The PSNI are allegedly investigating the Scottish nationalist organisation, Highland Division, after a poster titled “White Youth Revolt” was found outside a bus station in Downpatrick.

This is not the organisation’s first foray into the North, with it being known that they have had a history of stickering in the 6 counties. Though the group claims to be willing to cooperate with nationalists of all kinds, their activities in the North are telling of their real beliefs. 

Ostensibly an anti-immigration organisation, like many groups on the British right, Highland Division fails in its originality. The re-use of signage from old political movements, and the borrowing of foreign symbols and slogans, whether they be German or American, only serves to drive unnecessary hostility towards these groups. 

The lingering nostalgia for Oswald Mosley on the British right is not ill-informed or gruntish, but is an insurmountable road block for its passage into political relevance as it fails to recreate itself in a presentable, and sympathetic manner to modern society. 

The nativist sentiment of any people is justified and something to be respected, but when we find ourselves in a situation where a Scottish nativist group, with regular incursions into the North, are implicitly voicing their support for a British statelet colony on Irish soil, we can see still quite clearly that the British right have still not wakened to the concept of a universal national self determination that applies, equally, to Ireland. 

When Tommy Robinson arrived in Ireland earlier this year to cover the East Wall Protest Movement, he was met with disdain and asked to leave. This sentiment equally applies to all would-be friends or enemies of Ireland from the British right, this is our country, North and South. 

Should British nationalists have a morsel of good will in them towards Ireland, they would act as their hero, Oswald Mosely, a sincere friend-of-Ireland once did. During his retirement period and exile from Britain, 

Moseley’s stay in Ireland was notably absent of any political activism on his part. He made the explicit decision to stay out of Irish political affairs, both out of faith in the principles of national sovereignty, and fear that his political baggage might hinder the activities of the Irish state to represent the will of the Irish people. 

The best the Highland Division can do for themselves is stay out of Ireland, and focus their efforts in Scotland, where 7% of the population are non-British nationals, not including migrants who would have received citizenship based on naturalisation. 

Cultural nationalism pays dividends, and is the key–stone of any nationalist movement, but from across the water, it appears the British right are still using the same old worn, jailed-activist playbook.

Posted by James Fitzgerald


  1. I’ve never heard of the Highland Division, and suspect it to be a tiny organisation. I don’t think neo-Nazism is the right way forward at all. But as for British organisations taking part in Northern Irish politics, why not?

    You seem to admit that nationalists of all white nations should support nationalists in all other white nations. I agree, but then you claim that this means that British organisations should stay out of NI, in “recognition” that Ireland north and south belongs to the RoI. Where do I start on this? You are the one who is sowing division between white nations rather than focusing on the overwhelming threat from immigration, which will obliterate Ireland as well as England and Scotland. Wake up!

    To say “this is our [=Ireland’s] country, North and South” completely ignores the rights of the Unionist people. Northern Ireland is British territory, and really has nothing to do with Southern Ireland at all. I don’t believe there will ever be a United Ireland. Why should there be, when there is such strong majority support in Northern Ireland to remain British.

    The fact is that British nationalism or English nationalism is not laser-like focused on running down the Irish. In fact, the British like the Irish, as the legions of Irishmen who have worked in England will know very well. There is no problem with Ireland from the British point of view. It is the Irish who claim to be nationalist, but actually prioritise being anti-English over opposition to migration. SF literally has policies that can be described as “Brits out, Somalis in” – er…, how do you think that will work out for you? The Irish are obsessed with England and would rather give up their entire country to immigration than work with pro-white nationalists throughout the British Isles to save all of our nations.


    1. Expect a utd island by # 2030 . Wages in the south are 40 % higher , welfare rates a are double , education & health outcomes in the ROI are superior . Britain can’t control it’s border so long as N I remains part of the UK ; the relationship between the bankrupt 6 & London is a # SexlessMarriage


      1. There will not be a United Ireland ever. This is because the higher Catholic birth rates in NI are now over. The nationalist population will never be a majority. They will peak at about 47%. with the Unionists 45% and the ethnic minorities holding the balance. Then over time both of those shares will fall as the ethnics increase. Most of the RCs want to stay in the UK anyway. Wages are high, but prices are much, much, much higher and so are house prices. A Mars bar in the UK is £0.75, equivalent to €0.87. In Dublin, it is €1.60 (both Tesco prices. The real standard of living in the RoI is lower than in NI. Education outcomes in NI are high – as selective schools are widespread there. The health system is free, including hospital stays and visits to your local GP, but, as you have noticed, the healthcare system is in crisis, and the N I NHS is the worst-performing of anywhere in the UK. This could be an Achilles’ heel as the NHS is one reason why many RCs prefer to live in the UK. Of course, Britain can control its border while NI is in the UK. It needs to repudiate the NI protocol and build a border where the border is, but, as you know, traitors predominate in our government.


        1. Putting a border in the Irish sea is a heck of a lot easier than building a 300 mile one ! The vast majority of English taxpayers ( who pay your bills ) will be delighted to get rid of the non stop troublesome 6 counties . It’s a pity they don’t get to vote on it . Supermarket bills in the cheapest retailer ( Lidl ) are currency adjusted identical . That leaves the vastly superior private sector wages in the ROI , & the highest productivity in the OECD as the carrots to join for unity . Besides , education standards are so low in the bankrupt 6 , the brightest students opt to go elsewhere .


          1. Well, I think Britain wanted a free flow of goods with the EU, which wouldn’t require a border at all. Simply put, the EU should recognise UK standards and the UK recognise EU standards, and thus no import or export controls should be needed. Although arguably, as the RoI goes for mass immigration, passport checks should be introduced. I’ve heard that would be around 270 roads affected, which is quite a lot. But alternatively, the RoI could just stop the mass immigration. If I were prime minister, I wouldn’t roll over the way Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Lizz Truss and Rishi Sunak have done (and all conceivable Conservative leaders would do the same, as they always wished not to implement Brexit). If Lidl is the same price in the UK and Ireland, then that’s good. Maybe people should stop shopping in Tesco’s in Ireland. Am I right in saying that Lidl is only in Dublin and Limerick, although they’re planning to expand? It is simply untrue to say that educational standards are low in NI. They are in fact the highest in the UK. As Graham Gudge former advisor to David Trimble points out, living standards in NI are 20% higher than in RoI. See here:

  2. Reality check. I don’t care about your warm feelings towards people’s who don’t give a toss about our welfare. People like “David Webb” spam nationalistic channels with comments like “britian supports you 100%” and similar comments. They write cringeworthy poetry sometimes under usernames such as “emerald Saxon” etc, And when they feel a bit more accepted they post slogans like “god save england” etc.

    Now time for the reality check.
    Most Irish nationalists are simplistic naive and hyper sentimental. Integrity consistency and logic don’t feature. The people themselves can’t handle it. Post colonial inferiority complex and priests and drink are relevant. Anyone who knows what the people are like in their local area knows the point I’m making. The Irish nationalists are susceptible to manipulation from psychological predators, and as such need their nascent core movement to be insulated from such people.

    Now get this through your anglophile skull. The British have ALWAYS meddled in Ireland, manipulating our government and society with ease, enabled by our naivety stupidity and pathological stigma on our own people and deference to the foreign. The British have always been in authority in Ireland and the deference to their will is ingrained into the Irish psyche. Ireland will never achieve anything so long as we have deference or respect for the oppressor who genocided and persecuted us. What’s more is that Mi5 is manipulating the Irish nascent movement and they work with Irish regime agents to interfere pollute and eventually neutralize our movement by playing on people’s individual psychology.

    Another fact is we don’t want to be part of some greater white superstate/reich or back in the UK under the monarchy. British people in our comment sections should be seen as much an anomaly as french or German in our comment sections. They are not us. Their presence is interference. Why make an exception for the British? Who would benefit if Irish nationalists no longer valued sovereignty and turned into some sort of racist unionists? Obviously you would lose the general public if you prostate before the anglo master as a trait of a movement. I think making us unelectable is desired by many paid anglophile shills and pro america shills and catholic Jesus freaks. The truth is nobody is with us except us. Anyone who says different is lying or delusional. Ireland can only count on its own nationalists and only on the minority of them who won’t get swept up in sentimentalism but who are cold hard realists. Britian is NOT our ally nor friend. They butchered millions of Irish and persecuted us to death. British people pretend affinity but in their psyche is the moralistic tyrannical imperialist streak and the Irish will always be inferior as far as the British think. Want to know what they think of us? Read your history. The Celts were butchered by a rival ethnic group. They are not us and we should do zilch to sympathize with their own country going under. They deserve it. Their people have been a plague on the world and we’re better off when they’re gone. Brits OUT!!!


    1. How’s it going la? Good comment. Not sure I agree entirely with your reply, we must remain good pals with the Brits. Imprudent to cut ties. We know our history, but as the Scots sing in their National Anthem “Those days are past now, and in the past they must remain”. The stigma is strong in this one. I tell ya now la. Hope all is well with you DT.


  3. “British people support you 100%,,” no they don’t.
    “Britian is with you” no they aren’t.

    Mi5 is in our comment sections trying to make you warm up to British agents by imbuing anglophilia.
    Mi5 wants to steer us into becoming libertarian atlanticists with a growing acceptance of the idea of Ireland rejoining the UK.
    They want to make us unelectable and hated by the public who draw a red line in their habit of compromise with joining the UK again. Most people tune out of politics but they still value being a distinct nation.

    British supporters in chat should be seen as bizzare.
    Exactly wtf are they doing here. This is an independent sovereign republic with its own ethnic identity and culture. Trying to make you warm up to British people? For what purpose exactly? To shame the movement with involvement of British scene individuals or even loyalists and unionists welcomed amongst us ?

    The last time the unionists marched in Dublin they were thrown out. That is what the Irish truly think of the English. And any internet nationalist or racial sperg who binge watches UK content creators hasent got a fkn clue.


  4. A conservative whining about “the borrowing of foreign symbols and slogans” while an Indian sits in the highest office of his country is so typical and utterly pathetic. Conservatives’ only job is to stab their countrymen in the back while oligarchs and their puppets like Varadkar loot the country.


  5. Firstly, James/dt, you illustrate everything I said. You are someone who is eaten up with bitterness towards England – a country that has given Ireland everything. Electricity, computers, railways, cars, the Internet, planes, the telephone etc. And — you’re welcome! Secondly, there has never been a genocide or the killing of millions of Irishmen. That is entirely made up. You are a twisted fellow, and you know it, which makes you all the more resentful. I agree that the UK state – which is dominated by globalists just as much as the Irish state – is not the friend of the Irish people, any more than it is the friend of the British people. We need to get rid of the globalists. So at the state level it is true to say that Britain is not the friend of the Irish people. No state is – because they’re all globalists. But on the people to people level, the British are friendly to Ireland and wish them well. We have a common struggle against globalism and for an overwhelmingly white Europe! It has been exciting to see the Irish people stand up against immigration. More power to your elbow!


    1. james heapes/DT 11/06/2023 at 5:37 am

      What you write in reply to me is delusional in the extreme.
      England did not “give us everything”, if you trace the history of various inventions and technologies they come from all over the world.
      There was indeed several genocides and ethnic purges of the Irish committed by the English, everyone knows it. The fact there was more people in Ireland centuries ago than there is today shows we have been culled. Artificial famines in which 250 000 british soldiers ransacked the country confiscating peoples food killed millions of Irish. Massacres. Lethal persecution laws. etc
      The British psyche historically placed no value on Irish lives and did not even see us as human. They sold us as slaves also. And now he says “we need to get rid of the globalists”, but YOU are the globalists, you and america and israel. There is no “We”. You talk as if the average British person is a fully aware based ethno nat who is simultaneously supportive of the Irish, and wanting to integrate them back to the UK. You talk rubbish., And btw the Irish are stigmatized in the uk as being a race of incompetents and drunks. That is what the average person thinks of them. I lived there and I had time to go beneath the surface level politeness that everyone gets initially. We dont have a common struggle with british nationalists. British nationalists want to absorb Ireland into the UK. That means they are the enemy. British nationalists interfere in our nacent political movements in the same way mi5 does when it operates in Ireland, and that makes them a threat. Ireland needs to get out from under the british shadow and achieve self actualization as a people. We dont do that with the constant presence of the former slave master and genocider of Irish being invited to every birthday party. The Irish need to develop a brain of their own, a collective brain, and we need thinkers and thought leaders to produce organic Irish nativist thought on every issue known to man, and we cant develop our national consciousness from our nascent political movements ( to then use as an archetype for society) IF YOU brits are still here commenting on everything we do, giving your insidious opinion, opinionating and musing from your former overlordship mentality. IF YOU TRULY HAD ANY RESPECT FOR THE IRISH AS A PEOPLE YOU WOULD NOT INTERFERE AND WOULD BE SILENT AS WE RECOVER FROM ALL THE ABUS E WE GOT FROM YOU AND YOUR PUPPETS.


      1. James, sorry to upset you, but electricity, computers, railways, cars, the Internet, planes, the telephone, television (I believe this one was a joint effort with 3 three countries) were invented by Britain. Britain has no competitors in the amount of stuff it gave the world.

        You can’t state when Ireland was subject to genocide by England. Yes in the 1840s the population was 8m, due to 1m who died during the Famine – which Britain did its best to alleviate – and you’re welcome! -and millions have emigrated (their choice).

        It is nonsense to say the British did not see the Irish as human. Why did the British civil servant Trevelyan say during the Famine that “coute que coute, the Irish must not be allowed to starve”? You are telling lies.

        When you say “we” are the globalists, you mean the British elite, not the British people. I don’t see the Irish as globalists either, even through O’Varadkar is.

        You say “We dont do that with the constant presence of the former slave master and genocider of Irish being invited to every birthday party”, but we are the glorious country next door. We are not going anywhere, thank God. Short of towing Ireland into the Med, Ireland needs to learn to be a good neighbour.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 12/06/2023 at 4:15 am

    My fellow Irishmen,
    not the wanna-Bs,plastic paddys,confetti passport holders,
    traitors,turncoats,tyrannical tripe,
    Nor Colonizer,Communizer,Crown and Carpetbagger,
    Globalizer,Gambler and Gormless Gombeen trof Gobbler.

    There was no ” Ulster Plantation -Penal Laws-Persecution-Sectarianism
    -Genocide” or any big fu.king gorta moora , Ireland had NOTHING ! england
    gave it EVERYTHING !!
    …now thank the great D W for his knowledge and insight, aka dim wit.


    1. Well, Britain is not responsible for a potato blight, and had Ireland been independent at the time, many more would have died.


  7. Oh my God, David, crack a book why don’t you. I can’t even be angry at you. Your comments are just sad.


  8. typical Brit, condescending attitude…………. they use to hang children where I live for stealing food……….. m15 ran brit nats can jog on


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