A new character on RTÉ’s Fair City is intended to be a punching bag of “far right” clichés, but a look at the rest of the soap opera’s cast and their links with astroturfed “antiracist” NGOs exposes the rot that has taken hold on the streets of the real Dublin’s fair city…

Fergal and the Far-Right Scare

In recent weeks, a new character on the soap, Fergal, has caused a furore on social media for his aggressively anti-woke and “reactionary” statements and conspiracy “theories”. Needless to say, Fergal is the villain, and apparently is embroiled in theft accusations on the show at time of publication.

Amusingly, some arguing among the left/liberals has begun because of their anxiety that Far-Right Fergal will blow back in their faces, exposing the telly-watching cohort to talking points they otherwise might not have heard.

Regardless of the fate of the character of Fergal (beir bua, a mhac), the involvement of another character, “Erica” (seen in the video below), is worth noting.

Erica is played by Roxanna Nic Liam, and Roxanna’s links to woke, pro-mass migration NGOs and media is more than ironic…

Roxanna’s Regime Agenda

Roxanna isn’t shy about her pro-regime activism. A few months ago she helped set up East Wall For All, a hilariously-hamfisted attempt to astroturf fake opposition to the ongoing East Wall protests against mass migration centres in the area. The force of the establishment was fully behind the initiative, with Roxanna even invited on RTÉ Radio to push the psyop. (For the record, she denies her involvement in the conception of the story arc.)

Obviously, the residents of East Wall weren’t buying what the state-funded NGO was selling, and maybe this embarrassing defeat prompted Roxanna to ask the Fair City scriptwriters to shoehorn a pro-globalist, pro-woke story arc into the show.

Regardless of the origin of Operation Fergal, Roxanna has been busy on the propaganda front lately, whether LARPing as a teenager in LGBT propaganda spots for another state broadcaster, or screeching on Twitter about terfs and other leftard bogeymen.

And let’s not forget Roxanna’s hatred for “Garda Rats”, an ill advised thing to post with the current migrant crimewave sweeping Dublin city.

It would be naive to expect Irish twitter leftists like Roxanna to have a shred of self-awareness and realise how stupid they look. Banging on about the government’s handling of “woorkin’ class causes” while running a state-owned pro-plantation zombie NGO that locals despise; delivering the usual woke scsremongering on government media programmes that run the gamut of pro-lockdown, pro-migration, and pro-trans issues – anything bad for the people of Dublin is good with Roxanna.

The Broadcaster Has No Clothes

As Dublin decays into a migration-driven crime pit, the national broadcaster is more concerned with psyopping its residents with crude pastiches of criticisms of the globalist-liberal state, using astroturfed narratives delivered by actors who have directly engaged in similar real-life astroturfing on the working-class streets of the capital. Our miserable mainstream media, none of which is remotely ideologically independent, cheer on this charade.

Nobody is buying it. Many viewers will see the sense in the however-crude talking points that Ferghal makes. Even when (not if) they script an ignominious downfall for Ferghal, the story arc has done more damage to their agenda, an agenda that is corroding the lives of Dubliners as well as the life of the nation as a whole.

It’s certain that more than a few Fair City watchers in East Wall have copped that the character leading the charge against Ferghal on the show is played by the same shrill gombeen that recently called them racist for opposing a migrant plantation in their area. We only hope that Roxanna and clowns in RTÉ continue to churn out weak propaganda on an industrial scale. Dublin’s fair city is wide to their lies.

Posted by The Burkean


  1. Triggernometry 30/08/2023 at 7:31 pm

    Its been quite a few years since I was too lazy to turn the channel, watching fair city, in general I am not a soap drama watcher at all. I don’t consume nonsense. The acting is wooden and tone deaf, I just don’t like it, same with Eastenders or any of that emmerdale garbage, x factor , any of it, just point blank refuse to watch. Why waste electricity to hear people, so called actors shouting at each other on tv, it raises the heckles, it brings tension into a household.

    I don’t consume pornography , or anything like that, a dangerous rabbit hole to go down if you ask me. I would advise young men to stay away from it, next you’ll be looking at 2 year olds, and there you are down a scary rabbit hole, not all but some will be susceptible to it!!!! You need to resist it, get a girlfriend, be serious, make sure she is and not a distracted thot.

    Getting back to fair city, I have heard a few people complaining about it, to me, it was only a matter of time, the Lidl and supervalu advertisments goading people into hating little Irelanders, or speaking down to people who are aware or wise to whats going on , and all the orchestrated attacks against Irish indigenous native peoples through the medium of various media. We need to keep calling it out where it is seen. The truth will out them, it is the only way to expose them. They will run for cover, but they are exposed, like an ugly naked man running down the street with his tool box out.

    RTE and its various producers have been frolicking stark naked for sometime now, I don’t know how anyone didn’t notice until now???

    The tubridy barter account and dodgy payments, I’d say that is the tip of the iceberg. Tubs is the only one they threw out there, how many more????

    Why pay this tv license????? Question their lies, we pay them to lie to us, it is the worst rip off I can think of , what do we get out of it???

    Like an abused wife going back to her bastard partner, and being beat down and lied to again and again and again, that is what RTE is… Time to wakey wakey.

    More of these soap storylines to come you aint seen nothing yet… The young don’t care as long as they can brag about an expensive iphone or what trip they went on, what car they bought. #Important #lifegoals Never mind your country sliding down the shithole into crime and urban decay. You have to ask yourself what is more important, money waiting for that big payout, that house out of your reach, that you dream of, or having children regardless of what’s going on, life is short, don’t make a shit of it.


  2. Sir Wrong Thinkist 30/08/2023 at 7:50 pm

    Poor Roxanna is a pitiful narcissistic skank, ANTIFA street walker. A pox riddled whore with certain sexual fantasies regarding Males of a certain race.
    She’s a poundshop version of Leah Doherty. (Another sadistic trustfund runt), or, the truly pathetic lunatic, Sinead O’C, (RIP).
    She / it will experience Cultural Enrichment sooner or later. She’ll be diversified ruthlessly.
    Some recommended viewing on how it is that Women, left to their own devices, destroy civilizations do a search for – Why Women DESTROY NATIONS – – CIVILIZATIONS – and other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS by Black Pigeon Speaks…


  3. Triggernometry 30/08/2023 at 8:08 pm

    Wrong thinkist, that Black Pigeon speaks, is anti woman, if women were soley responsible for this, how come it was men of a certain cohort that were behind first, second and third wave feminism? If women have no , basic human rights, the men or husbands will have free reign to eat or abuse their children. Which happened in the past , quite some bit. Giving a woman basic human rights in turn protects her children from physical and sexual abuse and forced abortions. So much is gained from this. You don’t see that, so go back to watching ”based” B.P.S or Tate. They are fed to lead you down a dark path and to woman hate.

    You are mug plugging the paid up fed, B.P.Speaks channel. He has nothing but a plethora of woman hating shite, and guess what he is a zionist.


    1. Sir Wrong Thinkist 30/08/2023 at 8:33 pm

      Men, Great Men, greater than you, (or even me), wrote in a certain well known book how Woman was created from the rib of Man.
      Women, God Bless them, were created to serve Man.
      Thus the natural order of things –
      God over Man.
      Man over Woman.
      Women over Children.
      The foundation of every & all civilizations throughout all of Human history.
      Perhaps you may not have spent much time with the fairer sex, you have to menace the bitch or she will not respect you.
      Hence the reason Women are chasing Africans & other non-cucked betas.
      Grown up, my friend. There’s a good boy.


  4. Triggernometry 30/08/2023 at 8:20 pm

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rUFX7YhjQ4 – a response to black pigeon speaks.

    Of course this fella dissects his blunt, inaccurate bullshit on women, why is bps an expert on women??

    Did he have an experience with an outgroup prostitute and base his judgements on that?? One wonders.

    BPS’s – Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary back up. Judge for yourself with an open mind.

    BPS argues if women shack up with an enemy from an outgroup they are disloyal, but never takes the men to task who also shack up with a woman of an outgroup? It takes two to tango, women are treated harshly here, some had no choice but to survive, and do what they could to put food on the table.

    If it werent for male wars, and those forced conditions, women would not have to go to look for refuge from a male member of an outgroup. And spreading sexual diseases.

    In fact if there is a gender imbalance in society, it becomes like Afghanistan where people are stupified and not taught basic education, and selectively dumb, violent and crazy ready to go tribal on each other at a moments notice.

    A gender imbalance means no protection for children or peace in society. Of course there is a gender imbalance in the third world, and equally there is one in the first world, I am not arguing that, but I am sure you will not see the nuances in there either….


  5. Any Irish people left in Dublin 6 ? It must be @ least 90 % foreign . No wonder 80 % of 30 yr old men are livin in moms basement . Got rid of the tv 5 yrs ago , still receive a letter from An Post every 3 months telling me to buy a licence ; said letter & an accompanying return note are seemingly never read by the office cretins .


  6. Kevin Carroll 01/09/2023 at 12:09 pm

    Don’t forget the Racist Irish man who murders The Nigerian taxi driver. This sort of propaganda has been going on with RTE for over 30 years now.


  7. Triggernometry 01/09/2023 at 8:12 pm

    I think Soaps like Fair City need to be sitting down and asking themselves are they political or not?? That is the question. Are they a Soap Opera or not? What are they, otherwise hit the street, out the door with your ANTIFA rubbish nonsense.


    1. If a bear s**ts in the woods and no one is around to hear it, did it make a noise?
      Similarly, if the state broadcaster is making Fine Gael propaganda, and nobody is watching it, should we really be very concerned?
      A disgraceful use of taxpayer’s money to be sure, but nevertheless, probably of much less utility in indoctrination than in the days of Gay Byrne et al., when it was RTE One or watching the paint dry and the grass grow!


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