An inspiration to a young Michael Collins, the following ballad first appeared in 1848 in the short-lived Fenian newspaper “The United Irishman” and not attributed to any single author,

“Great faith I have in moral force

Great trust in thought and pen

I know the value of discourse

To sway the minds of men

But why should words ny frenzy

whet Unless we are to strike

Our despot lords who fear no threat

But reverence the pike

Oh, do be wise, leave moral force?

The strength of thought and pen

And all the value of discourse

To lily-livered men

But if you covet how to die

Of hunger in a dyke

If life we prize is liberty

A Pike – A Pike – A Pike.”

Posted by The Burkean


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 16/07/2023 at 4:17 pm

    ….and will the meak inherit the earth,maybe.And when Men no longer trust the
    power of pen,will they choose a pike…or use other means available to them.
    One can only be prepared because although we may be frustrated by the utter
    incompetent traitor….it is he that lives a life in fear,never knowing the day or the
    hour when he will be called out….and all Traitors Will in their lifetimes.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 17/07/2023 at 6:35 pm

    And WHO IS the meek ? Only those that are being dragged along and screwed
    or is it the Ngo Parasites doing the dragging…Traitors plural Lifetimes.
    No self respecting individual should feel threatened by the antics of a minority,
    a dis functional one to boot.The tribal native has been around a long time, he has engaged with his OWN and Culture and has no intention of cow towing to a
    bunch of blowin paddy wack eeries currently blotting the landscape.
    The power starts with one and if your neighbor is feeling a bit intimidated then
    help him out.If your child is mentally abused at school by cult indoctrination then take them out.If your wife wants to pray at an exclusion zone for all the
    UNBORN CHILDREN OF IRELAND, then pray with her. If you pass the
    Parish Priest tell him to cop on,they’ve nearly all behaved like cowards.If you
    are a Victimised RTE funder then throw it out and should any scumbag,lefty or
    otherwise brain dead gobshite cross your path…IGNORE THEM ALWAYS
    because they crave attention and they don’t deserve time or YOU !


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