Habitually plagued by scandal and maladministration, the editor of TCD’s University Times Ailbhe Noonan is facing sustained calls for their resignation from both within and outside of the publication.

In a public letter Sunday it was revealed that there was a growing rift among the paper’s writing cadre with 32 out of 49 staff members chiming for Noonan’s immediate resignation.

Citing general mismanagement and dereliction of duty when it comes to the day to day management of the paper, Noonan has stated her intention is to stick to her guns and remain in the post regardless of impeachment threats.

With senior members of staff sacked over the weekend, including the UT’s deputy editor, there is a current attempt to work out the finer details of initiating impeachment proceedings per stipulations in TCDSU’s constitution.

It would appear Trinity newshounds missed the point about not becoming the story.

It is well known around university that bad blood exists at House 6 owing to last year’s dispute over a botched sexual harassment investgiation as well as a seeming failure to cut ties with the Irish Times over platforming transphobic content. 

Noonan herself was elected to the role after a strained electoral process whereby her opponent was hobbled by accusations of journalistic misconduct.

Long the sickman of university publishing, the UT has been hit year after year by existential scandals and ethical breaches. From the infamous bugging of student accommodation (and subsequent coverup) to budget overruns, fabrication of evidence by staff writers and more recently the alleged mishandling of personal details of abuse victims, the paper to some is on death’s door.

With their print nemesis Trinity News wishing earnestly to dance on UT’s grave, it is unknown if the paper will continue to make its many deadlines.

A paid position enshrined within the framework of the student union, the UT came about originally as a mouthpiece for the student union as distinct from Trinity News. 

While only last year the paper faced the potential prospect of defunding owing to ethical concerns, in 2019 the UT again avoided the humiliating prospect of losing their funding following the fallout from their bugging scandal.

Storms and teacups come to mind whenever one contemplates the puerile world of student journalism but the UT has well stayed beyond its welcome on the student purse. If chance arises it’s time for Trinity students to finally put the UT dog to sleep.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan

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  1. 49 staff members ? How often does the Trinners Times publish ? Another ( undercover ) N G O ?


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