It comes as no surprise to the reader that Ireland’s demographics are changing, but it is evermore shocking as to cognitive dissonance held by the Irish government regarding the unsustainable, mass influx of refugees which it quite forcibly began following the eruption of war in Ukraine. 

Beforehand, the Irish asylum system was manageable, albeit still the target of bogus asylum seekers the world over, whether it be Albania, Georgia, or Africa. The majority of asylum seekers now come here seeking improvements in their quality of life, and see Ireland as an attractive destination owing to its lax welfare supplements. 

Legitimate Ukrainian refugees fleeing war have been thrown into hotels, and modular houses in a state crisis response that has completely bypassed public concerns about Irish homeless people, now 12,000 people. 

But perhaps most egregious is the state’s use of Ukrainian refugees as an excuse to mask their failures to control the mass entry, and acceptance, of bogus International Protection applicants. However, the government’s failures are far more damning than the inability to manage an international border, for an island nation like Ireland has none – instead they have failed to manage an airport terminal. 

In response to the destruction of a Ukrainian dam that threatens to displace thousands of people, Leo Varadkar has once more exceeded the public’s expectations for poor leadership, issuing the following comments: 

“I know there are some people who would like us to put a limit on the number of people seeking international protection in Ireland.”

“That’s not realistic, it’s not legal, it’s not practical but we can manage the flows better and that’s one thing we will try to do.”

Contrary to Leo’s authority as Taoiseach, the general population are innately aware that, restricting the number of international protection applicants accepted into this country, is legal, is realistic, and that the government cannot manage the current flow of migrants into the country. 

A simple look at CSO statistics shows just how unreasonable and nascent the current migration trend is in Ireland. For the 12 months ending in April 2022 120,700 immigrants arrived in Ireland, with 28,900 of those being returning Irish people. 

The net migration of 91,800 foreigners into Ireland from the period of April 2021-2022 amounts to an equivalent of 251 people entering the country a day.

At the same time, 35,477 deaths were registered in 2022, this is the equivalent of 97 native deaths per day, as 83% of deaths in 2022 were from persons over the age of 65.

The 26 county’s population is estimated to have reached over 5 million people in last year’s census. Calculating the percentage difference between the population of Ireland before the influx of 2022’s migrants, it was approximately 4,908,200. These 91,800 migrants are responsible for a 1.88% increase in the Republic’s population. 

These population statistics for immigration to Ireland, it must be stressed, is the population increase from April of 2021 to April of 2022 and do not account for the subsequent year of mass immigration the government has unleashed on the Irish public.

Posted by Ryan Kiersey


  1. The Burkean team seem loathe to accept it but the monthly, all cause mortality death rate is much higher now than equivalent months in 2018 & 2019. An excess death rate which is almost exclusively affecting the indigenous Irish population. This will further accelerate the demographic change in the coming years.

    As with many people on the right, there are some objective truths which are too difficult to accept and remain ignored for fear (misplaced) of not being taken seriously by an establishment that clearly hates the Irish Nation.


  2. Ireland’s function is to accept many of the 90,000 asylum applicants the UK had annually in recent years . That’s why it costs 4 K monthly to rent a modest 3 bed home in many parts of Dublin . Those who arrive without i d are #Here4Life
    When the Brits start deportations to exotic hellholes such as Rwanda , there won’t be a vacant guest room in the country next summer . What then ?
    Direct flights from Brazil will be starting next spring , instead of 16 K arrivals per annum , the figure could hit 50 K . Hopefully , there won’t be a resumption of direct flights with South Africa . Ireland is the only European country to give visa free access to those who hold a S A passport ! #Clueless


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 13/06/2023 at 2:21 pm

    Seeing is believing,
    I do not give a crap when some utter idiot try’s to convince me that black is white,up is down or day is night.Not only being an absolute gobshite,a so called leader but totally ignoring what the majority (including opinion polls ) is against but publically humilates the ethic population and brags about ONLY doing it HIS WAY.
    Holding an entire country to ransom…1 individual ! This is not democracy,
    Liberal or agreement…it is sheer and downright ignorance. So why follow the fool…not even elected.
    Think of how Mutiny was dealt with on board a ship…the Titanic is rudderless.


  4. The Irish MUST all HANG TOGETHER or
    They will all hang separately.
    American Patriot Nathan Hale


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