Publicly available on the government’s website is the expenditures list for the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration, and Youth. Below it is represented in a graph which visibly demonstrates the massive surge in government spending induced in part by the government’s failure to adequately deal with the asylum racketeering industry in Ireland.

The graph describes the general trend of expenditures of the Department, which until 2019, generally averaged between €2.5 to 4m. Beginning in 2019, an increase to 10 million is visible, however, following O’Gorman’s appointment as the department’s leader in June of 2020, the expenditure can be seen to have steadily increased by millions of euro.

Your money, their discretion

Since the beginning of 2020, the Irish government has spent €1.3bn, the vast majority of that being spent only last year. The massive increase in spending by the department is a direct consequence of the state’s refusal to restrict the asylum-seeking process in the country, as the Irish government has taken in unprecedented numbers of refugees during a domestic housing crisis.

Katherine Zappone, the former minister of the department from 2016 to June of 2020 oversaw the increase in department expenses to €50m before O’Gorman’s tenure began.

The Irish taxpayer will be pleased to know that, O’Gorman’s leadership of the department places their tax money directly at the whims of a politician who has been shown to re-allocate funds to his preferred activist causes.

Of the data provided in the government documents, it can be shown that €447m euro has been spent on accommodation for “Ukrainian” refugees. Additionally, however, the government’s general accommodation expenses, not listed as explicitly for Ukrainian refugees can be seen to exceed that of its Ukrainian expenditure.

A lucrative racket

The state has spent €570m on the general provision of accommodation and services, while an additional €117m is listed having been spent on accommodation from commercial sources, and a measly €6.5m spent to house refugees in state owned property.

All businesses which received over €20,000 from the department are listed as expenditures in the documents, which includes a variety of devaluing hotel properties and companies, such as the three payments of over €50,000 to Xiu Lan Hotels Ltd. in Cork, whose profits have seen a decrease in recent years.

The mafioso-style commandeering of government departments by the Irish government is exemplified best by O’Gorman’s Department of Miscellaneous Crises Management and Activism, in which the government’s wallet bankrolls policies completely irrelevant and directly contrary to public interest and order.

Posted by Ryan Kiersey


  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 18/04/2023 at 6:38 pm

    Ireland does not have Govt that works in the interests of its People.
    It has a criminal racketeering Mafia organisation that is looting the country for its International Corporate sponsors
    The Capo di Capos Joe Biden visited to see how his goons were performing and the forelock tugging and nausating stomach churning servility and obsequity was on full display.
    Martin’s reaming locks of hair were expended in forelock tugging to the extreme.
    Gombeens all.


  2. Too much ''Diversity''. 21/04/2023 at 9:06 pm

    Minister of children, equality and diversity? What sort of job is that? What does it actually mean, chief human trafficking officer and pushing trans on kids whose brains aren’t fully developed? I don’t understand how this country went from being a first world standard country to – for one example, what we see in Dublin’s city centre, the capital. Don’t get me started on all those barracks being filled with islamic military aged men. Dangerous to point it out in this hush hush your a racist now shut up society, but dangerous more so to say nothing and put up and shut up, for the sake of diversity.

    Dublin, like most multicultural cities, (well I think that is the wrong word to use) it is over taken completely by well let’s just say it – foreigners, who have no alligence to country people or culture. Capital Shithole, it should be called. People need to be vetted, of course it is hard to vet someone indigenous, but not impossible for let’s say a job with sensitivities and responsibilities. It is not beyond the realms of what is do-able. So why not vet them – what are they running in their dinghies from?

    Do we need a more expensive and active running crime bill, as we can see the courts are ioverburdened, with refugee claims, all one has to type into courts . ie is ”asylum” and see what pops up in the search bar there. It goes on for miles.

    Some even openly admit on twitter – they are running from laws in their own countries. Even the president of Nigeria said some of the criminals are hiding out in the emerald isle. So what is o groomer or O ‘ trafficker *ahem* O gorman going to do about it? NOTHING! Isis hiding amongst the refugees. Who are now taking expensive Irish taxpayer funded cases against our government for not providing them with turnkey condition front own door housing. What the fuck is going on here? Can Irish people do that? No – here is a sleeping bag, wait ten or 20 years, hopefully you will be dead before you get a ”gaff”. Don’t get me started on that.

    For o Gorman – It is money for more old rope and plenty of it, because roll around election , if democracy is still a thing, he should be booted out. He is a green, which is worse, how can you conflate the crisis of climate and pollution in our rivers, and air and land via overpopulation with green policies? I think they are duplicitous and are painfully aware of it, but don’t care as it means they get to justify their jobs and more money to borrow off big predatory vultures.

    I don’t want to think about it too much and I can see why people just opt out, it is too depressing, but for good men to do nothing and all that, lets evil flourish.


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