The past few days have seen a significant reinvigoration and escalation in the mass protests against the government’s bogus asylum industry. This has centred around Ballybrack and East Wall in Dublin.


On Thursday evening, in Ballybrack on Dublin’s southside, local campaigner Fergus Power was arrested and hurt by police under extremely dubious circumstances:

And yesterday the Gardaí returned, with armed officers among them, with a continuing aggressive policing approach:

Locals are calling for as much support as possible, with everyone encouraged to attend at 6pm to Ballybrack Cross (where Shanaganagh and Military Roads meet).

East Wall

Meanwhile in East Wall, the locals have restarted their protests against the asylum centre in the old ESB Building, with Malachy Steenson leading the calls for the Centre to be closed.

An Important Juncture

All those concerned for the future of the Irish nation should assemble peacefully in Ballybrack this Saturday at 6pm. A string turnout will strike a significant blow to our corrupt ruling class.

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  1. Conor Rafferty 29/07/2023 at 11:31 am

    Beidh mé ann.


    1. Daniel BUCKLEY 29/07/2023 at 2:03 pm

      Protests do nothing to change the Plantation Program,
      People will tire and expend physical and emotional energy marching up and down their area against the impositon of People Trafficking until they quit in frustration and despair at the lack of progress.
      A number of residents were interviewed by Gript at Ballybrack.
      The first word out of their mouth was to disclaim they were racist.
      This is the wrong tactic and immediately puts them on the defensive by repeating the ‘weapon words’ of the Regime.
      They are Concerned Citizens ,who are in fear of their lives and well being of their Children from un=documented , unvetted , Illegal Invaders.
      These Illegals are imposed on settled communities against the Laws and Constitution of Ireland to First protect the People of Ireland.
      Many Regulations are broken , as to Planning Permission, Health regulations, Fire &Safety regulations and of course Border Protection and Immigration Laws.
      The legal route has already been tested by the wealthy residents of Ballsbridge and been succesful.
      There is a Class structure to this People Trafficking,
      Alas , working class communities are unable to afford the high cost of Barristers to contest their case.
      Working class areas are the main locations of Plantation and cultural enrichment (sic!) of the illegal invaders.
      They are not Refugees,but majority welfare scammers on a world tour.
      The only benefit of protest is to identify those who are prepared to organise Politically to fight against
      the invasion of their community, which degrades the resources of the commnity as to Crime, Health services ,Housing ,Education ,Welfare.
      First tactic is to ensure the majority of the Community is Registered to Vote. Our greatest power is in our numbers .They are few and we are many.
      The power of numbers is greatest in an Election, Use it in every Election,Local Council, EU, and General Election.
      A credible local representative with the trust and canvasing power of the local population cannot fail to be elected.
      This is the greatest fear of the established political Parties, to lose their power /protection and access to the privileges and the use of monopoly State violence of the Justce,Gardai and Civil Service Institutions to tyrannise thePeople.
      Forget the Grand Old Duke of York tactics of marching up and down in heat, rain or snow, that is as useless as a political tactic and is a dead end and a waste of shoe leather.
      Organise politically and put Fear and Terror into the Tyrannic and despotic Regime ,which is the immediate ENEMY of the People of Ireland and its future as a Nation, along with their shock troops of the NGO’s, RTE propaganda, and complicit print media.


  2. Sir Wrong Thinkist 29/07/2023 at 2:16 pm

    I’m 20 years down the proverbial ‘Rabbit Hole’ after unplugging my TV & throwing it in the trash.
    I’ve learned this – the only way to get to the truth of events & agendas unfolding right in front of you is to use your God given mind, deductive reasoning. Put aside what you do not want to believe & remember that the harder something is to believe the more likely it is to be true.
    This *33rd Dail will be remembered as the most destructive to the interests & long-term survival of the majority of the Irish people.
    They are actively importing foreign Muslim muscle – a UN army & if these scum gain a firm foothold on our land they will then import their entire families & within 10 – 20 years the Irish will find themselves a small minority, essentially homeless in their Ancestral land.

    *33 is a Master Mason number & if you think this is a coincidence, I’ve a bridge to sell you.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 30/07/2023 at 7:53 pm

    Why ignore the facts,it’s obvious to all and sundry that the systems are collapsing, does an Innocent Irish Victim need to be Murdered in Broad Daylight,and aired on RTE Primetime to awaken people.
    The Gardai are using Excessive Military Power and Force against Civilians and
    failing in their Duty,Oath and Constitution…A Dublin Pogrum ,like Belfast.
    YES, vote them all out in every level of governance and every community organisation and put your own people in power.
    Warn the Gardai,the tyrants want chaos but regardless of outcomes these
    Servants of the People have to live in future communities.
    Close ranks,organise tightly knit street groups and communities to protect
    your areas.
    Boycott,withdraw service and labor and promote civil disobedience.
    FILE A CLASS ACTION, uniting all individual and businesses and legitimately claim €BILLIONS on safety grounds and losses,this can be taken
    to the Highest Courts.
    Switch off RTE, tv n radio. Don’t buy Irish newspapers or magazines.
    Take control over local Churches,they’re ours.
    Don’t associate with Anyone who does not agree with Irish Civilian Rights.
    DO NOT WAIT FOR AN ELECTION…..act now before it’s too late.


  4. I’m hoping I die while things are still, just about, livable. Seriously. I don’t mean that to be understood as irony.


  5. Asylum applications topping 100 a day will be the norm by autumn ( as the UK tightens it’s immigration laws further ) . A few hundred protestors from the #PBP lobby traipsed around Dun Laoire library on saturday afternoon chanting ” Refugees are welcome here ” . Then they got the Dort home to Killiney . The irony !


    1. I would be tempted to holler at the hypocrites “Refugees are welcome to go to Killiney”.

      Marching and protester is a message, a symbolic message that local people won’t be ignored by the suicidal regime that runs the country.

      Well said Ivaus. Legal warfare – if financially viable, economic warfare is very effective to puncture the balloon of the ‘multicultural kumbaya’.

      PBS channel broadcast a two-part programme on the Irish ‘famine’. The mouthpieces at tail-end of the 2nd part opined that the Irish were boatpeople in the mid-19th century and therefore, should understand and empathise ‘boatpeople’ pitching up in Ireland – regardless of their numbers and suitability to assimilate.


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