Both VOX and the general Spanish right are still licking their wounds a month after a snap election saw a grand coalition of populists and conservatives stumble at their overall objective of displacing the ruling socialist party (PSOE).

Not the electoral drubbing the liberal press are keen to pin it as a mixture of poor voter management, dodgy opinion polling and suspiciously high postal votes in a country where electoral fraud is common, thisg dealt a blow to the Meloni-isation of Spanish politics through the formation of a right-wing coalition to assuage Spain’s migration woes.

Horsetrading galore is ongoing in Madrid’s political stables as Spain’s incumbent leftist PM Pedro Sánchez is in talks to muster together a veritable coalition of chaos with communists and regionalists in a move that takes national unity to the very brink.

While the Irish sometimes have a misplaced sense of empathy for plucky separatists in Catalonia and the Basque region going up against the Castillian beast, separatism in Spain is at best a byword for progressive politics with Brussels only too keen to promote the breakup of the country as a strategy of federalising the Continent. 

The EU has been similarly motivated in its dealings over the Irish Border Crisis here and humour of Celtic (faux) nationalism against the UK.

Whatever about the post-electoral drama or media denouncements of VOX as being the resurrected ghost of General Franco (they would be to the left of Fianna Fáil in the 90s) no Anglophone commentary will really touch upon a latent but powerful factor in recent Spanish politics – The Pegasus Scandal.

Across Gibraltar, Morocco lurks as a rising Islamic power which, like Turkey, is playing both sides of the Ukraine divide as it bides its time and turns its hungry eyes at its former colonial master of Spain.

Morocco is climbing up the world ranks, militarily, politically and economically, as it reaps the rewards of a savvy alliance with the United States and Israel which have both lent military assistance to Morocco’s claims in Western Sahara where Moroccan armed forces are flattening indigenous rebels in a near fifty year long conflict that commenced as soon as Spain vacated the colony. 

Rabat has curried favour in the American Congress after backing Israel in an anti-Iranian coalition known as the Abrahams Accords which sees Morocco recognising Israel and rallying the Islamic world against Tehran in exchange for military goodies and Zionist lobbying for Moroccan causes in DC.

Along with this pact came spyware and the covert use of Israel and American intelligence assets and lobbying power at Morocco’s behest which it duly turned against Madrid and its enfeebled socialist government. Through this arrangement came the murky world Pegasus where Morocco used this advantage and newly found international prestige to throw its weight against Spain.

The Pegasus scandal has gripped Spanish politics for years and involves the bugging of the phones of top-level Spanish officials including the Prime Minister with advanced Israel-designed spyware. 

The understanding of both the dissident left and right in Spanish politics is that a tacit agreement exists now between Morocco and the Spanish government for Madrid to bend the knee on the issue of sovereignty and intelligence following the amount of dirt accumulated by the use of Pegasus against senior Spanish officialdom.

This coincides with the weakling PSOE government taking an obscenely pro-Moroccan stance over the issues of Western Sahara and Rabat’s claims on the remaining Spanish holdings in North Africa as the Islamic nation’s eyes ejecting Spain from North Africa entirely within the next decade or so.

Alongside the intelligence war waged against Spain is the influence of the United States (regardless of the administration) which has come down hard on the side of Morocco in Spain due to the Moroccans’ blossoming relationship with Israel and commitment to take the fight to Iran.

Not the only government accused of using Pegasus, a Spanish investigation into the system was closed last month due to Israel’s non-compliance, as Saudi Arabia announced just last month its wish to join the same Zionist agreement which enabled Morocco to augment its international standing.

The saga has international connotations with the former Vice President of the European Parliament accusing Spanish spooks of doing Morocco’s dirty work in attempting to mucker up an EU investigation into the scandal by planting an illicit bag of cash to frame her in a corruption scandal wrongly termed Qatargate.

Second perhaps only to the Turks, immigration into Europe has given Morocco a commanding lead in the European underworld with drug networks and expat communities forming the basis of future Arab expansion into Europe as demographics alter and Europe is made ever more a disposable colony of US-led globalism.

Against the pernicious influence of Morocco and Israel on the Spanish body politic as well as spiralling rates of immigration, Spanish patriots have placed their hopes in VOX, a splinter group of the centrist Partido Popular party which was formed in the acrimony over the 2017 Catalan independence putsch.

Strong rhetorically on some issues around Islam and jihadism, VOX *contrary to wailing Irish press coverage) is in fact a hardline Atlanticist party which at its origin was funded by appendages of the US security state.

Granted a million euro of dodgy funding from a slush fund from American-based anti-Iranian dissidents, VOX draws its ideological inspiration from Reagan rather than from de Rivera, bar some notable  exceptions, with a specific partiality towards Tel Aviv baked into its political DNA (to the bafflement of many of its supporters). 

While some genuine nationalists exist in VOX (without question in the majority) it is part of a trend of pro-Atlanticist parties (Meloni in Italy, Finns Party in Finland, Swedish Democrats in Stockholm) that have been given the leg up as Washington cements its transatlantic hold over the Continent following Ukraine and Europeans grasp towards any political solution to the migration sinkhole.

The departure of Britain from the EU left the US desperately seeking an Atlanticist partner to fill the void like London had, with Eastern European Russophobes and national populists in the West prime partners.

While the Faustian pact made between the US and reformist nationalists awaits to be seen, early indications in Italy’s new Meloni administration show that the new order that is emerging is a heavily tamed nationalism that is not stopping the migration that is suffocating the Continent and which is further wedding Europe to globalism.

While the Russian cause in Ukraine remains as unjust and reckless as the day Kremlin tanks started rolling over the Donbass and Chechen militants were unleashed upon a European nation state, America is waging a de facto war against Europe by binding it to a reinvigorated Atlanticism that stands to drain the Continent dry.

Through shady intel arrangements and backroom deals brought about by Israeli technology impacting the Spanish regional position vis a vis North Africa to Zionist loot filling the coffers of otherwise well-meaning Spanish nationalists the machinations of a far-off Levantine nation is having a pernicious effect on what should be a free and prosperous part of the European family of nations. 

The coverage of last month’s election in the Irish press portrays a simple conflict of left vs. right not referencing what proverbially lurks beneath the surface in the Spanish body politic. The truth is of a wider geopolitical and subterranean game where Spain like Ireland is just a small chess piece lorded over by players beyond our comprehension and reach. 

Posted by Columbanus


  1. Great Article, except for the bottom two paragraphs.
    Israel has very little interest with the internal machinations of Spanish politics, or ability to change anything about it.
    Remember, many Israelis are also quite fretful regarding the immigration crisis, and are probably privately funding nationalist parties in Europe because of this. All allies to conservatism in Europe should be welcomed, particularly the few willing to put money where their mouth is. This should include Israelis and members of the Jewish diaspora.
    Le Meas mór


  2. Daniel BUCKLEY 05/09/2023 at 12:04 pm

    Not a bad article until spoiled by the inevitable Russian demonisation.
    Obviously the author has not a clue of the context of the Russian intervention in the Donbass Republics, Federated in Feb’22 to Russia.
    So Russia invaded its own territory to protects its own citizens under the Internationally R2P Doctrine ( Right to Protect).
    No mention of the Victoria Nuland /CIA organised Coup of Feb 2014 and the 9 long year bombardment of Donetsk City ,resulting in the deaths of 15000 men .women and children.
    With such ignorance of world affairs, the author has no credibility or agency to comment on any public forum.


    1. IRISH NATIONALIST 09/09/2023 at 8:00 am

      The conflict couldve easily been resolved earlier on with transfer of territories but since that never happened the russians went in and set up their fraud republics in the eastern Ukraine in places where Russians were majority and where they knew they would have support, but they then decided it wasnt enough and attempted to grab more Russian speaking areas, then the problems started, the accusations of kiev being a nazi regime was standard ww2 mythologism in order to manipulate the vatnik with a side effect of embolding support from Neo nazi larpers for ukraine and every other dodgy western backed group and to the point of them being regularised into the Ukrainian army as a regiment,
      as for 2014 that was a big scheme that was being planned for years and couldnt have been avoided when the president in question was proper corrupt


  3. IRISH NATIONALIST 09/09/2023 at 8:28 am

    The King of Morocco is a strange character, a childish idiot who unironically wear minion t-shirts, but he doesnt look much at all like his predecessors from a few generations ago, his “daughter and “son” look inbred and dysgenic. very thin and weak legs as a demonstration of this and children are very small, As for him hes a fatty and rumoured Homosexual, who was accused of partaking in sodomy activities with one of his bodyguards .

    The Former rather than latter is more interesting because it indicates he is a fraud, not unsusual in the world of “royalty for there to be fraudulent Kings and usurpers, the Saudis are frauds, not fit to rule arabia but the Nejd where they are based out of which was the most backward tribal state in arabia one time, they only annexed the other states because the brits allowed them to and licked their arse.

    his recent predecessors there were few attempts to overthrow them, most notable was the one with the plane

    The Rif area is lwhere Spain had its colony, they had rough wars in order to control it but it was most loyal to Franco after the civil war in Spain, there is still discontent in this area and it has its own language and regardless of what coping muzzies online will tell you, has a catholic undercurrent in certain berber areas (both pre islamic squatter invasion) and recent missions (this is also the case in Kabylian areas of Algeria)

    Morocco has its own jewish diaspora, Sephardic and others which descend from what was overthrown and ejected from Spain in 1492, 3 different sets of jews
    has muzzies both Berber and Arab and also mongrels of both
    berber pagans (most berber call themsevles amazigh or tamazigh
    small minority of blacks (descendants of slaves and camel riders)
    and desert nomads


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