An event scheduled for the 3rd of March by the Muslim Students’ Association at Trinity College Dublin was cancelled due to pressure from TCDSU and other student bodies opposed to the religious rhetoric of the prominent Islamic YouTuber and ‘renowned academic’ from the United Kingdom Mohammed Hijab, who had been invited to give a talk on the topic of ‘Hedonism and the Ultimate Purpose of Life.’

The event, previously approved by the college, was cancelled as leftist students took issue with the “misogynistic” and LGBT-critical ideas Hijab discusses on his YouTube channel. 

Students4Change, an organisation of marxists and anarchists chaired by next year’s TCDSU President László Molnárfi, voiced opposition to Hijab’s event due to what they claimed was his “misogynist” rhetoric.

A statement issued by Students4Change (S4C) was endorsed by the TCDSU Gender Equality Officer Jenny Maguire and Qsoc was reported by Trinity News, in which S4C stated ‘we cannot tolerate intolerance’ and that they were ‘ready to escalate’ their actions if Hijab’s invitation to speak was not withdrawn.

Hijab has also been criticised for his connections to Andrew Tate, having interviewed the now-jailed internet celebrity in September of 2022, and subsequently sharing an article supporting Tate from his Twitter account amidst human trafficking accusations in Romania. 

Hijab is alleged to have encouraged the desecration of Hindu religious temples and incited violence against the Hindu community in Britain. However, this allegation, put forward by Trinity News, the mouth-piece of TCDSU, may be due to certain biases against Hijab.

In a video titled ‘Muslim Response to Fascist Hinduvta Thugs in Leicester’ Hijab attacked the Hindu belief in reincarnation, claiming he would rather be “an animal” than a “weak Hindu fascist thug”. Investigating Hijab’s claim amidst the public displays of ethnic violence between the Islamic and Hindu communities of Leicester, the personal sympathies of TCDSU Gabi Fullam, of partial Hindu heritage, may have contributed to the institutional hostility towards Hijab at Trinity College Dublin.

This subsequently begs the question as to whether the Islamic community at Trinity may experience further persecution from an exclusionary, and intolerant student base, as the Islamic-Hindu conflict from Britain appears to leak into Irish college campuses. Is it perhaps possible that international students bring with them not only their culture but their own ethnic rivalries?

The Muslim Students’ Association who were responsible for organizing the event were forced to cancel it in the name of student security and safety concerns, amidst threats from Students4Change, sanctioned by TCDSU staff.

Posted by James Fitzgerald


  1. Mohamed Hijab’s close associate Ali Dawah has openly condoned pedophilia and the killing of anyone who leaves Islam ( Apostasy). He stated openly on YouTube that he would allow his 9 year old daughter to marry if she had reached puberty.( An obvious alignment with his prophet Mohamed) Sahih Bukhari Hadith 5133
    Narrated `Aisha:
    That the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she stayed with him until his death.
    Ali Dawah also stated on You Tube that if Sharia Law was introduced in the UK that he would be happy to execute Islamic Apostates.If there is such a thing as Far-Right in Islam then Mohamed Hijab is that face. The pair regularly spout radical ideology at “Speakers Corner” in London and on You Tube, but never seem to be cancelled?


  2. I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of this story, but one phrase in particular struck me:
    Students4Change “we cannot tolerate intolerance”. Hmmmm……. comedy at its finest.


  3. On the premise that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, kudos to the SU for at least showing some consistency and “no-platforming” a religion other than Catholicism.


    1. Islam and Far Left were up to recently strange bedfellows. With the rise of LGBTQ ideology the cracks are beginning to show. I quote from the Guardian Newspaper UK. by Donna Ferguson, Sun 26 May 2019 09.00 BST

      “Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson is crying. The headteacher at Anderton Park primary school in Birmingham has suffered eight weeks of protests outside her school gates over her decision to teach LGBT-inclusive content to her young pupils, the vast majority of whom are Muslim. After repeatedly putting on a brave face when I ask her how she is feeling, she finally admits: “I am in despair”, and then breaks down. She is struggling for control as she continues: “I know one of the phrases that’s associated with domestic abuse is the crushing of the spirit of a woman. And that’s what I feel is happening. We can’t give in.”. Islam will most certainly not move on this issue.

      Her voice trembles with emotion. She has been having sleepless nights, she says, worrying about the impact of the protests on her staff and pupils, and has received threatening messages telling her to “watch her back”.


  4. Harry Lynch 20/03/2023 at 2:25 pm

    Within a decade , native Irish students & lecturers will be a minority in third level colleges . The role of the domestic taxpayer will be to bankroll them .


  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 04/04/2023 at 6:31 am

    Sitting back enjoying the spectacle. As the Burkean again used it’s editorial hammer to censorship, what is now acceptable in Ireland??? Certainly not Free Speech or mentioning so called Irish Neutrality


  6. Too Much ''Diversity'' 24/04/2023 at 2:50 pm

    I don’t fully understand the in’s and outs as to why he got de-platformed or banned from speaking at Trinity. Someone with Hindu ethnic links – If I read correctly? Well, well expect more of these inter ethnic conflicts both verbal, intellectual and out right physical violence and fatalities in the years to roll ahead of us. They will just ignore the natives and carry on doing what they have always done in their own lands – Why let the whiteman get in the way of that?

    As the Chinese wisely said ”Baizou” white silly liberal. That is where they have us now, and if a crime in the street happens and whitey outnumbered, your brethern, your kith and kin would rather walk by, step over you, than step in and help or even stand back and ring the Gardai, they will do no such thing.

    This is the heartless , soulless society we are heading for, monoculture and nativism , kept us releatively safe, what goes on in London everyday is like Mogadishu, some black parents, I know of even send their children back to their homelands, especially the ugandans to put manners on them, and it is probably safer too. They don’t have manners in London, pfft its a long time since they had manners, the blacks used to dress smartly back in the day, sing better too, so did the whites, oh how that has changed and standards have slippped, oh and our national IQ is lowering year by year.


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