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All those appreciative of Gaelic history and culture should naturally rejoice at the recent news that the remains of Jacobite hero Patrick Sarsfield have been found. Still, any attempt to claim him as a martyr for the modern technocratic Americanised-Ireland is blatantly deceitful.

Sarsfield died for the counter-enlightenment values of Irish JacobitismÉireannaigh aontaithe le Dia, rí agus tír (Irishmen united for God, king and country). The tripartite slogan neatly explains the Irish Jacobites’ support for the Stuart dynasty, particularly after James VII and II — Dia stands for their shared Catholic Faith,  for their confederal kingdom and tír for the Gaels shared descent with the Milesian-descended kings. Learned Gaels of Sarsfield’s era clearly identified the Scottish King as being ‘taoiseach na nGaoidheal nglan’ (the chieftain of the pure Gaels) from the Stuarts’ lineage tying back to Dál Riada.

One wonders how the average history-enjoyer in modern Ireland wraps their head around a worldview totally devoid of modern priors. Sarsfield’s Irish Jacobitism was in direct discord with the notion of a secular Liberal state — the policy of Lockean Whigs, and modern ‘conservatism’. Naturally, it also opposed the financial revolution of the Williamites post-1688 order, led by a ‘civil society’ conspiracy of Dutch bankers and elites like Francisco Lopes Suasso against the majority population — broadly representative of today’s Globalisation trend.

Instead of a codified secular ideology, like those mentioned above, the Jacobite themes which motivated heroes like Patrick Sarsfield to fight in the Battle of the Aughrim were of a more transcendental power. One contemporary, the famous poet Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta composed a poem arguing the Jacboite men of Aughrim had fought:

Fá aon chreideamh Phádraig is ar ghrá mhic na hóighe, le fírinne dár náisiún is do shásamh na córa

(For the only faith of Saint Patrick and from love of the Virgin’s Son, with fidelity to our nation and to vindicate the right)

This is an intensely Catholic worldview, where the battle for fatherland is conceived in civilizational terms. For Sarsfield and others, Jacobitism represented the union of an ethnos and a faith, against the disparate materialism of the Williamite regime. Gaels were to be granted autonomy as a civilised Catholic nation, a bulwark against Mammon and modernity and standing for Christ and civilisation.

The Jacobite poet of Limerick, John Lloyd, exemplified this worldview, ‘emphasising the importance of ethnicity, legitimacy and religion’ when he uttered ‘Is fada treibh Ghael ghroí ghlais – an gasra gliadh – gan reachta, gan rí dílis, gan Aifreann na gcliar’ (Long has the tribe of vigorous Gael Glas – the fighting band – been without laws, without a proper king, without the Mass of the clergy). There is a sense here as among other poems of the era that the Gaels as a Nation are destined to stand for God first and foremost. It certainly is interesting how intensely religious Irish revolutionism tends to be.

If Sarsfield and the Jacobites were to lose it would be the triumph of alien forces in Ireland, over the ancient native connection to Catholicism, in the eyes of contemporary poets. That native Catholicism, perhaps similar to the Idealist vision of Georgian Catholic poet Alexander Pope, who conceived of an organic chain of being which situates the poor peasant along with the noble classes in a divine ordering of society. With the eventual fall of Catholic-Gaelic Ireland, this holistic vision of the spiritual fatherland fell, as the country had lost its unity. The legendary Kerry poet Aodhagán Ó Rathaille particularly highlighted this decline:

‘In a poem beginning ‘monuarsa an Chárthfhuil tráite tréithlag’ (‘my grief that the MacCarthys are spent and exhausted’), he regretted that Ireland was now a country without a native ruling class (‘tír gan triath de ghrianfhuil Éibhir’); but he also wrote that it was a country without justice for the poor (‘tír gan chothrom do bhochtaibh’), a country in which the Catholic Church had been suppressed (‘tír gan eaglais chneasta ná cléirigh’), and a country that had been subjugated by English-speakers (‘tír do briseadh le foireann an Bhéarla’).

With the vast majority of Irishmen today cut off from their native teanga agus nós it is understandably difficult to relate to the ideals of the Jacobites. Particularly the notion of supporting successive English Kings of the Stuart dynasty. The modern Derek irishmen looks at his cushy office job and americanised cultural world in the Free State and thinks ‘how could Irish people be so energised into defending Gaelic Catholicism, especially if it meant bowing to English rule!’. The answer to that confusion is that Sarsfield and the Jacobites were not fighting for a mere nominal ‘independence’ if it meant being beholden to Materialism and Mammon. Their conception of the National Struggle was intensely metaphysical, not procedural.

One could possibly go as far as to say that some of the Jacobites would take a Catholic Gaelic Éire, ultimately ruled by the Catholic Kings of England, than an officially ‘independent’ Secular Ireland, directly ruled by the Anglo-Dutch banking structure of 1688. It is certainly an historically situated movement, which inherently could not be resurrected in the modern age. Still, the ideals those men died for are eternally worthy of inspection.

Perhaps the best way for modern men to relate to and understand Sarsfield’-era Jacobitism is through the musical tradition of the time. A significant majority of our Sean-Nós (old-style) anthems come from the era of the Jacobite Wars, lamenting the decline of Ancient Gaeldom. While these ballads are inherently reactionary and nostalgic for a bygone, pre-modern Éire, and certainly clash against the sensibilities of modern ireland, they are expressed in a such poignant words and tunes that people cannot help but cling to them.

Mo Ghile Mear is a typical representative of musical Jacobitism. With harrowing sean-nós vocals, the song in its most common form today laments the failure of Bonnie Prince Charlie to re-catholicize Britain from the point of view of a personified Éire. Emanating from the same Milesian descent of James II mentioned earlier, the Stuart Pretender is seen as a gallant ‘laoch’ (hero) and ‘Shaesar’ (Caesar) for the Gaelic race.

He follows in the footsteps of our ancestors like Conchubhar, the ‘Taoiseach aoibhinn Chraoibhe an cheoil’ (The pleasant chieftain of the musical [Fenian] Branch). The tune argues that without a reactionary rebellion toward ancient our ways, like that of Sarsfield’s battles, those custodians of Gaelic civilization will whither away:

‘Táid fíorchoin uaisle ar uatha spóirt, Táid saoithe ‘s suadha i mbuairt ‘s i mbrón’

(The affable nobility are not bothered with sport, The learned and the cultured are worried and sad)

The strength of the song is in its reappropriation of the poetry of the Seán “Clárach” Mac Domhnaill, the great 18th Century Cork bard. The Jacobite sensibilities of Mac Domhnaill’s lament are transformed from the narrow elite audience of poetic scholarship to the roaring anthem that the song is. One can see the complexity of the song itself, often performed by isolated Sean Nós singing at the start, representing the isolation of nobility, to the roaring chorus of bodhrán rythyms and crowd singers.

The theme of the tension and decline of the old Irish Catholic nobility is even more pronounced in Cill Chais, another jacobite lament. Influenced by the previously mentioned Jacobite-era elite-bard Aodhagán Ó Rathaille, the lyrics portray the disregarding of the Castle and forestry of Kilcash, Tipperary as a metaphor for the abandonment of our heritage and tradition: ‘Tá deireadh na gcoillte ar lár, Níl trácht ar Chill Chais ná a teaghlach’ (The woods have all been cut down, There’s no mention of Cill Chais or its people).

With modernity ‘Tá ceo ag titim ar chraobh ann’ (A dark cloud envelopes the country) and we have forever lost the idyllic symbiosis between people and our lands. The song closes off with a prayer to ‘Mhuire ‘s ar Íosa’ (Mary and Jesus) that the personified spirit of Éire will return to our consciousness:

Go dtaga sí arís chughainn slán…Go dtógfar an baile seo ár sinsear, Cill Chais bhreá, arís go hard

(That she will one day return…this great home of our ancestors, The beautiful Cill Chais be restored)

While these two tunes bemoan a lost past, some rebel songs rally listeners into an all-out war on the present — like that of Sarsfield’s men. Óró, sé do bheatha ‘bhaile is the most famous of this brand. Through its shanty-like chorus, the ballad builds to a triumphant rhythm — gathering steam and volume with each roaring verse, better fit for a march to battle than a nostalgic lament.

Originally another Jacobite rallying cry for Séarlas Óg (Bonnie Prince Charlie), it was re-appropriated by Pearse for the revolutionary period to be more explicitly nativist — rather than for the cause of the continental pretender. The version we all know today invokes Gráinne Mhaol, Mayo’s pirate queen against na Gallaibh (‘the foreigners’):

Gráinne Mhaol agus míle gaiscíoch, Ag fógairt fáin ar Ghallaibh.’

(Gráinne Mhaol and a thousand warriors… Dispersing the foreigners!)

While the tune remains wildly popular today due to its magnetic force, the lyrical theme is completely unassimilable into modern Ireland. Ironically the more modern version, written by Pearse, is even more offensive to modern ears. It replaces anti-Williamite patriotism with a clearly unified war-cry for the Gaels, stressing ‘Gaeil iad féin is ní Frainc ná Spáinnigh’ (Irish themselves, not French nor Spanish) and how ‘cuirfidh siad ruaig ar Ghallaibh’ (they will rout the foreigners!). Still, while this kind of patriotic jingoism is jarring some, it is still more translatable or comprehensible to the modern listener than pure Jacobitism.

The core of Sarsfield and his contemporaries Irish Jacobitism, through its union of Catholicism and ethnos, is untranslatable into modern Ireland. One wonders if Sarsfield was to see Modern Ireland he would once again exclaim, ‘Oh! that this was for fatherland! — like when 20th Century Republican hero Dan Breen famously said of the fruits of his life fighting for freedom: ‘the revolution didn’t work out,’ and ‘to get the government they have now, I wouldn’t have lost a night’s sleep.’

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  1. ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜ Statist Naivete Paradox 21/02/2023 at 2:04 am

    Stop the censorship TheBurkean, or being slow to let some of my comments get posted because i question catholicism aka christianity. Lighten up. Allow free speech because censorship will never be a good look for your blog. Debate like men if you disagree with any of my opinions and do not shadow ban them just because there is disagreement with “staunch catholic” or “staunch christianity” viewpoints.

    If you believe in these pro catholic religon viewpoints then stand by them and debate them or are you afraid of different opinions?


    “All those appreciative of Gaelic history and culture should naturally rejoice at the recent news that the remains of Jacobite hero Patrick Sarsfield have been found. ”

    Whoever wrote this piece should really read history, because they are clearly lacking in knowledge. The jacobites have nothing to do with “Gaelic History or Culture” as they are not “Gaelic” in origin. The “House Of Stuart” have “Anglo-Norman” progenitors, the norman breton/Anglo Norman “fitz Flaad” and “fitz alan” are the patrilineal lineage of the “House of Stuart” they are an Anglo-Norman house, not gaelic. Any name with Fitz in it, you be sure they are not gaelic on the patrilineal side.

    Patrick Sarsfield is of english descent not Gaelic.

    He has nothing to do with Gaels at least from family lineage. Britain was catholic before it became protestant, claiming catholicism as some beacon of irish identity or being some religon of the ancient gaels is so fucking ridiculous, that i don’t even know where to start, as it is forgetting what was in Ireland before it.

    Catholicism only became accepted by Gaelic chieftains and kings when the anglo-normans on orders from a roman pope asked them to claim dominance over Ireland, there is also your classic irish traitor Dermot Mcmurrough who showed them the way in. Many irish clans even did not accept catholicism at all and were probably killed off. Should we forget them? No, when speaking of irish history, one should go more in-depth.


    “Irishmen united for God, king and country”

    An Anglo-Norman king with roman religon kissing some italian jesuitsand popes arse? Wtf has that got to do with gaels if we are including a more deeper version of history as regards the gaels with big talk about fatherlands?

    House of stuart was a royal house of Scotland, England, Ireland and later Great Britain. A royal house non-gaelic in origin. Now i know Ireland likes foreigners, but this is taking the absolute piss, any gael that would want to be ruled by that lot wanted to be ruled by a foreigner, simple as. Anglo-Normans had their claws well stuck into Ireland and Scotland at that time, the gaels were just cannon fodder for anglo-normans and the pope to maintain dominance when competing with a more secular form of christianity aka protestant religon.

    “Scottish King as being ‘taoiseach na nGaoidheal nglan’ (the chieftain of the pure Gaels) from the Stuarts’ lineage tying back to Dál Riada”

    Pure Gaels my ass. The house of stuart had no patrilineal descent from the gaelic Dal Riada that entered scotland. The stuarts were normans.

    The stuarts are not gaelic. Gaelic scottish clans fighting under the stuarts though, are a form of pure gaels as irish gaels and scottish gaels have the same patrilineal lineages through surnames like “Mc, Mac” , but definetly not the stuarts, who come from norman names “Fitz”


    “Sarsfield’s Irish Jacobitism was in direct discord with the notion of a secular Liberal state”

    I would rather live in a secular liberal state than one kissing romes ass and ring where there is no freedom and only indoctrination and pushing of the idea that people are born in sin aka born unclean. No catholic priest kissing romes arse will tell me how to live my life.

    If catholicism was so perfect, then why was De Valeras (Foreign Jesuit Puppet) Ireland so atrocious as regards human rights abuses? Explain that and drop this shit oh but MUH catholicism is being attacked? Of course people are going to criticise it, look at the history of it.

    If i was a christian (far from it lol), i would choose to be a protestant. More secular and less mind-control.

    America only have first and second amendment rights because protestants were the founding fathers, protestants like freedom, protestants even started to make noise about irish freedom from home british rule. I say that as a person that will never believe in christiantity as it is non -european ideology built in the desert.

    But then again that is my opinion, i could not give a fuck what anyone thinks of it. The cheek though lol, some irish men still standing by a religon that invaded them through anglo normans and standing by it as some form of beacon of nationalism and identity against the british coloniser, really funny shit and the republicanism mindset is a dumb one as they do not read history, hilarious stupidity as regards the loyalty on show, no wonder eirigi and sinn fein twitter complain about fascists and far roysh. What next? Converting to islam after the muslims start entering Ireland? Weak irish mindset, a mindset that the ancient gaels never had.

    The english gave ireland catholicism, they brought it into Ireland. But some republican clowns thinks it is an irish identity, I blame alcoholism for such stupidity. The irish love drink.

    Republicanism based nationalism is cancer to any genuine real irish nationalism from gaining traction. De valeras Eire was cancer FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. I will spare a thought for the many victims of a corrupt church.


    “For the only faith of Saint Patrick and from love of the Virgin’s Son, with fidelity to our nation and to vindicate the right”

    St patrick again is described as a foreigner, probably likely never even existed and the character itself points to representing something else entirely, possible british roman, french roman christian influence into Ireland, bribing and fighting with native irish kings and their native belief system and laws to come under the control of a newly forming religon starting to gain massive influence next door and on the continent.

    Convert or be invaded is what St patrick represents. Now irish people call ancient irish kings and their priests who resisted as snakes. Oh well, irish people generally hate ireland anyway and love foreigners. It must be really lonely living on a small island lol.

    Read irish mythology, the The Great Debate between St Patrick and Oisin of the Fianna.

    Where are my father and the Fianna?” Said Oisin.

    “They are in hell,” says St Patrick, “and Oisín, it is there you will go, too, if you do not convert.”

    Christianity is a foreign religon that spits on the ancient Gaels, their ancient heroes, now irish people have a holiday of worship for a foreigner that represents a piss over the great heroes of old ireland. Then people wonder why it has morphed into a pride parade, now The pope likes homosexual pride parades too.

    Roman catholic church has been corrupt since the start, this idea of how it was infiltrated and turned rotten is amongst the most stupid shit i have ever heard, people like that clown “e jones” or whatever he is called promotes that bullshit.

    Christianity was forced on people by violence, look at charlemagne ffs. Look at what they did during the inquisition.


    This is an intensely Catholic worldview, where the battle for fatherland is conceived in civilizational terms”

    Conceived in globalisation terms is what the author should really say, rome ruled all catholic kings. Papa pope crowns them.

    That is internationalism. Protestantism is more nationalistic when compared to catholicism from a religious perspective but both are ultimately globalist in nature. Britain has a stronger history of nationalism in modern times because of protestantism, Britain left the EU, the brits have a more independent spirit than irish people at least in current times.

    Mehole called the concept of irish sovereignty as backwards and that EU comes first. Catholicism failed ireland with the moving around of child abusers through different parishes and the abuse in Tuam, anyone who still stands by that organisation should expect criticism no matter who its from simply because of the history of the church and never forget that mehole and the like are staunch catholics.

    Lol at the rainbow flags in catholic churches and some people believing that it will be rolled back. Dream on, the next pope will probably like rainbows even more.


    “Gaels were to be granted autonomy as a civilised Catholic nation,”

    Autonomy my ass. An anglo norman would have still been king over both islands. Now i know why the IMF came into ireland, irish can not rule themselves.


    “over the ancient native connection to Catholicism”

    Pissing myself laughing. Catholicism was brought into ireland by an anglo norman army on behalf of a pope in rome that can be proven as he wrote a papal bull promoting it. The evidence is overwhelming.

    This idea of combining irish identity with catholicism is funny, it is like saying come on in oh foreigner and show us the way. FFS , what is it with the irish love affair of letting foreigners rule them?

    Say it loud say it clear, COME ON IN 8 BILLION Lol. Ireland for you.

    Irish nationalism is in an absolute shambles, the concept of irish nationalism has been hijacked with republicanism with parties like Sinn fein and Eirigi all open-border commie revolutionaries lol, and impeding legitimate parties like the irish freedom party from gaining traction. Look at Sinn Fein and Eirigi twitter, all talking about fascists and far roysh lol.

    Irish patriots complaining about tommy robinson, but mentioning nothing of the hijacking of irish nationalism in the north by republican clowns intimidating real nationalist parties in the south from getting organised.

    Ireland is hopeless. Weak slave mentality a lover of all things foreign, 95% clot uptake. A fucking basket case.

    No borders, no nations that is republicanism sinn fein nationalism lol.

    Mhuire ‘s ar Íosa’ (Mary and Jesus) that the personified spirit of Éire will return to our consciousness:

    The personified spirit of Éire is not christian, the real name of Ireland is Ériu, and tribes who worshipped the real name of ireland were about as far away from the weak christian mindset of jesus and mary as one can get. European countries will forever be demographically changed unless they return to tribalism and nature worship beliefs and see the soil as sacred goddess.

    Ériu is the real name of the island and no gaelic tribe worships her anymore, the sacred places are covered in graffitti and to call your ancestors snakes is pissing on their bones. St patrick my ass.


    1. Eoin Ó Fátharta 24/02/2023 at 11:00 pm

      I can guarantee that you are an overweight mess that is not one bit active in fighting for our country against its impending destruction. Catholicism is what made this country great, and degenerates like yourself are what drag it down.


      1. ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜ 25/02/2023 at 2:27 am

        I can guarantee that you are an overweight mess that is not one bit active in fighting for our country against its impending destruction. Catholicism is what made this country great, and degenerates like yourself are what drag it down. – Eoin Ó Fátharta


        I think we have a classic case of “Credimus quod credere volumus” with you here Eoin you clown lol.

        I am not christian, not catholic nor protestant, but i know more about the catholic church, christianity, THE BIBLE and latin than you ever will lol.

        Have you even read the bible? i doubt you have. It is full of hypocrisy and plagiarisation containing great truths but ultimately nothing but a book written by rome that stole creation-myths from pre-christian cultures.

        What argument do you bring here Eoin, MUH muscles and crucifix are great in the mirror and all the fat people are lesser than me because muh muscles and muh catholicism are so STRONG? this seems to be your stance here? a GYM BRO lol watching each others biceps. If you think this stupidity actually is resistance to globalism, you are sadly mistaken. You should be more concerned about working out your brain muscle than a bicep.

        Also why would i be active in publically defending a population with a 95% clot shot uptake? you can not change this level of ignorance, stupidity and programming unless you are the state media which i am fucking not and never will be lol.

        I know my what my limitations are unlike some people thinking they are going to make a difference protesting when irelands government laughs in their faces with smirks.

        These politicans are laughing at the protests and finding new methods to gag free speech. Ireland had long enough to get its house in order politically, it is a disaster now, look at the homeless rates. Ireland got the government it deserves, a drunk flouridated vaxxed nation got exactly what it deserves, money is your god in irish society.

        Ireland is already doomed as a homogenous state, demographic changes are irreversible. It is a comedy to me at this stage, the stupidity on show is entertainment, but offering a little bit of political commentary here and there interests me because i want to see other peoples opinions so my understanding of whats going on can be enhanced. Irish people are very clueless and naive about a lot of things i think.

        Natural law dictates that weak populations get replaced, nature is just taking its course, irelands fertility rate is failing, people hate the church and so they should, ireland is a godless society, broken and torn away from the goddess Eriu.

        I myself blame christianity and colonization, but then again others blame the left, which in reality is just the catholic establishment, as they run all, well most public institutions, colleges and schools in ireland, they are the programmers of society, the hierarchy that controls your mind Eoin, that made you believe in jesus. Schools teached you catholicism, they told you it was great, THEY ARE TELLING YOU THAT YOU SHOULD WELCOME MORE ECONOMIC MIGRANTS. Getting through to you yet Eoin? Are you hearing the megaphone of the roman PAPA? You little christian lol.

        Define how catholicism made Ireland great? I will be glad to debate you here if you are stupid enough to even try, i likely will be censored anyway so count yourself lucky lad.

        The editors of this blog are all about |”MUH catholic identity” makes me OYrish.. so i expect this comment to be censored anyway, i see censorship as a badge of honour in knowing my argument is stronger though and my mind gets stronger because of it, whilst people who resort to censorship are not any more smarter.

        All i see with catholicism is a religon of rome that entered via england censoring irish people with jesuit puppets like De Valera and catholic priests telling africans to come to ireland and avail of housing. Are you enjoying the catholic rainbow flags lad?

        I can cite numerous sources on how catholicism entered ireland with the anglo-norman english. If you dislike english why are you following catholicism? They gave catholicism to ireland along with rome.

        I can guarantee you, that ancient pre-christian Gaels (The Real Gaels) believed in no catholic religon, spoke no latin and did not bow down to rome spreading a desert religon. They would all agree with me and see you as a roman foreigner if we went back in time, just like Oisin of the fianna seen roman patrick as a foreigner.

        My god is a son of the sea, a warrior and king of the Otherworld just like my ancestors believed. I believe in no whipped god like the jesus character you believe in Eoin.

        What is your god Eoin? a weak whipped, beaten down cripple nailed to a cross called Jesus Christ? JESUS CHRIST no pun intended. HAHA, You think this spirituality is strong? I find the whole thing disturbing myself and the catholic mock jesus blood drinking ritual in mass even more disturbing.

        Your religon is globalist and weak, you can deny it, but any intellectual would agree with me that the vatican is a worldwide religon and that the organisation known as the roman catholic church itself has a history of appalling human rights abuses and coverups. Also, native european faiths are much more masculine than your christianity.

        Your weak god was no historical character that existed, many scholars would agree with me on this, they are tv shows about this aswell questioning his existence. Your deity is depicted as nailed to the cross by rome. You are a son of Rome, your mind influenced by roman ideology from a spiritual perspective because christianity was spread by romans. Your spirituality is romanised with middle-eastern deities and you think that catholicism made ireland great?

        Ireland is where it is now because of catholicism, not because catholicism is not being loved enough.

        The left may ridicule catholic church as being corrupt, but that does not make them wrong, even Aodhan the labour globalist is not wrong about the catholic church, i agree with them on the catholic church being a cesspit of corruption lol, these are the same people who would call some of my views far roysh.

        Do i give a fuck? NO! I’m interested in truths and not bullshit. The left that ridicule the catholic church got to where they are because they saw corruption in their country and despise conservatve catholic views. I find catholic conservatism, vomit inducing, thats my opinion, and thats my stomach that feels nausea when thinking about it.

        I dislike catholicism not only because it is a corrupt institution, but because monotheism is alien to my beliefs, i believe in ressurection just like my ancestors did, i don’t believe in living in a heaven with a choir driving me fucking insane lol.

        Do you really think that modern hipsters of new so-called progressive ireland are going to listen to the likes of you and your catholic dogma eoin? Even your pope does not listen to you, because catholicism is marxist liberalism, multiculturism globalism and you are trying to be a hipster nationalist whilst under the wing of a globalist church.

        Only a christian country would devise a concept such as an ~IrelandForAll, be a good christian Eoin as do as you’re told by the PAPA in the vatican.

        Credimus quod credere volumus.


  2. ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜ 21/02/2023 at 3:31 pm

    Thats it, keep up the censorship and being a bunch of hypocritical college commie soy boys worshipping republican communists thinking you know gaelic history, you lot are clueless.

    You lot are pure beta males and do not even have the strength or resolve to defend your viewpoints around christianity.

    A bunch of cowards lol, calling some irish patriots cranks, just because they gave a platform to robinson. At least these people have a public face to put their views out, unlike cowards like you hiding behind pseudonyms, shouting brits out like a bunch of commie republicans trying to create divisions amongst irish patriots.

    The Burkean is an online publication founded and run by university students in Ireland that seeks to promote free speech and fresh ideas.?

    Free speech my ass. This is a lie, you are afraid of debate and it is now known that you engage in censorship.

    No one reads your shitty communist blog anyway, you are known as commies by many patriots from various european countries as you promote republican ideology, not that different from Eirigi and sinn fein. CENSORSHIP is your mark, just like a typical commie. . Keep crying about robinson, irish patriots WILL be giving him a platform and you will not be able to stop it. If you feel different about it, then put your face to your opinions, IRISH NATIONALISM IS DONE WITH REPUBLICAN BULLSHIT. Get used to it you commies.


  3. Dublin is a suburb of London , Paris , Amsterdam . The Euro lovers got their way # Game Set Match
    Republican Sinn Fein have bought into globalism as much as the lackeys in SF , FG . Do any Irish people work in Dublin 2 ? Grand Canal station & it’s environs are a U N hotchpotch . The only language not spoken is Gaeilge .


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 23/02/2023 at 3:28 pm

    My reply was short and sweet, censored too as many times previously. Giving the opportunity to talk,discuss,debate,interact,and open up to challenge is THE FOUNDATION OF DEMOCRACY.
    Sadly today, those who have the power,be it in government,opposition or media FAILED/FAIL to exercise the principle and power BUT through orchestrated use of paid propaganda and power use all their energies to OUTLAW FREE SPEECH…and another day too in a relative lifetime they will complain because they too will not be heard. What goes around comes around and although the author at >SNP was given plenty of opportunity to present and berate , to which I may agree in small defined detail…it’s been rejected,censored and breeds of hypocrisy


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