The droning voice of Shane O’Curry is a regular in almost any media discussion on hate crime or the far right in Ireland as his anti-racist NGO INAR (Irish Network Against Racism) plays a kingmaker role in both hate speech legislation and the remodeling of Gardaí to mimic Britain’s infamous PC policing.

From shameless ambulance chasing following the death of George Nkencho to running a Garda snitch line through their IReport feature (intentionally meant to gin up hate crime numbers) INAR is a grade-A example of Ireland’s institutional NGO complex gone wild.

Setting the tempo on almost all media discussions on immigration, very soon O’Curry and INAR will be given the whip hand over which doors Drew Harris and the Gardaí are busting down as they jockey to become the state’s de facto hate monitor.

The NGO is the beneficiary of generous state support as well as an affiliate group of the EU-wide ENAR network bankrolled by the Soros’ Open Society network and changed its name from ENAR to INAR circa 2020. 

A quick Google News search for the past month can reveal how INAR functions in framing media coverage regarding diversity matters in the Irish press operating from its cushy Georgian HQ adjacent to the Rotunda Hospital. 

Effectively giving orders to the Gardaí as to how to crackdown on Irish nationalists it’s a far cry from the post-Crash “libertarian socialist” milieu INAR effectively evolved out of, with many of its top brass cutting their teeth in the now-defunct Worker Solidarity Movement during the 2000s.

INAR generally gets an easy ride from the compliant Irish press corps happy to get whatever talking mouths it wants on air to fill the pro-migration angle of our media.

One aspect never-at-all touched on by the media that happily platforms INAR or the state that humors their authoritarian ambitions is the growing awareness in Europe that the ENAR network to which INAR is attached to is increasingly infiltrated by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood group happy to hijack anti-hate speech mechanisms for their own ends.

Indeed the long-term director of the ENAR network, Michaël Privot, a Belgian-born Muslim convert, admitted to being a Muslim Brotherhood operative in an interview that caused quite the storm in EU circles as security experts opined that savvier Islamists have hijacked the European anti-racist sector as a soft underbelly into policymaking.

The admission is hardly a flash in the pan as both ENAR and a variety of anti-racist organizations in Europe have been accused of operating as effective Islamist fronts in Europe pushing the envelope on effective blasphemy legislation through the guise of anti-hate speech. MEPs have repeatedly called for the plug to be pulled on EU funding for these supposedly soft-Islamist groups due to the overlap with political Islam.

In Europe the process of Islamisation is far more advanced to the point that Muslim civic society organisation with an eye on future demographic trends have begun entering positions of authority and have begun laying the institutional foundations for a decades long take over.

Those with long memories can remember the uncritical treatment given to the Halawa clan by INAR and the rest of the NGO lobby following his imprisonment in Egypt.

It would be erroneous to think INAR is a vehicle for political Islam at present but the phenomenon on the continent is that anti-racist organisations often transform into soft Islamist fronts when enough Muslims or enough Gulf funny co-opt them.

The entire existence of INAR begets more questions than answers about how unaccountable and more often than not foreign-funded lobby groups can steer the Irish state’s course and such fundamental affairs. 

Would you expect David Quinn and the Iona Institute to get the same softsoap treatment from the Irish media?

Posted by The Burkean


  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 22/07/2023 at 8:40 am

    INAR and the rest of the NGO sector are the parasitical tape-worms burrowing within Irelands society.
    The Irish Taxpayer is funding his own destruction by the 10.5 Billion Euro cost of supporting these malignant organisations.
    RTE can be considered an NGO as they supply the platform on which these dangerous people promote the undermining of Ireland.
    NGO’s are following the Marxist philosophy of Antonio Gramsci with the infiltration of the State , known as the’ Long March thru the Institutions’.
    This is a slow running coup,with a timescale of decades, similar to the ‘boiling Frog technique’.
    It can be seeen in the promotion of the destructive ideology of multiculturism, Mass Illegal Migration. LGBTP indoctrination of children, underimining of the moral authority of Christianity, destruction of the family support unit, destruction of the Nation by mass demographic and cultural change.
    All with the cooperation of the dim-witted Regime of FF/FG/G. who follow orders from their sheltered cocoons , without consideration of the detrimental effects on the People of Ireland.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolor 22/07/2023 at 4:48 pm

    …..and then they indoctrinate Irish Schoolchildren on White Privilege Burden.
    Sure they haven’t fu.ked up the Children enough yet with transgender cult,
    Gender identity,spinning their tiny minds on Doomsday Prophecy of Climate
    Change,Carbon Footprints and genetically engineered foods while all at the
    same time Their Replacement Imported Foreign Parasites have deprived them
    of education places,health system,housing,employment and THEIR FUTURE LEGACY GUARANTEED…DEBT,ABORTION,EUTHANASIA,


  3. Daniel BUCKLEY 22/07/2023 at 6:32 pm

    The No,1 NGO and enemy and danger to Ireland is RTE. It is they who are the main platform for NGO ideology promotion.
    Whether it is to gaslight us on the benefits of multiculturism, our responsibility ! to accept the destruction of our Nation by Mass Illegal Migration,ot the dubiou s delights! of the LGBTP lifestyle imposed by the Regime on our vulnerable chidren,
    RTE and the NGO racket can no longer be allowed to promote their hateful attacks and propaganda on the people of Ireland at the Taxpayers expense, they must be recognised as the malignant , vipers they are and must be destroyed .
    Do not support your own destruction by paying the TV ‘License to Lie.’


  4. Being surrounded by woke ideologues is being surrounded by woke ideologues whether they are of your own ilk makes no difference or guarantees any prevention from it. The state has them it will indoctrinate regardless of what parents wish.


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