As Western Europe flexes itself for a winter of protests against extortionate energy bills, the science and mechanics of protests both warrant examination to gauge the abyss that lies ahead.

One of the more satisfying protests I recently attended was against the Irish regime’s attempts to mass vaccinate Irish school children and to make them mask up in schools. 

Irish mothers and their children descended on Government Buildings in their thousands and a friend of mine, more knowledgeable on such matters, told me the government would quickly fold on the issue. 

By the following day, the regime, faced with the wrath of hornets’ nests of angry mothers, had reversed its decision and Irish school children were free to breathe again. What was very noticeable about the children protesting was their good behaviour, with many of them bedecked in Harry Potter scarves, and others paying attention to the largely boring speakers and all of them picking up their litter after them.

Though it was a privilege to see those children face down the regime, the same cannot be said for the group of leftist thugs, who tried to riot afterwards and whose sartorial choices showed they were not from the same demographic catchment area as most of the protesters who, like the Cystic Fibrosis protesters we later meet, only had the best interests of their children at heart.

But these parasites pop up wherever there is momentum. When the Yellow Vests got going in France, Irish copycats set up their own versions, with one of them being based in Sinn Féin’s head office and being fronted by frontmen with dubious backgrounds. 

When Ireland witnessed a major campaign to resist water rates, the same Sinn Féin charlatans, who had already paid their water rates, moved in to hijack the campaign for their own sectarian ends.

When Ireland witnessed massive protests against punitive tax rates in 1979, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) moved in, switched the protests to Sunday mornings and wound them down. 

As the ICTU, together with the usual hangers on of People Before Profit, Sinn Féin and UCD Students’ Union, are now leading Ireland’s protests against high energy prices, we can again expect those protests to go where they are intended to go, absolutely nowhere.

When Paul Murphy, a TD for John Molyneaux’s People Before Profit group, recently “went out to join protesters in front of the Dáil today who are campaigning for redress for apartment defects”, he “was surrounded by a crowd of far-right activists shouting in my face and with one kicking me”, much like Murphy‘s mob earlier accosted Minister Joan Burton, who didn’t have Murphy’s luxury of retreating into Buswell’s cocktail lounge. 

Murphy goes on to claim that these rival hooligans “consciously disrupted protests for children with additional needs, for rights for PhD students, for redress and for rights for security officers but that Murphy, who presumably joined a later staged protest photo shoot with other PBP, Students’ Union and Sinn Féin fat cats “won’t be intimidated”.

As it happens, I was there to liaise with members of yet another protest group who, seeing the circus unfold, postponed their protest. Although I did see several yobs bang at Buswell’s door to assault Murphy, who was happily ensconced within, I did not clap eyes on Murphy and, for that small mercy, I am thankful.

More importantly, I spoke to both the Cystic Fibrosis protesters, to whom I directed a Rural Independents’ TD, and the protesting PhD students, who are far more qualified, better mannered and better groomed than “the same reactionary People Before Profit, Sinn Féin and UCD Students’ Union” prawn sandwich brigade, whose fortes are taking opportunistic selfies and smiling like the spoiled schoolkids they are for the camera

Murphy took a selfie of himself with some women with placards reading that “Our children deserve better”. Although those children certainly deserve better than the fat cats of People Before Profit, Sinn Féin and UCD Students’ Union, more than three quarters of them, if a recent survey is to be believed, are resigned to permanent emigration, just like the same reactionary People Before Profit, Sinn Féin and UCD Students’ Union Quislings condemned numerous generations before them.

The Gender Studies brigade, who voted for those charlatans, have little to complain about. Their fairy godmothers gave them all they wanted: same sex marriage, unlimited abortion, government jobs for Katherine Zappone and other under qualified American lesbians and now, through former Social Democrat Stephen Donnelly, free contraception so they can bonk their worries away before taking the one way boat to the Hollyhead dole queue.

Though the lesson from all of the above is there must be a genuine issue to protest about and fat cat charlatans must be excluded, these charlatans have the logistics to cause a rumpus and the ordinary people do not. And, even if the genuine protesters start something, the charlatans, who intelligence agencies assign to front such movements, will be hard to exclude as they have access to the gate keepers and thus can supply leverage to make the protest an enjoyable, if futile, day out.

This is because these left and allied groups worm their way through all supposedly progressive political and NGO groups, making themselves shadows of, if not integral parts of the permanent government, which delights in these reruns of the Duke of York and Sisyphus fables.

Sinn Féin’s Horsey set is not going to make things easy for the Harry Potters, for their mothers, for Dutch farmers or for Canadian truckers. Ireland’s prawn sandwich brigade wants them all castrated, emasculated and gone. 

The second is, despite the crocodile smiles of Canadian dictator Trudeau, Finnish floozy Malin, Kiwi World Economic Forum sidekick Jacinta Arder and all Irish lickspittles like them, they want to turn our countries into Equatorial Guinea, where they loot the national till, whilst they prowl for new nixers and we subsist on their sufferance.

Have a look at the Budget proposals of Mary Lou McDonald and her Finance spokesperson, the Donegal engineer (sic). Spend, spend, spend. 

Give McDonald the keys to the candy store and everyone will get some goodies from the magic money tree, with as little thought as the Green cowboys give to producing wealth. No need to be a patriot in the mode of Ho Chi Minh and make two blades of rice grow where only one previously grew. 

Sinn Féin’s solution, like that of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green gobshites, is to get money from Europe and have a never ending party before the bills fall due, which they eventually will, in the form of our airports, ports, forests and electricity services being gifted to our creditors.

Perhaps it is too late and Ireland is just another Equatorial Guinea, to be looted by the Troika and these local collaborators and that we should just take our free contraceptives, snort our coke and attend our left rallies before taking the boat to Holyhead. That is the easy road; the harder one demands proper organisation, proper focus, appropriate logistics, good luck and a lot of hard work to stop Donnelly, Murphy, Molyneaux and the rest of them from finishing off forever this island nation of ours.

Posted by Dr Declan Hayes


  1. As someone who was part of the kerfuffle that followed the very successful protest against putting masks on young schoolchildren that you attended I’d just like to say there weren’t any leftists there.

    Leaving aside whether I’m a thug or not and badly dressed or not I do have a question.

    I think you’re right to be thinking about the nature of protests that are coming up.

    It’s not the same dynamic or circumstances as prevailed during Covid. Back then one side stayed indoors. Now both sides are out “on the streets”.

    To begin the examination/discussion of protests it might be good to look at what is due to happen next Saturday (24th Sept).

    PBP SF and the Unions have a very well advertised march ready to begin at the Garden of Remembrance next Saturday at 2pm.
    In the last couple of days the other side have begun to promote a march for next Saturday at 1.30pm at – you’ve guessed it – the Garden of Remembrance.

    There is a non zero chance that PBP will be doing everything they can to get kicked. Which will almost certainly require them to kick someone first.
    A luta continua!


  2. Declan Hayes 18/09/2022 at 11:13 pm

    I had described the potential rioters as “the group of ANTIFA thugs”, but the piece ended up calling them leftists, which was unfortunate. You make a good point about “both sides are out “on the streets””. However, I guess my ANTIFA and related points are there are many sides and not all of them honourable.
    I note your point about the 1.30 pm counter protest, which brings back memories of similar stunts by the National Front, Big Ian Paisley and our own ANTIFA thugs in more recent times.
    The article’s first sentence allude to “the science and mechanics of protests”. There is a lot to study there and MI5 and its Irish agents are well ahead of our curve on that one.
    I am trying to concoct another article on the economic parameters within which such protests run. The main Saturday lot want more handouts and less tax for them. The IFP, in contrast, have made a few strategic suggestions for good or for bad. But the game seems to be who can make the most noise and who can dispense the most bribes, FF/FG/Gre or the SF/PBP/M15 alliance.
    The birth of the Irish Free State was hard but people worked to save what could be saved. Today, I see a bunch of politicians milking it and their foot soldiers in ANTIFA and related groups helping them in that. Hard times and more ahead.


    1. Thanks for the considered response Declan.

      I think any protest that gets out of hand is counterproductive. It keeps the mainstream away from your next demo and, as you said, it’s only when the middle class are protesting that any change occurs. Middle class moms strike terror in to the hearts of government.

      The SF PBP protest is their second one. Their “Cost of Living” protests are all tied to the public sector pay negotiations with government. Their first protest was in June days before the first round of negotiations. This one is days before the budget.

      They had about 300 at their last protest all of them on some union/public sector representative payroll. Every union and minor party you ever heard of, ESB pension groups, the lot. But almost zero genuine public support. Saturday’s march has been heavily advertised by the media. It’ll be very interesting to see how many ordinary members of the public show up. I genuinely don’t know.

      One lot who will be joining SF PBP on Saturday, and were at their last one – Aontu.

      Don’t get me going on the IFP or NP. That’s a whole other conversation.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 19/09/2022 at 6:12 am

    It has proven to be effective on many occasions,but having to use children in any protest march,because of the danger element arising is a sad indictment of the use/abuse of minors to Man up against a failed system. Where are all the MEN, it is their responsibility to protect.
    And the Communist Chinese Protesters ( CCP ) disrespectfully choose the GPO, in part a strategy to disrupt and involve more public.
    Being organized and choosing the venue is not enough.A safety net of security needs to be present continuously throughout and communicating
    effectively to the threat of headbangers brigade, liaising with police also.

    Nothing will ever be effective enough until A TRUE LEADER takes control,pulling all groups together in a combined operation,vetting all the participants and controlling with an iron fist the outcomes and responsibilities. When all of this is achieved then the package is for the benifit of the public and services offered for genuine protests…because everything so far seems to rely on pot luck or chance…not good enough


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