The Claim:

  • Video from an Irish youth gymnastics meet showed various competitors being presented with medals. The only black girl in view is not given a medal by the judge.
  • Various media outlets and international sporting figures claimed that this was due to racism, and that there is a culture of racism in Irish gymnastics and sport more widely.

The verdict: There is absolutely no evidence that the girl not being given a medal was due to racism. In fact, she was given a medal shortly thereafter, before she left the field of play. Furthermore, claims about the role of “systemic racism” in Irish gymnastics are wholly unsubstantiated. These claims amount to misinformation.

The Background:

In recent days, a story about a black girl being deliberately refused a participation medal in an Irish gymnastics competition went viral. Prominent celebrities, media outlets, and NGOs claimed this was due to pervasive racism in Irish sport and failings of official sporting bodies.

Simone Biles, a black American high-profile gymnast, brought much attention to the matter:

INAR, a state-funded NGO with links to the Muslim Brotherhood, attacked the gymnastics body after the “Roots in Africa-Ireland Network” made several broad-ranging claims about the incident:

Rosemary C. Adaser, founder of the NGO “Association of Mixed-Race Irish” accused the official of snubbing the little girl:

Major news outlets ran with the story, including The Guardian linking the incident to claims about discrimination:

The Facts:

  • The incident occurred in March 2022. The official was confused as to which children were to be given medals but quickly rectified the mistake. The girl can be seen in a video, smiling with medals around her neck:
  • Gymnastics Ireland mediated the complaint from the child’s parent against the official. The official apologised and said it was a simple mistake.
  • The child’s parent pursued the matter further, and 18-months later is still ccomplaining that Gymnastics Ireland didn’t issue their own apology. The parent is also claiming the incident, and Ireland’s gymnastics scene, is fraught with racial bias.

The Verdict:

Misinformation ❌

There is not a single piece of evidence that the incident was due to racism. The official corrected the error swiftly, and subsequently apologised, with the assistance of Gymnastics Ireland. No evidence of pervasive systemic racism in Irish underage female gymnastics has been presented either. Due to the unfounded claims of commentators and the parent involved, we judge this claim to amount to misinformation.

Posted by The Burkean


  1. Then why didn’t the lady handing out the medals skip past her in the line-up STILL holding medals in her hand? Surely she would hand out all the medals she had one by one and if at the end she had ran out of medals then yes,she would have asked for more medals to complete the handing out? It may not be racism but just explain that?

    The evidence is there…in front of your eyes…what is it you don’t see that the vast majority of us are seeing? Just stick to her skipping the young girl in the line up ( with medals still in hands) when you reply?


    1. Ever driven through a red light without noticing because you were distracted?


      1. Pathetic reply. Like orwell said in 1984 ‘ Yow were asked to disbelieve the evidence of your own eyes…’
        that’s paraphrased but you should understand it.


        1. So, I’m taking that as a “yes”, you have driven through red lights when distracted.


          1. No…I’ve never driven through a red light and i’ve been driving since 1972. But nice diversion on your part.
            Actually I take that back…it was a crap diversion on your part.

      2. donal tweedie 28/09/2023 at 6:40 pm

        What??? You’re saying the woman giving out the medals didn’t see the wee black gymnast. What planet are you on ?


      3. What if the judge accidentally skipped a white girl? It would be just as tragic. The media blew this up into a race issue, when it was a stupid judge issue! How are black people so absolutely sure that this girl was snubbed due to race? Even after it is disproved by this article, people STILL want to see racism when there none is. The media did a number on everyone! Please people think for yourself and don’t allow media to do your thinking for you! If racism was a real issue in Irish sports, she would not be allowed to enter competition in the first place! And how her parents adding flame to the fire, insisting on apology due to racism , instead of insisting on apology for bungling the medals, which would have been bad to a black OR white child! It’s like Satan is operating in the media to keep black and white hating each other! Please black people see through this B.S.! There is nothing more infuriating than to be called a racist when you are not, it’s very hurtful, to have your every move interpreted as an act of racism , it keeps us divided instead of united 💙
        And the fact that no one is happy that the deserving girl DID get her medal minutes later? What?! Why aren’t black people relieved she got it, and that it was not an act of racism but the act of a bungling judge! Please black people do you honestly believe a judge would have done this purposely and consciously in front of cameras and media? As soon as I saw video I knew something was off, I’m glad I didn’t get sucked in. Thank you so much for this article that told the truth, and shame on the media who tried to perpetrate a fraud against Irish judges


        1. Michael Tapila 08/10/2023 at 10:31 pm

          Somebody will do same to you family member or children and you will know how it like.

          You are very stupid you MaryD for writing that nonsense here…That is racism and you have no stupid right to change that fact…Swine you!!


        2. Jacqueline Spencer 18/11/2023 at 4:59 am

          Black people get this type of treatment DAILY!!!! That is why we are so sure. Familiarity. Apparently you do not have that obstacle in life and that is why you don’t recognize the rat.


        3. Andrew Ian Hunter 14/12/2023 at 9:52 am

          Rubbish, people of your ilk will do anything to excuse your bigotry


      4. How is that the same? One black person in the line up would stand out. Did the association say that she missed her due to being distracted? No, first they said that the medals got tangled up and then they changed that to another reason and finally they say that the woman resigned and they also they withheld an apology she made.


        1. Tangled medals? Oh, right. Funny how they weren’t “tangled* for all the rest of the little white girls.


      5. Birdie Prentice 26/10/2023 at 1:18 am

        If EVER there’s been a more heartbreaking, exclusionary racist moment, I don’t know when . That poor child. Of *course* it was intentional! And despicable. And that judge should be fired. It’s disgusting what happened to that little girl.


    2. Mshobozi kamugisha 28/09/2023 at 8:53 pm

      The writer(s) of this article is(are) a racist(s). There is no explanation to why she was skipped other than because of her race “black”


      1. Lucky Blessing Nwobodo 30/09/2023 at 2:35 pm

        You my dear sir is incorrect

        I IS BLACK AND KING OF Iland, no racism in my new home, but i still have no jewel crown yet, maybe Roderick give me one

        They take the knee to me in Iland, they bow to me on football fields, i feel most welcome as king of Iland, many thanks irish people for taking the knee to me


    3. Michael Tapila 08/10/2023 at 10:24 pm

      The lady and the board who did this to this black girl are all sick in the heard. They have a mental problem and issue and the problem is showing racism to black little children and hurting the innocent child. And their foolish and lying media tring to pretend to cover the truth and the fact.

      If you see any black person and you show any sign of hate towards them, you the person needs more help and need to get a life because you are mentally diseased with seeing a color different from your color. That lady neess help and please, let them see to it she doesn’t do any harm to herself because she is not correct and will continue to be sick in the head for doing to this this innocent black girl.. …

      Come to Africa and see the importance of being black or anywhere in the world you see the beautiful color black and because you are myopia and blind and sick in your self thats why you can do and play such foolish game towards the lady. Foolishness!!

      This lady who did this to our black girl will continue to be sick in the head and in the end won’t see the importance of color because shes blind and will forever be blind…..Nonsense


      1. George Floyd was a convivted criminal 12/10/2023 at 8:17 pm

        A bit rich for you to be calling people sick in the head Michael Tapia,

        Have you taken your pills today? You are as bad as Frank, the guy who sees racism in his cornflakes.

        The woman made a mistake with medals, but the likes of you and Frank here act as if someone got killed.

        You and your ilk are a social media mob circus that can not think for yourselves, nothing more.


    4. Sorry to break your heart because this has been such a clickbait hit for all your trash media gods that do your thinking for you , but I’m from there and you can see the previous year they had podiums. She was skipped because as her mum even said “she was the best performer there” it’s actually the gymstart competition and this year they done away with first place etc. and they all lined up in a row for “participation medal” the judge thought these were like runners up medals and at the end went to get the winners medal for that girl and was told even she gets the participation medal. She then gave her the medal and it was merely an “oops” moment with new confusing rules. This error was explained to the mum who failed to speak to the judge who wanted to explain and spent a year trying to make this about race. If you YouTube gymstart march 2022 and go to 2 mins 3 seconds you’ll get with her medal, so all the media outlets saying she was denied it are lying and what happened was the new rules meant the gymstart winner didn’t get her gold medal, they got the same as the runners up. I mean get real as if a kids coach would be that racist you’re all absolute gullible SHEEP


      1. TROLL HUNTER 15/10/2023 at 12:50 am

        You do realise that the fact you have to give us a youtube video no one knows about and a second to freeze frame to deduce this as evidence this was NOT what we all saw says a whole lot. If what you’re saying was true do you not think Gymnasics Ireland would have put that narrative out IMMEDIATELY to every press outlet? Think.

        It would have ended this entire firestorm in moments. Instead it’s been allowed to turn into a fiasco with only people like you on obscure sites putting out the ‘truth.’ That makes absolutely no sense. When a governing body is accused of racism and world leaders around the world including those of their own country (the Irish head has even commented) all say this was racism and egregious do you not think they would say everything you just said to absolve themselves. No YOU are the gullible one living in denial and deliusion. The fact you think this is a grand conspiracy to make something racist that isn’t yet the only pushback is trolls like yourself running around with timestamps from highlights videos is crazy. For all you know that medal she got WAS after this whole snub and because of the snub. It doesn’t make it not have happened. Hell for all you know that was from the previous year or another situation.

        However in that moment you don’t give a medal to every single girl in a lineup except the black girl AND say nothing to her to explain why when she CLEARLY looked totally confused. The woman made NO interaction with her whatsoever. NONE. If what you said is true wouldnt she have said something to her the way she stopped and said something to the two girls at the end who ALSO had no medal then she ran off to get them medals?


        1. Go away troll 15/10/2023 at 8:55 pm

          There was no racism there, the girl received her medal in the end. Since when is Simone Biles a BLM activist a world leader? Lol.


    5. Janusz Przeniczny 09/10/2023 at 10:24 am

      Apparently, the kids who came 1, 2, 3rd got their medals “winners medals” and the rest got “participation medals” which is what is shown in the video. The “winning” kids don’t get “participation medals”
      The lady got muddled up of which kind of medal the young girls should bypassed her. GI didn’t clarify the issue well and hand the Left and Social Media have had a field day.


      1. Irelandistan 12/10/2023 at 8:24 pm

        If you know anything about Ireland, you will understand that the whole country is held hostage by an NGO sector hellbent on creating “fictitious racism scenarios” to justify their funding by tax payers money.

        They need to create a monster to fight. Racism is everywhere apparently in peoples, shoes, corn flakes, cupboards, and under their beds according to that lot.


  2. Did anyone else notice that in the picture where the young Black girl has a medal, the White girl next to her is in a blue leotard? Compare that to the video in which the young Black girl is snubbed. In that video, the girl next to her is shorter, and in a blue/black leotard.
    Shame on Burkean for pushing disinformation in order to minimize racism. Are you by any chance affiliated with Fox/Sky News?
    We saw the video. You are asking readers not to believe their lying eyes. Poor journalistic standards if you ever had any.


    1. That’s literal footage of the event on the day on YouTube, type in gymstart 2022 2 mins 3 seconds. the girl received her medal afterwards and wasn’t standing with the same girl. She was supposed to get gold but they stopped doing it that year so the judge went back and gave her the same medal as all the kids she beaten. It was a silly error with all the rule changes but hey go hit up some more click bait and virtue signal


  3. Jaimie Scanlon 25/09/2023 at 6:21 pm

    So, what’s the explanation, then?


  4. I didn’t know that the Irish people known for their stupidity are also racist minds.


    1. Lucky Blessing Nwobodo 28/09/2023 at 12:03 pm

      U is wrong, Iland people not racist, they treat give me red carpet and treat me as a king

      Social very good in Iland, i get free stuff from irish, they not racist, they treat me very well

      food really good here, but prefer brush-tailed porcupines, cant find them in the Iland


  5. Helen McAfrica of "We Owe The Entire World Social Welfare And FreeHouses LTD." 25/09/2023 at 11:00 pm

    We need to house more africans, give them more free houses, more welfare, more prioritization for NIGERIA and its 230 million population, ireland is a tiny little country of 5 million, it is just too small and too RHHACist nowadays, we have an aging population, we need to be a more ethnically diverse society, we need to welcome the entire continent of africa and asia to our shores.

    We have a legal and moral obligation to do so. Roddy told me we have, yes he did. We must welcome the third world. We need freshness. We need new ideas.

    We need to become culturally enriched and i simply just prefer my kebab from the indian takeaways run by middle aged pakistani men, to the bland irish stew cooked by my mammy.

    It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that me and Roddy are giving a big warm welcome to entire continents of billions of people to come to our backwards little island and make it more diverse and safer, a safer society for women is our goal, we must bring in more muslims because Saudi Arabia is leading the way for human rights as they are on the UN council safeguarding human rights, we welcome their shopping centres, their sponsorship, we welcome their funding of mosques for our communities, we are being culturally enriched, all those hijabs, those burkas, they are wonderful for our society.

    We welcome the new irish because we have so much in common, we as a tiny country emigrated all over the world during the genocide of our people called the potato famine, now we must house the entire world, because we were once real refugees and we understand all those FAKEugess crossing multiple countries to claim our generous welfare.

    To all you RHACists who say we can not house the entire world in our small country, i am proposing an anti-free speech law as i condemn criticism of my moral obligations to culturally enrich ireland. We have a moral and legal obligation to house all of the world and roddy told me to ignore you naysayers, to criticise me and roddy will be unlawful. Now pay your tax and shut up. I am your GOVERN-MIND.

    It is my way or the highway peasants.


    1. Marla wanting to know what’s wrong with Helen 27/09/2023 at 7:48 pm

      Are we talking about the black girl who didn’t get a medal or is there something else we don’t know about.


    2. TROLL HUNTER 15/10/2023 at 12:53 am

      What on earth are you babbling about?


  6. Dean Smiley 26/09/2023 at 1:45 pm

    You say, “There is not a single piece of evidence that the incident was due to racism. ” Apparently you forgot that the world can see the video. No normal human being will ever believe that the official handing out the medals made an accidental “mistake”. To state so makes you complicit and as racist as the medal giver/withholder. That’s why this article has no author.
    The racist woman needs to be named because she needs to feel the sting that she gave. I will pursue that name until I see evidence that she has been relieved of her duties.


    1. Michael Tapila 08/10/2023 at 10:36 pm

      I agree to this Sir…If her name comes out, the kind of stones of hurtful words people will throw at her including me, that would be another hell of adventure….


    2. Spot on , Dean.


  7. Declan Hayes 26/09/2023 at 2:33 pm

    Irrelevant. This has been all over the international media. Therefore, as a logical consequence, you can expect plenty of those “refugees” our NGOs recently shipped into the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa to be here shortly./ Think of all the jobs they will create in the NGO and emergency accommodation industries. Plus Tesco, who sponsor our never ending LGBTQWERT parades, will be hapy with the extra customers.


    1. Helen McAfrica 26/09/2023 at 4:55 pm

      “NGO “Association of Mixed-Race Irish”

      Paddies are funding their own ethnic replacement with the GOVERN-mind taking their sheckles in order to organise and fulfill the wishes of their masonic masters.

      But sure hey you beat south africa in the rugby right? shur Bundee Aki is a gael now too, the new irish. He is one of yee now is he not?

      Ooh Aah Paul Mcgrath say ooh aww NIGERIA.

      Ah shur jaysus all those poor black people i must pray to jaysus,



  8. What…In the name of all that’s Holy are you wittering on about? What has THAT got to do with the story? Whatever you’re smoking give it up pronto.
    Jeez…is this a serious publication?




    1. Lucky Blessing Nwobodo 28/09/2023 at 12:15 pm

      U should not say such things

      Ilannd got good social, they treat me as king, i love the Iland, lots of free stuff in the iland, there no racism in iland don’t be silly, my countrymen are welcomed here in the hundreds of thousands

      but still not got brush-tailed porcupines like back home in nigeria, no worry though i find the edikang ikong here, my favourite soup


      1. Methinks you doth protest to much!

        That’s Shakespeare…Thanks for the ‘giggle’ though!


  10. If you notice in the video she is not handed a medal with a pure red ribbon, and we see her next to a girl with a red and white ribbon – she was not awarded a participation medal and instead got the one she earned. But racism.


  11. Lucky Blessing Nwobodo 28/09/2023 at 10:22 am

    Iland not racist, iland really good for the social, iland great social welfare, very attractive destination my iland is, i am new irish, iland mine, i am kng of iland now. We wuz once kings of egypt, now we kings of Iland.

    Iland give me free houses, in iland i get to upgrade my iphone, really good social in iland. Thank you Iland, the immigration it is good for the Iland And Iland perople give me FREE stuff, they so nice, no no not racist.

    I support iland football, i feel so at home with all wonderful african athletes in iland, we is the new irish, we win many medals in athletics and the football team reminds me of back home, reminds me of my beloved nigeria, they are green coloured like my nigeria, i am irish now too.

    The immigration it is good, we nigeria are 250 million people, thanks Iland for us encouraging us to come, thank you Iland, i get free everything here,

    Iland people never racist to me, Iland gives me lots of social


  12. Very very ignorant article made by ignorant people! This article just made Ireland becomes worse in dealing with racism. This article just showing how racism is so bad in Ireland.


  13. Josef Muteba Nkongolo 28/09/2023 at 4:11 pm

    I don’t think ireland is racist, me and many of my friends from the DR Congo, Somalia and Afghanistan feel very good welcome here, your minister invited us here, thank you for the free modular house ireland. Thank you generous taxpayers giving non-citizens like me a free modular house.

    I feel sad for your poor homeless irish families, but i from the DR Congo have come for your free housing and social welfare that your minister promised us, am grateful, bless you irish for inviting me and giving me first priority on the housing list over irish families waiting over a decade, bless you bless you, many thanks

    How can ireland be racist when they receive the most immigration in europe? am grateful ireland gives me free modular housing.


  14. kevin mcdermottroe 29/09/2023 at 9:58 am

    My Dad is Irish, a damn good job he is not alive, he would have waded in on the ceremony and knocked a few out. £100 for the lass, to where do I send it?


  15. Frances Sefo 29/09/2023 at 7:53 pm

    Distasteful article clearly intended to minimise racial discrimination when clearly we can all see the judge passes over the only coloured child in that line up. And regardless of whether she was given her medal after the “mistake” was realised, the damage was already done. Judge should be named, shamed and stripped of her duties. And The Burkean should be ashamed of publishing such rubbish as fact-checking. Load of toss!


    1. Lucky Blessing Nwobodo 30/09/2023 at 2:28 pm

      U my dear sir is wrong

      I feel welcome in the Iland, i tell my friends in nigeria there lots of good social in ireland and irish invite all of us 200 odd million for the social on twitter, they say we can have the free houses and the social, your NGO ladies say your Roderick give us free things if we apply for the social, Roderick also gives the NGO ladies free things for helping us, they have lots of tax money

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      thank you my kind friends for all the social and the mod homes, we new irish feel like we home in my nigeria now, but i feel sorry for your own homeless people, they not matter to Roderick i think, only i matter cause I IS BLACK, I IS A KING OF Iland now, people take the knee cause is a KING, A BLACK KING my friends


      the girl in the picture got her medal, she wears the medal in the picture,

      Burkean fact checking very good, i think some people not see her medal, i think these people blind and see racism when there none there, women handing out medals only made a mistake at first, forgive her please my dear sir, you overreacting and being the silly one,

      just like i sometimes silly for eating too much brush-tailed porcupines in my nigeria, i really should try to stop looking for them in the Iland, cant find them, but i am irish now too, i try the bacon and cabbage and the cup of tea, my somaliam muslim friends say they not like the cabbage and bacon, but it good, tastes better than brush-tailed porcupines in my nigeria


    2. IRISH LIVES MATTER, bow and take the knee. Irish were enslaved by cromwell and sent to Barbados, bow and take the knee. 30/09/2023 at 3:11 pm

      Frances Sefo

      Perhaps “Gymnastics Ireland” the judge should take the knee too for making a simple mistake and wave around a BLM flag with a fist held tight right? Maybe pay some reparations too?

      People like you who see racism when there is none are out to create trouble. The woman made a simple mistake, but you want to use that mistake to promote your own agenda like INAR who sound dubious as hell with alledged links to muslim brotherhood, a group that wants the introduction of the Islamic Sharia as “the basis for controlling the affairs of state and society”

      Ireland paying the highest social welfare rates in europe and the world and receiving the most immigration is hardly a country that sounds guilty of racial bias. Ireland has opened the floodgates to the entire world as regards welfare.

      Irish citizens should be wondering how did that girls family even arrive in ireland and how many countries they crossed to get to ireland and whether or not they receive welfare from the tax payers, the claims of racial bias sound like a load of rubbish.

      I bet they wanted that judge to take the knee too, how dare she make a simple mistake. All a load of overreaction is what it is.


  16. My understanding was that the black girl had won the competition and was due to receive a winners medal.
    They were handing out participation medals.
    The judge handing out medals mistakenly believed that winners only get a winners medal. When they realised they error they corrected it.

    Apologies were made on the day and afterwards. It does seem to be getting blown up and conflated by the media somewhat.
    it’s almost like people can’t make a genuine error anymore without being torn apart.


  17. She had medals in her hand.
    She gave each white girl a medal…one by one.
    She came to the black girl still with medals in her hand.
    She walked past the black girl and on to the white girl next in line and gave her a medal.
    She continued on giving out the rest of the medals to the remaining white girls.

    Ok genius…tell me…specifically…what i got wrong in the above 5 sentences.
    You’re welcome.


  18. Take The Knee 30/09/2023 at 6:50 pm

    You are clearly an absolute idiot who is either half-blind or just being really disingenuous by virtue signalling in an attempt to make yourself have a warm fuzzy feeling inside, to be part of a clique like the americanized social media BLM twitter circus.

    She had medals in her hand, but there were more girls in the line than medals on her hands. That much is clearly seen in the video. The woman handing out the medals appeared confused especially with names being called out. There was more than one black girl in the line who did not receive a medal.

    It was a crowded bunch there and there was also a white girl and another black girl in the line who had no medal. She made a mistake in not knowing what girls to give medals to quite clearly. To perceive that as a form of racial bias holds no credence and to anyone who sees racism in that video? Get your eyes checked i say.

    The people going on a social media campaign to lambast the judge into admitting she done something wrong is nothing but directed societal pressure, a mob mentality, a forced walk of shame for a perceived injustice. THe same type of mob mentalityv caused BLM riots in not only america but in Dublin. Those NGO’s promoting africanism in Ireland are stirring up ethnic tensions.

    Maybe the judge in question forgot to take the knee too right? and have a BLM flag over her shoulder with fist in air and pay the reparations too? What matters is the girl in question got her medal in the end and the families claims of racial bias are NONSENSE!

    What bothers me though is how did that girls familiy arrive on a small island off europe when they are from africa? Name one mainstream direct flight from their african country of origin to ireland? Would their choosing of Ireland as a living destination have something to do with the attractive generous rates of social welfare and high standards of living when compared to their own less developed country of origin? ARe irish tax payers paying childrens allowance sums for their child? why would they come to Ireland if it was so racist and with no hope or expectations of citizenship and full generous welfare rights?

    They hardly came for the weather and all the cow shit in the fields now is it? THey are probably asylum seekers who eventually ended up getting citizenship from Alan Shatter citizenship parties.

    Get your head out of the sand and wake up. Ireland is an extremely attractive destination for africans as it has a higher standard of living in comparison to their own, africans should be grateful they are even left stay, because with a more nationalist government in force, Ireland would have border control and all the claims of asylum seekers (who think irish taxpayers owe them something) would be more deeply scrutinised and resources prioritised for Irish people and not non-citizens claiming tax payers money whilst also creating strain on social services and housing. Ireland is a small country lad, africa is a huge continent.

    Those african centric NGO’s in Ireland receiving tax payers money and stirring up ethnic tensions would have their funds cut with a nationbalist political system in place

    Now take the knee for BLM and post a video of it so i can see you for what you really are? A subject of africans who think they are kings and that white people owe them something.

    WE WUZ kings. White people owe us? American BLM politics is clearly embedded in Ireland and it really is very apparent.

    Irish people had nothing got to do with the african slave trade, that was mostly controlled by jewish merchants and islamic world. Even africans themselves sold their own africans into slavery.

    BLM has only created ethnic tensions in ireland. I Bet that american gymnast claiming racism in ireland is involved with BLM groups.

    I Have also seen far more racism from BLM movements towards white people than some of the worst neo nazi groups.

    Your welcome.


    1. She had medals in her hand when she passed the black girl…so why not give her one of those medals? The ones already in her hand? Stick to that last sentence when you reply…THE MEDALS ALREADY IN HER HAND. I put it into capitals in case you go off script and ramble on about something that has nothing to do with it…though doubtless you will. Logic says that she would hand the next available medal…which she has in her hand ready to give out. Oh…and point us all to the channel which shows other white girls who didn’t receive medals. In that line up…not some line up you saw years ago…but THAT line up.


      1. The judge was short of medals 04/10/2023 at 6:45 pm

        SHE CLEARLY DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH MEDALS For THE ENTIRE LINE, MR FRANK who is blind who sees racism in his corn flakes.

        If you look at the video closely there was another black girl (black as in wearing a black outfit but actually a white irish girl it looks like) and another white girl in the line (wearing blue) who did not get medals. The judge came back with medals and gave the white girl in black outfit a medal and video cut out, the african girl got her medal in the end and appears smiling and happy. But not is not seen in video, although there is a photograph of it here in the article.

        That is what matters. All girls appeared to receive their medals in the END.

        But blind idiots like you want to read into it more so you can see racism.

        TLDR : Judge did not seem to have enough medals for entire lineup, black girl and two white girls were skipped, judge came back, gave medal to black outfit white girl in the line and blue outfit girl and video cuts out. Later pictures show black african girl with medal smiling.

        All a bunch of mob mentality madness, a complete overreaction to a judge who was short of medals.


  19. George Orwell 1984

    ‘ The Party asked you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final,most essential command.’


    1. Take The Knee 02/10/2023 at 3:42 pm

      Frank Burns

      I see evidence of your own blindness and stupidity.

      There was a white girl in the line who did not receive a medal also.

      Go work for the “mixed race irish NGO” I’m sure you would be a great asset for them seeing racism in your corn flakes.


      1. TROLL HUNTER 15/10/2023 at 12:59 am

        Wow you people are actually insane. Denying what is in front of you at all costs. Psycopaths. Amazing.


        1. Go away troll 15/10/2023 at 8:58 pm

          You are the one who sounds insane, ambitious enough to go on a witch hunt against a judge who was confused over what medals to give.

          Get a life and get off twitter you clown.


          1. I’m not on twitter…
            Anyway…i will leave you with this quote from Gymnastics Association of Ireland…there quote…not mine: ‘We are fully committed to taking the recommendations to make sure this does not happen again.’

            The Irish Taoiseach said he was ‘sad ‘ after watching the video of the incident.

            No mention from either of them about another black girl in the line up also not receiving a medal.

            Maybe you should contact them…rather than me…with your ‘evidence?’

            Oh…and you STILL refuse to answer the question i asked. So I’m off…to talk to people who have seen the full video.

            Don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed.

  20. You’re a clown…Go and eat your bran flakes…you need to keep regular.


    1. Irish NGO for imaginary racism 03/10/2023 at 2:51 pm

      Frank we may have a position for you as PR manager, you would be very useful for us.

      Oh, use your imagination.

      Make all your dreams come true.

      Use your imagination.

      That’s just the thing to get more funding for us Frank, use your imagination, racism in your imagination.


  21. Just because you decide it’s not racial, doesn’t mean it isn’t. The video evidence and actions that followed GI suggest what we all suspected. How an ‘intelligent’ adult makes that mistake after looking at the child in the face is insane to me. You can also see from the nervous smile of the child and her friend’s bewilderment beside her that it was confusing and uncomfortable on top of all that. These are kids. Racism has no place anywhere but doing this to kids is cruel. Then GI gives a ‘ sorry you felt bad’ to cover their ass and withholds the apology letter? For what other reason would you then say this happened? It is you don’t have any insight into what it is like or occupy spaces where you stand out and the microagressions of other come out. Many of us have lived it most of our lives and now we are taking it anymore. Enough is enough! Disrespectful writers like you are a huge part of why this continues as you downplay the validity of how microaggressive racisms continues to tear people down.


    1. Irish NGO'S create racial bias fiction 04/10/2023 at 2:31 pm

      People like you and Frank Burns are just part of a mob mentality that don’t think for yourselves and just conform to a “social media mob reaction” spear-fronted by dubious irish NGO’s some of whom have alledged links to the muslim brotherhood. It is well known that the american gymnast as quoted by irish NGO’s is a BLM supporter also.

      As mentioned earlier, the black girl was not even the only black girl who did not receive a medal in the line, there was a white girl too. The article and writer has clearly debunked any notions of racism, the black girl in question got her medal in the end.

      Also this american gymnast woman Simone Biles once said Black Lives Matter protests are ‘the start of change’: ‘It’s sad it took all of this for people to listen’

      BLM circus has created riots and Racism against white people worldwide, property damage and vandalism, ( if you want to see real racism, look at black african people attacking irish people in dublin a few years ago. Videos are archived and widely available on twitter. A disturbing trend is also the rising gang violence amongst young african men in ireland.

      Chantiy and Frank, go take up your positions at the “NGO for imaginary racism”.

      The way people have went on a witchunt against that judge who made a simple mistake is shocking and a real eye opener into how extremist BLM type personas can be.

      George Floyd got four years in prison after accepting a plea bargain for a 2007 aggravated robbery in a home invasion.

      People started BLM and rioted for a convicted criminal guilty of an aggravated home robbery. It certainly makes you think how extreme BLM are.

      Some of the worst racism comes from BLM groups who talk about getting rid of white people etc, they are all over video platforms spreading hate against white people.


  22. Look…The black girl was a couple of girls down in the line up. The lady handing the medals out HAD MORE THAN ENOUGH MEDALS IN HER HAND at the point where she reached the black girl. She walked past her…and then gave one of the many medals in her hand to the next girl who was white.
    Now listen up you clown!! Explain why she walked PAST the FIRST black girl?

    Stop going off ranting and raving with your long boring crap and just…for once in your life…explain EXACTLY what I have put in the first paragraph. How did she walk past with medals in her hand at the VERY point she walks past the FIRST black girl…not the last black girl…the FIRST.

    Otherwise…butt out of this debate because you keep ignoring that in every rant you post.


    1. Franks dreaming of racism in his cerebral cortex, or should i say corn flakes 15/10/2023 at 9:03 pm

      You lost this debate a long time ago CHUMP.

      See here

      Janusz Przeniczny comment

      Apparently, the kids who came 1, 2, 3rd got their medals “winners medals” and the rest got “participation medals” which is what is shown in the video. The “winning” kids don’t get “participation medals”
      The lady got muddled up of which kind of medal the young girls should bypassed her. GI didn’t clarify the issue well and hand the Left and Social Media have had a field day.

      Frankly i have better things to be doing into psycho analysing why a judge made a mistake, idiots like you act as if she murdered someone.

      Get a life frank burns and stay off twitter you absolute snowflake.


  23. Fact Check, BLM activist Simone Biles likes George Floyd a dangerous convicted criminal 15/10/2023 at 9:12 pm

    Between 2002 and 2005, police arrested and charged Floyd for another four crimes: for having less than one gram of cocaine on him (on Oct. 29, 2002); for criminal trespassing (on Jan. 3, 2003); for intending to give less than one gram of cocaine to someone else (on Feb. 6, 2004); and for again having less than one gram of cocaine in his possession (on Dec. 15, 2005). He was sentenced to about 30 months in jail, total, for those crimes.

    Lastly, in 2007, authorities arrested and charged Floyd with his most serious crime: aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

    “What is not being told is the violent criminal history of George Floyd,” said former Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) Lt. Bob Kroll, who represented more than 800 police officers at the time of Floyd’s death. “The media will not air this.”


  24. Misinformation how? So she was 100% certain that every little white girl deserved a medal but the one black child she innocently thought she didn’t deserve one, shut up, she’s racist simple as that


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