The historical significance of the referendums on Friday, 8th March, and the subsequent reactions cannot be overstated. Precisely because it is history, we cannot yet appreciate what it means and what it will lead to. History is written retrospectively, and we are still very much in the middle of it. In some months, or probably years, we will understand what happened. 

The referendums represent a seismic shift in the political and social landscape, akin to a volcanic eruption of public sentiment, reminiscent of the unexpected upheaval witnessed on 23rd November. In both cases, something unexpected shook the system profoundly, and it was immediately misrepresented and misunderstood. 

This outpouring of dissent underscores a profound and growing disjunction within the liberal consensus that has long dominated our political and social discourse. At the heart of these eruptions lies the undeniable fact that a significant portion of the Irish populace finds itself politically and publicly unrepresented, a condition that, if continually repressed, promises only more powerful and potentially violent reactions. 

I will use two simple categories to help our interpretation of current events: time and space. I am talking about political time and political space. 

The recent history of Ireland is not so much different from what has happened in Europe. What is instead peculiar is its speed. Ireland has experienced in 20 years the changes that in most of Western Europe have occurred in 70 years. (Eastern Europe is somehow different, due to its history). I am thinking of a process of secularisation, the destruction of traditional life, low birth rates, mass immigration, liberalism as the hegemonic ideology, etc. Ireland is still socially behind the other European countries but before at some point it will catch up if the trend continues. In terms of political space, Ireland is peculiar because at the moment, but not for long in the future, a relatively large sector of the political spectrum is repressed and silenced. 

In Europe there are seven political families: 1) far-left, 2) Green, 3) Social Democrats, 4) Liberals, 5) Christian Democrats, 6) Conservatives, and 7) right-wing nationalists. In Ireland, the last two political families have no representation in the Oireachtas, locally, or among the MEPs. Similarly, that same political and ideological cohort is underrepresented in the public arena. Conservative dissenting voices are rare on RTE or on the radio, while right-wing nationalism is not only non-existent but actively censored and vilified. 

We could discuss the historical reasons for this, if we had time, but this is the reality. On Friday 8th March, that cohort of society found an explosive expression that shook the system profoundly. The whole political establishment, parties and parasite NGOs that were supposed to represent almost the entire spectrum of society, experienced an astonishing rebuttal. 

This will happen again, in different forms. In politics, we will see some surprising results, particularly at the local level at the next elections in June. I also expect the referendum on the Unified Patent Court to fail.

It is also probable to see here in Ireland in the next few months, or at the latest next year for the general election, the emergence of new leaders of this unrepresented cohort. 

In almost every other country, we have seen the raising of anti-establishment sentiments, transcending traditional left-right dichotomies to encapsulate a broader disillusionment with the status quo. (Podemos in Spain is a left-wing party, while the Italian Five Stars is post-ideological.) The closest thing so far, in Ireland, is Sinn Féin, which attracted that sort of anti-establishment vote. They will suffer more than any other party when it will happen here.

It is difficult to label that cohort of society. Right or left are not useful categories in politics anymore. For want of better words, I will call our side the Gript Readers, i.e. those who read or pay attention to Gript. You don’t have to agree with everything Gript says or even most of it, but you know that when Ben Scallan asks a question, he is speaking on your behalf, because no one else will do it otherwise. This is what I mean by the Gript Readers. 

What can we learn from the referendum? What went well? 

Such an enormous result requires complex explanations, and obviously, little depended on the No campaign. This campaign was chaotic and uncoordinated. There was practically no proper campaign, and that makes the results even more astonishing. Nonetheless, a couple of things can be appreciated in the No side:

  • It was really plural, including people and groups, many of which were spontaneous, who disagree on many other issues. This proves that the liberal consensus is fragile, much weaker than it appears. And when you are able to bring part of that sector on your side, you can win. This can be easily replicated on issues such as free speech or trans ideology. 
  • Moreover, the Government wanted to present the referendums as another episode of the “Old Ireland vs New Ireland” saga, but it didn’t work. Strategically, we—the religious conservatives—avoided imposing that aspect of our identity on the campaign and worked more on the background.
  • Senator McDowell, an old-fashioned liberal, did an egregious job for us. Our people emerged only at the right moment but were not perceived to be the main leaders of the No side. How this can be replicated is something I’m not sure of. 
  • Last Saturday, when we were celebrating the result, someone asked me how to capitalize on this victory. On reflection, I would say that we have won because we have capitalized on our 2018 loss. Not only did we not give up, but we created alternative voices that were missing in the public arena. Since then, alternative media outlets have been established. They have played a role in the No vote and one in particular will continue to be an alternative voice that challenges the consensus.

So, my invitation is to create and maintain independent alternatives. Create groups and occasions where people can meet and elaborate strategies. Avoid destructive practices; create instead. Screaming at politicians or burning a bus creates no alternative. Translate your anger and disillusionment into creative power. Create communication, online and in real life. Create networking, help, coordination when it is needed.

Also, fight your enemies, not your allies. Avoid internal conflicts. 

This moment of profound change offers an unprecedented opportunity that must be seized with both imagination and determination.

Posted by Patrick Dalroy


  1. I love Ireland.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 21/03/2024 at 2:57 pm

    Ireland has won a battle,not the war,but this clearly demonstrates that all
    battles and wars can be won ALWAYS BY UNITED WE STAND…divided we


  3. The rubicon was crossed when Nationalist Ireland was rebirthed St Bridget’sweekend 2024, when the Nationalist Rally left the Garden of Remembrance for the march down O’Connell St. We the People of Eireann “battled” peacefully the marxist mob (protected by the treacherous police) at OUR G.P.O. There was a spirit among the people that day I didn’t feel at other rallies these past 5yrs (since the Gillet Jaune movement). FAG AN BEALACH coz We the People of Eireann are taking back OUR COUNTRY. VIVA CRISTO REY


  4. Triggernometry 01/04/2024 at 7:21 pm

    Notice how a lot of these looney lefties, like to engage in ”white flight” live with the chickens and cuckoos, one only has to look at the good living Eoin on Broin of sh*t fein, and see all the expensive bespoke culinary delights he likes to boast of on twitter, for all and sundry to see.

    Boasting of their well to do lives, on your taxes, comfortable pensions, on YOUR taxes. While real struggling people are facing mortgage meltdowns and huge debts or not able to get on the ladder, huge unlivable rents, dangerous cities, beans on toast for them, I suppose. Real people who do not work for NGOs for hire, or the public service ”sector” such as civil servants, councillors or politicians or scum legacy media – that’s if you can climb that greasy pole and lie to yourself, or be well heeled and well connected.

    I see these Looney lefties, with their ”white” children as ”au naturale” ”racists”, white flight for me, white fight for you. That is how it is for these real racists, they will tell you, that YOU are the fascist etc.

    We need to actively point out their lies, look not to what a man says, but what he does, comes to mind here.

    They will call anyone who calls out their propoganda and geo political lies, as racists and xenophobes, why so? It suits them to divide and conquer, it suits them to steamroll communities and have anonymous , transactional, and increasingly dangerous multicultural, yes I said it, multicultural cities, a clash of cultures does not work, and it never will. A gated american style community is artificial and we do not want to PAY eye-wateringly inhumane amounts of capital for basic safety.

    In a word, we could do without the trinketry and starbucks revolution, of convenience and parades, we just want our communities back.

    What is wrong with being pale and stale or male? Everything according the insane banker/wanker NGO inserted rainbow mafia, we need to claw back and it is an uphill battle, all the way.

    Let’s be clear on this: We are not the disinformationists here, or the liars, the woke opinions and so called ”widely held views” are not mainstream, they are an illusion of lies and trickery by bankers, politicians, NGOs blasted to you via media. Manufactured opinion in a word.

    And of course the odd astroturfed e-celeb or ”artiste” of the day would be in on this too. You need to talk to ordinary people , talk on the street , talk to your neighbour, only those infected like an angry STI are blinded beyond help, won’t see it, but most common people are ordinary and normal and decent of all types can see through the lies of media, they are approachable, can accept everyone has a view and are completely normal not angry luminousity haired, cow ring nosed imbeciles smoking the pot and believing all the propoganda.

    Hey but – look over there – here’s another distraction to lead to the further dividing of communities, do not fall for that clickbait!


  5. Daniel BUCKLEY 03/04/2024 at 4:29 pm

    The next battle is in early June ’24 and that is our Local &European Elections and Patent referendum.
    The Patent referendum is another surrender of Sovereignity to the EU, You can safely VOTE _ NO in any referendum ,knowing this Regime will have hiidden agendas within the obfuscating legalese. as we know from bitter experience.
    The Local Elections are an absurdity in Democracy. where anyone with an address in Ireland, temporary or illegal asylum seeker, is allowed to Vote, once registered.
    Turnout in Local Elections is a paltry 20% and activist minorities can gain power in Local Councils with small representations in the low hundreds.
    Local Councils have Power in Housing Allocations, Planning permissions, and Business Licensing.
    It is urgent that Irish people get out and Vote for an Irish Independent candidate ,to regain our Democracy.
    Avoid all Legacy Parties ,who have wilfully betrayed us in the past decades.
    The Regime is already preparing its captured illegal migrants,using the NGO parasites to instruct the fakeugees to contest and vote in the Local Elections with funding coming from the EU.
    It should be obvious that this Regime has a deranged policy to destroy Ireland by Plantation and Displacement.
    We still have the numbers to frustrate their hated objectives ,but every Irishman and woman needs to Vote .
    The recent Referendums showed we have a silent majority ,who bided their time and delivered a deadly blow to the traitorous Regime.
    But this was but an opening shot in the war of the Regime v the People.
    It is not won until we sweep clean forever the Legacy Parties of the Uniparty that is intent on the destruction of our Republic.
    Vote only Nationalist parties or Independents, leave blank other selections to prevent transfers.
    ‘Those who fail to participate in their Democracy and decline to Vote, are destined to be governed by fools. thieves ,charlatans,tyrants and despots.
    (Plato ,the Republic)


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 04/04/2024 at 9:56 pm

    THE NEXT BATTLE IS NOW ” simple Simon HarrASSment ” and his 1/4
    Leadership ambition, IN DESPERATE NEED FOR ANY VOTE.
    NOW IS THE TIME TO ” Cross The Floor ” and Slimeball Simon’s career is
    over before it begins.
    LEGACY PARTIES ….and all guilty have no future in govt.


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