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The Ideals of Sarsfield’s Jacobitism do not belong in Modern Ireland

The following first appeared on the substack 'Creeve Rua' and is syndicated with the permission of the author. All those appreciative of Gaelic history and culture should naturally rejoice at the recent news that the remains of Jacobite hero Patrick Sarsfield...

/ 20/02/2023

Foundation Texts of Irish Nationalism: A Reading List

Below is a list of books for the purpose of acquainting and educating its audience on the subject of Irish Nationalism. The books form a canon which is mostly, but not entirely, political in nature. The works were chosen to...

/ 17/09/2021

Nationality: Definition and Formation

“The foundation of Ireland is the Gael, and the Gael must be the element that absorbs. On no other basis can an Irish nation be reared that would not topple over by force of the very ridicule that it would...

/ 15/02/2021