. GOOD RIDDENCE
    Now we can watch the Dumminnows fall and THE IRISH can build THE
    NATION FOR ITS PEOPLE…as was in the foundations of state and its
    Constitution…before political hacks created its demise and global downfall.
    A FOOLS FOOL ,..written,documented and foretold in Irish History, who
    pranced the world stage in ridicule of Ireland and bragged of the STATE it is
    in today …by HIS bent policy and wokedness. Lol ha ha LOL HA HA HE HO


  3. Simple Simon is # Leo ( mark 2 )


  4. He’s a bad article and no mistake. Let’s campaign to remove his armed garda protection unit. Those Garda could be more useful elsewhere, surely? Without armed Garda at his side, he and his charming partner will not feel safe walking the streets, and they will emigrate.

    Ssssimon,the sssnake Harriss is just as bad, if not worse, particularly his enthusiasm for the trans mutilation of children. Wouldn’t it be great to have a light hearted demo outside the Dail, accusing Harris of treachery, and waving nooses, on the day he gets the Top Job?

    The politicos really dislike being called traitors, and it affects their mental health, so we should do it more. We just make it really clear (perhaps by handing in a letter to Sssimon) that the nooses are a NOT a call to lynch anyone, just a political statement that the law should be changed to allow treacherous politicians and judges to be hanged, after they get a fair trial, of course. That’s not incitement to hatred or violence or anything.


  5. Celebration time, now that he’s gone. But, who will stand Ireland back on its feet again? Has the damage not already been done and is there any going back?


  6. I posted a comment earlier, but it has disappeared…was it the gremlins?

    He has done damage, but it can all be fixed, legally and without violence.

    The dodgy foreigners who have got irish passports from the State, can have those passports removed by the State. A law can be passed that would deport all foreigners that are not useful to us, or married to an Irish citizen. Even Englishmen and EU citizens can be deported if they are a threat to national security.

    The international treaties that “oblige” us to accept everybody who rocks up with a sob story and a missing passport, also allow us to refuse any application for refugee status and to deport the applicant immediately.

    We should not bother paying anyone’s flight back to Africa or Asia. Bring them to the border in South Armagh at sunset, and tell them to keep walking till they hit Crossmaglen, where they can knock on the door of the police station


  7. Frank Chaney 25/03/2024 at 12:37 pm

    Perhaps his refusal to be abide by article 29 section 4 subsection 9 (inserted during the second Lisbon Tretay debacle) show his contempt for the Irish constitution and the sovereign will of the Irish people.
    Whether you personally believe in a common defence either by joining PESCO or NATO is not the point, what is relevant is that the Irish people demanded the we insert that provision in the Irish constitution as a protection against being forced to join a Common Defence and our constitution is the fundamentallaw of the Irish state . In his own words Leo Varadker described the decision to join PESCO as Europe taking responsibility for its own Common Defence,
    This shows no respect for the Law or the People


  8. Triggernometry 01/04/2024 at 4:47 pm

    Varadkar stood for nothing , and of course would fall for anything, for a few pretty pennies in his pocket along with his polyandrous lovers. Leo the party boy, put partying above the people. I am just now on the edge of my seat , waiting for world rainbow dildo day! When will it happen???

    Remember the climate lockdowns? Remember he being at a concert thousands of miles away, while we were arrested for being a mere 5 miles from our own house?

    Couldn’t get hospital treatment if sick because of this covid crap? Covid was a test to see how dumb, and brainaddled by media and controlled we all are.

    While covid was ongoing there were people from far flung off corners of the earth being billeted into our close knit communties, close knit – RACIST!!! One pub, one horse town, RACIST!!!!!

    Don’t like vibrancy and crime – RACIST!!!! Don’t like beggars and whatnot going into mercedes benz after a hard days scamming and begging – RACIST!!!!

    When are we going to cop on the dozy old voters voting legacy parties and idealogues and NGOs for hire, wedging themselves into our lives, our thoughts and our hardwon communities since the peace process of 1998?

    Leo’s exit , being honest came as a surprise to me given his political history of side stepping any elections, he never was elected by the people honestly in an honest circumstance.

    He would have gone kicking and screaming I thought to myself, boy was I wrong, what do they got on him????

    What sort of country do we want, or are we all just dead eyed empty cosmopolitan moneygrubbers no better than the banking scum class?

    Media and government and bankers are the enemy of the common good.


  9. I am surprised he legged it off the stage, so quick in fact, we didn’t even get time to process it, all of a sudden back from Boston and – an exit from the stage??? What do they got on him, almost immediately he comes out to ”dispel any conspiracy theories” , I cannot say for certain as I was not witness, but I know this much , he is murky and there is no smoke without fire.

    Calling home-ownership, by Irish people an ”unrealistic fairytale”. He was challenged by Soc Dems, but being honest its the pot calling the kettle black, remember Owen Hanley? How quick that faded from the corrupt legacy medias attention?

    Politicians have their stake in corruption and world affairs, they will do anything to get a leg up over the public, when he said he ”won’t stop working” for the public – What he really means is, he will not stop working against Irish interests and small communities being steamrolled and shouted down by NGOs for hire. Rising homelessness, fear and crime, is that what we want?

    That is where we are at, maybe he needs to go back and help his poor compadres in the Junior doctor post he had before he entered politics – the way he did , and help those Dr’s who are overwhelmed at the coalface of it all, or maybe that is just too honest for him?

    Lets be honest, he doesn’t give a shite.


  10. Triggernometry 01/04/2024 at 5:10 pm


    Leo – thanks for the memories!!!!!!


  11. Triggernometry 01/04/2024 at 7:57 pm

    Varadkar is like a bad Vindaloo, you just want it to end… And thanks to him in political office for so long, our country is sliding down the toilet like a bad Vindaloo curry on the jacks. I would say, most politicians are borderline personality, and or narcissistic entitled usually male psychopaths. They suffer badly from an over inflated sense of self.

    This sort of stuff, doesn’t give them the slightest crisis of conscience , as they have none, they sleep well, don’t worry.


  12. Triggernometry 02/04/2024 at 12:10 am

    …Maybe Vindaloo Varadkar can be reincarnated as a DUNG BEETLE! Live in hope there is some indian KARMA for that horrible politicial rodent.


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