Last night, Virgin Media aired a report on what they called the disinformation and incitement on social media surrounding the stabbing incident on Parnell Square and the angry scenes that followed.

At one point in the broadcast, they play the audio of a man calling for violence against immigrants starting exactly the same time as to run over a shot of a tweet by activist Gavin Pepper:


However, the audio we can conclusively confirm is not of Gavin Pepper at all.

The segment, presented by Richard Chambers, was alarming and heavy in its usage of terms related to violence.

Safety Concerns

The Burkean reached out to Mr. Pepper, an established activist against illegal immigration, who told us that his children could not attend school today due to safety fears.

We have tried to contact Virgin Media for a response.

Too Much For Coincidence?

The audio sounds very similar to Mr. Pepper, but is certainly not him. It is therefore likely that Virgin Media either deliberately misled their viewers, or didn’t fact-check their own story.

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  1. I’ve met Gavin and know for a fact that WAS NOT his voice. He is simply a concerned family man worried about the future of this nation.

    Talk about dirty tricks by the mainstream media who are fully on board with the governments agenda. It’s a reminder for us all to remain disciplined & professional in our activism. Don’t give them any excuses. Don’t give them exactly what they’re looking for.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 01/12/2023 at 2:56 pm

    The LIERS will always eventually be found out,they are so fu.kin weak.
    The time is Now,and the duty of every Irishman is to backup and SUPPORT
    All And Each Other, Each And Everytime the SCUM find another VICTIM.
    WE’RE ALL POTENTIAL VICTIMS NOW…so whose next,today tomorrow anytime soon, ITS ON NOW, IT’S ALL ON FOR YOUNG AND
    OLD….Lets save Ireland and the Irish People, They Wo’nt,They do not care
    or give a flyin fu.k now, WE ‘VE ALL KNOWN THAT A LONG TIME.


  3. Linda Freedman 04/12/2023 at 11:02 am

    If you speak out against uncontrolled forced migration you are called ‘Far Right’ and pounced all over. If you are Far Left and infiltrate University Campuses and Schools whilst siding with terrorist groups and celebrating massacres…that’s fine. It’s disturbing. I hope the architects don’t get to slink into the shadows after all the damage they are going to do.


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