An underground Indian intelligence network appears to be in formation within UCDSU. The intended goal: an unholy alliance between dissatisfied Brahmins and the flamboyant homosexual cartel that is the SU.

At the SU’s first meeting for the academic year, one brave Indian found it necessary to voice his people’s plight: when students from India accept their college offers, they pay their fees and immediately, then, fly to Ireland to find accommodation without ever realising there is an ongoing housing crisis.

Such a predicament gives those poor Indians a hard time, far from home without shelter; but one must recognise that the unabated foolishness and stupidity employed by such a large demographic of international students – neglecting economic research before departing another country – is a problem of their own making.

The Indian student in question further proposed that international students should be given preference in the allocation of student accommodation. 

But what about the Irish students who have to travel from the furthest corners of their own country to attend college? 

Such a display of unrepentant self-interest in another nation is indicative of the mentality of the grasping Indian diaspora in Western nations: literally anything is better than being in India.

Speak to an Indian and they are keen to explain exactly how they have abused the Irish visa system, and their short-list of nations to migrate to. They openly admit that they don’t want to return to India but have at least the self-awareness to keep quiet about their intention to stay in Ireland forever. 

The Western neo-caste system in which ethnic minorities and sexual deviants are granted protected status through a new social hierarchy must be a familiar sight to Indian students coming from a society still thoroughly permeated by their own caste system. When in the West, their social status as immigrants levels all Indians to a single social stratum, but when they understand that the West’s deviant social hierarchy has social mobility to it, they are keen to strive towards the top.

At the UCDSU’s last election for college officers and other positions, an Indian student duly nominated herself for a position representing the student residences. Her motivations were, unsurprisingly, to advocate for international students in student accommodation. 

She herself admitted her personal reasons for taking up the position, that she had been scammed a total of three times on false accommodation listings before UCD offered her a place on campus. 

Her stated aims were, explicitly, to support international students searching for accommodation, with no reference to the people whose nation in which she is ostensibly a guest.

The testimonies of Indian activists within the Student Union imply that even international students are having difficulties finding housing for the duration of their (likely permanent) stay in Ireland, being far more likely to get duped by accommodation scams.

 As the Western economy declines and the Irish State becomes more and more dysfunctional, the agitation for student housing will likely increase with the continued property scarcity and inward flux of migrants.

It appears that the UCDSU is far more interested in keeping alight the eternal flame of sexual degeneracy in its SHAG week program than it is on meeting the housing needs of young Irish students. Ostensibly a Sexual Health and Guidance week, the SU’s program of “sexual health awareness” is in actuality an excuse to let loose a riot of sexual promiscuity across the campus.

Can Irish students trust a Student’s Union that has turned a blind-eye to the clique of international students organising within it to advocate for policies contrary to the needs of native Irish students? 

As UCD’s Indian mafia plot their programme to disenfranchise Irish students of their country, the UCDSU is too preoccupied with penis rodeos, sex toy scavenger hunts, and vagina costumes to consider how native Irish students are disadvantaged by the nation’s current political circumstances.

At every level, the Irish nation has been sold, whether it be financial acquisition of properties on investment portfolios, gombeen landlords and their dealings with foreign rentiers or even the student accommodation market – it is the most vulnerable of Irish society that bear the brunt of the consequences, the factors of financial instability and proximity to college affect Irish students far more than they do international students. The system at present disregards them in their entirety.

Given the large fees paid by non-EU students, the Indian diaspora can afford to pay for higher renting fees than the domestic Irish students who, paying less for their degrees, will often come from families who earn less than their international counterparts. 

The result of this predicament is that Irish students are continually disadvantaged far worse than international students are, with higher housing prices and stagnant wage value the Irish university system is ripe for plundering by foreign students of all persuasions. 

Posted by Jane O'Malley


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 29/10/2022 at 1:30 pm

    Another predicted fore gone conclusion.Many a commentator highlighted this resulting student accommodation problem.When the unqualified failed dropout who destroyed the Health System in Ireland was appointed as Minister of higher education it was a guaranteed bet that the same idiot would destroy higher education,…and he has.
    The Irish students have the same opportunity to organize collectively and counter their Foreign Cartels,but why fight them when ALL Students should combine in a challenge to this Minister…not a pip from the fool.
    If we accept that Socialism,a precursor to Communism was designed as a fair go for all ( except the administration) it is dramatically clear that
    Globalism discriminates.An Irish born Globalist is given back of the queue status to a fellow Foreign Globalist,and we’re not talking about a Nationalist.If the main objective is to drive Irish Globalists to migrate,
    then they still will be ” back of the queue status ” outside Ireland,they are recognized and treated as Foreigners,not respected above locals.

    This same scenario applies to Housing,Homelessness,Health,Education,
    Employment,Security,Migration,Hate Speech and Judiciary,to name a few.

    What will be The Final Straw ? when just about every Liberty and Freedom has been destroyed…what is left,what has Globalism given?


  2. Well written article. Young Irish liberals will increasingly lose out to minorities who are unashamed of their ethno-nationalist inclinations. Such ethno-nationalist beliefs don’t need to take the ‘blood & soil’ format per se, but like this example, an Indian student looking out for the housing needs of her own kind.


  3. Irish universities should cap places at one fifth of Irish students, and pay them the minimum wage. Foreign students should not be admitted into the tertiary system.


  4. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at NUI Galway recently. I thought there must have been an Indian convention taking place – every second student was visibly non-Irish, again all the usual promotion of sexual degeneracy by the NUIGSU. Enoch Burke and his brother must have had a really hard time at NUIG. A colleague of mine’s eldest is in second Arts and top of the reading list for Sociological & Political studies was that penguin comedy ‘The Communist Manifesto’ – whats it going to cost to un-do that psychological damage?


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