The below video was posted to Twitter yesterday by user @Cryptopalantir, showing young males of Algerian origin outside the International Protection Office on Mount St., Dublin 2. Their laughing and saying “F**k Irlanda” giving an insight at the real sentiments of many migrants in Ireland.

The area has become the site of makeshift camps where migrants gather, as well as to protest some vague claims of injustice.

The details of their complaints are unimportant. As you can see from the video above, these people have no respect for us. The sooner we realize this, the better our chances of survival.

Scratching the surface of migrant animosity

Migrant opinion is not monolithic. Many of those who arrive on our shores certainly hold at least benign disposition toward the Irish people. But as other Western countries have found out the hard way, many of these newcomers hate us.

Lots of the so-called “refugees” originate in Muslim countries, from Morocco to Somalia to Afghanistan. Despite generously taking in large numbers of Muslim migrants in recent decades, Western countries have received much animosity from their new Muslim citizens.

Across the sea in Britain, many Muslims haven’t bothered to learn the local language. Most want to make it illegal to criticism them, and one fifth of British Muslims even approve of the bloody 7/7 Islamic terrorist attack.

“This isn’t specifically a religious problem, so much as a Third World problem. They see us as weak. They see our country as ripe for the taking.”

A similar dynamic has played out in every other Western country, where immigrants in general and especially those from the Middle East and North Africa often hold nothing but contempt for our societies. They largely have supremacist attitudes towards us, and this gets worse the longer they have been here.

This isn’t specifically a religious problem, so much as a Third World problem. They see us as weak. They see our country as ripe for the taking.

African woman in Dublin city proclaims that Africans will be “running s**t around here from now on.”

Government-sponsored Anti-Irish system

The reality of mass immigration is only a danger to Ireland. Aside from the pressure it puts on labour and housing markets and public services, diversity in itself is detrimental to us. But the establishment’s policies make this situation worse. They incentivise fraudsters and freeloaders to immigrate through various means and schemes ahead of the more well-meaning arrivals. This selects for the dregs of the world, and who could blame them for regarding us as soft-touch fools to be taken advantage of?

Our anger over this Anti-Irish plantation should be directed towards those in power. They are the ones intentionally importing en masse those who have no intention of contributing to our society. “F**k Irlanda” indeed.

Posted by The Burkean


  1. Too Much ''Diversity'' 26/04/2023 at 3:37 pm

    Not surprising, I have taken many trips to London, Bath when it was well less muliticultural, it is still not as full of ”vibrancy” as london with all stab gangs and baseball bat road rage, I bet you can guess the ethnicity. They have resentment for us, because they see it as us and them. They see us as a big blob of ”white” not germanic, baltic, slav, anglo or celt etc. They don’t see that, and frankly don’t give a damn, they are here in a new country – BUT to take your new country for themselves, they see it as us and them, and WE – Don’t!!!! What is wrong with us, we should hand them the front keys to our front door – already!!!!

    We are stupid thick paddy lasts, at the edge of Europe being baited by ”anti-racists” endless NGO’s who want to feel important running around with their little facts on ”microaggressions” and racisms, anything better to do – like get a real job???

    No – of course not they will not, they are parasites, preying on the weak and naive and that is what the irish are- weakened by emigration, weakened by lies, bought off by trinkets, and the good life, it won’t last, the honeymoon period is done, just this week an old grandmother gang raped, I wouldn’t say it was Irish either, they wouldn’t take two looks at her, who or what would be mad, bad and evil enough to do that???

    Let us hold out and take a wild guess, can’t say for certain, but the ”gang thing” usually has a multicultural element to it.

    We are at the edge of Europe and while we have that advantage it is also now our achilles heel with all this globalism, we let anybody through thanks to roderic o gorman and his mass invite to all these letcherous hateful pyschos from the third world.

    Listen – they will just ignore us and do what they do in their own lands, rape , pillage , scam , fuck each other over and wage war within different factions, baseball bats against each other, white man no longer has a say, he is too weak, he has been bought.


  2. Dr. Joe Sheehan / Chicago 26/04/2023 at 5:22 pm

    All the planning. All the political activity will amount to nothing. As Ireland has thrown God under the bus, what do you expect. Yes worse to come. Use some logic and start thinking. ⚜️


  3. ⨁ Tuath Dé 26/04/2023 at 7:35 pm

    If a guest disrespects you in your own house, you remove them. Deport them!

    That middle finger was for the irish tax payer, one would presume.

    Ireland went from being one of the most ‘homogeneous countries in europe, to a country with a rate of change almost unparalleled in speed and scale’.

    The negative consequences from this “societal change” are only now beginning to be seen more frequently because of concerned citizens reporting by video, the various crimes going on around Ireland being committed by non-irish ethnic groups and second generation immigrants. Ireland when it was a more homogenous country had enough crime to deal with, now in the so-called more “Diverse” island, it has imported enormous problems, the problems specific to certain areas of the world, want an example? FGM, an imported problem to ireland that was never there before. Muslims and africans started to settle on the island in high numbers and FGM comes before the news, coincidence? no.

    They don’t want people to talk about such things, but only an idiot can not see how dangerous ireland has become as it moved away from an homogenous high trust society into a multicultural dumping ground for fakeugees and millions from EU member states.

    I am not completely against all forms of immigration, as small quantities can be beneficial for certain sectors, however ireland has made a complete mess of things, they took in way too many, they do not have the infrastructure to facilitate it, and even if they did have the infrastructure, irish people should be able by law to protect their homogenity and identity and limit immigration accordingly when too many people seek to enter and take advantage of the welfare system and high wages when compared to their own country of origin.

    Too much immigration and “higher population density” creates lower living conditions. Ireland is a country that should be limited in how much immigration it receives, severely limited in fact.

    From the organised begging gangs in the corners of streets, from the organised prostitution gangs operating out of flats, hotels and apartments, from “testosterone fueled african teenage gangs taunting each other into violence” from undocumented asylum shoppers (who alledgedly destroyed their passports) and who alledgedly were seen filming and harassing young girls and women in towns and cities, ireland remains a very dangerous place for women and girls now. Twitter remains a treasure trove of information when it comes to the evidence, for numerous crimes being committed by ethnic minorities in Ireland. Mothers are even reporting that their children are being filmed in playgrounds by africans, with twitter evidence to back it up. Shocking stuff indeed.

    When ireland received more immigration, they received higher crime rates as a result, aswell as other societal problems, cost of living, higher house prices, higher rent, higher tax, and more competition for services, crowded hospitals, there are many negative consequences with such a change to the demographics of a small island like ireland.

    Irish sell-out politicans have opened “pandoras box” so to speak, they can not keep a lid on things now, their policies were not very well thought out, extremely reckless and dangerous, their integration attempts will never work. Ethnic tensions are on the horizon and ireland has become a far more dangerous place for the women and children.

    “Lots of the so-called “refugees” originate in Muslim countries, from Morocco to Somalia to Afghanistan.”

    Those particular nationalities along with Pakistan and Algeria are top of the crime statistics when it comes to violent attacks against women and children in various nordic countries and Britain. Gruesome crimes in fact.

    An alledged afghani recently was alledged to have murdered an alledged romanian prostitute. These are all problems that ireland imported.

    “vulnerable white girls are being targeted by British Pakistani grooming gangs”, and people have been “turning a blind eye out of political correctness”. – British Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

    The globalist serveant-class in irish government would like to censor such information. They do not want to be held responsible for the destruction they have caused to irish society. They think they can mask you, lock you in your homes, tell you what you should inject into your body and tell you who gets to live next you. Resist or say no, they will call you a nazi. They should look in the mirror, they just might see what a real fascist looks like. They are not freedom loving people, they are control freaks with the bag of money in hand, pen on paper signing away peoples rights and nation.


  4. The imported haters of Ireland and the Irish smell and thrive off of fear and weakness; they would be at the bottom of the pyramid in the social strata.
    In England as in Ireland they feel emboldened to have made so far – I saw graffiti with the aforementioned phrase a decade ago, “We made it this far..”.
    I heard on GB News presenter Nigel Farage state that boat crossings from Calais to Dover comprise of Indians who claim asylum in the UK, and if successful in their claim can apply for a university course at a much discounted fee than what a foreign student would have to pay – something like an £11,000 difference. Exploitation and derision of the taxpayer in both our respective homelands.
    These videos should be widely viewed and it affirms what I already knew of the contempt from citizens from one of the most volatile nations below southern Europe.


  5. The Brits are serious about reducing asylum claims to near zero . The impact on Ireland will be 60,000 non Ukranian asylum applications per annum # Ad infnitum # We need our own Suella


  6. Too Much ''Diversity'' 27/04/2023 at 6:04 pm

    @ TONY Q – Why do we need our own ”Suella” – why do we need a woman to lead the charge – shouldn’t the weak , bought off white men – for want of a better phrase – balls up and lead the charge?? Natural roles, are not in order, there is lots of problems festering within our society, as Irish PEOPLE before we even look at anyone else, of course we need to sort our own house out in order.

    Same goes for crime and corruption, we are so NAIVE, why don’t we let crime and corruption work for us, because if we don’t get in there first, the immigrants sure will – and they see it as an ”us and them” they will make crime and corruption and the law – simply work for them and not YOU. And don’t get me started on the law, as we all know the law is an ass.

    Some of these people literally come from lawless countries, where deep and obvious corruption is a form of living, of day to day life, it is literally how they get on. Do you think they are just going to drop that – when they land here, I am sure you don’t think they will drop that way of living.

    Right now, as I type this, they are bringing in hate laws to prosecute anyone for any reason that goes against the government control narrative, Yes, (I agree) as another commenter said, WHO are the real fascists?


  7. Hi Tony,
    As a Brit of Irish parentage I can sincerely inform you that Suella Braverman, Home Secretary of the ‘Conservative’ Party is acutely aware that illegal immigration is going to be decisive factor in the 2024 general election.
    Therefore, Suella and her party are making all the right noises, yet on the other hand her party has broke ‘legal’ immigration records into the UK. This should be the benchmark upon which they are judged.
    Finally, if the electorate wants less and tighter immigration controls then all deference and final veto is decided by diversity-indoctrinated judges. Democracy is undermined and subverted. That is why direct vote referendums (like Brexit) are rarely granted.


  8. This was horrifying and heartbreaking to watch. Is it possible that for all these centuries God has been telling the Irish to just lay down and die?


  9. What the N Africans actually mean is “Feck the Irish”. Their frankness is duly noted (not by the traitorous power that be).


  10. Ballymount Park 2 assaults on women by youth celebrating Eid late June 2023..


  11. Paul Gleeson 28/11/2023 at 11:25 pm

    The US restricted immigration when non native population reached 15 % . We’re at at least 20% , and our useless politicians are looking for ways to increase migration!! I think rod o gorman has a thing for young Arabs, just like his hero Oscar Wilde.🤣🤣


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