Fresh eyes are being drawn to clandestine people smuggling operations to the UK by way of Dublin, with the Telegraph mapping out the process for their British audience.

Advertised extensively over TikTok and substantially less than through the English Channel route, £2,500 rather than £5,000, the journey into the UK involves flying into Dublin Airport usually on a fake passport, falsely claiming asylum and finally ferrying up North and into British jurisdiction.

Managed by an underground nexus of Irish based Albanian mobsters, the process is sure to irk UK authorities currently grappling with a wave of largely Balkan migrants hitching a lift with the RNLI.

Alleged to occur every day, Albanians arriving into Ireland according to Telegraph reporting are instructed to ‘make a big noise’ at the asylum desk, after which they are free to go as they please, normally into a taxicab or bus to Belfast.

A nationality already notorious for abusing Irish asylum laws, in July Albanian Direct Provision resident and gangster Ndricim Qema was nabbed for facilitating people smuggling operations out of Ireland.

Sourcing fake documentation under orders of his high ranking underworld father, Qema was jailed as part of a joint operation between the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) and the UK’s Home Office under the auspices of Europol. Domiciled at the Esplanade Hotel, Bray since 2018, Qema pleaded guilty to various counts of money laundering and people smuggling.

Arranging flights and forged Italian papers at a cost of  €5,000 to €10,000, arrivals would dump documentation on coming to Dublin Airport, claim asylum and subsequently travel to Belfast normally by taxi.

With lax border security and a geopolitical fact that we straddle UK and EU jurisdictions, Ireland’s long cherished Common Travel Area is increasingly becoming a highway to circumvent British migration policy.

Soft border control at Dublin Airport could very well make Ireland Britain’s equivalent of Spain’s Ceuta as a trafficking hub into the UK. A further indictment of the state’s weak asylum policy, we can only count ourselves lucky that Albanian gangs are directing their energies elsewhere considering the role they play in narcotics trafficking and pimping in the UK.

A product of state failure at home as well as an ingrained clann culture going back to the Turkic occupation, the Albanian mafia play a major role in European criminality, largely considered to be kingpins in the UK drug market. 

Despite some token migration, an extraordinary amount of bogus asylum claims, Albanian criminality has not printed itself on Irish society, largely due to the extent that Ireland fits into their business model as just a transit point into the UK.

Recently however, a report commissioned by the British Embassy registered the fact that this scenario may be changing as Albanian gangs contemplate a more aggressive approach to the Irish drug market.

Quoting from the author of the report Dr Alexander Chance,

“There’s a possibility that non-Irish organised crime groups may look to take a greater share, even perhaps dominance, of the cocaine market in Ireland, and possibly Northern Ireland, through underselling, undercutting existing suppliers with high-purity products, as has happened with Albanian groups in the UK,” 

If Gardaí were left breathless dealing with the Kinahans and Hutches how will they fare with an internationalised, ingrained gang culture from the hills of Albania. The respite now being felt across the country as the Kinahan cartel is mopped up may be truncated by this lapse in border security. What Tirana can do to Irish streets may be a lot more impactful than anything that arose in Walkinstown or Cabra.

Should the problem fester further, the scuttling of the Common Travel Area by a jingoistic Tory government seeking to at least pay lip service to border security is not entirely off the cards. If the Ukrainian crisis hasn’t already the current order is bound to get an awaited kick in the shins over asylum.

The Tory party  famously seeks to subsume Ireland with its internal power plays and one could well imagine a future Johnson/Truss administration turning the screws on Dublin propelled by their popular press.

Years of Sorcha Pollak polemics, lethargic border management and blind ignorance to the asylum industry have opened the door just enough for Albanian and foreign criminals to prosper. Populists can bang the table as much as they want but the tectonics of economic power may move faster to close down the asylum route than we can imagine.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Declan Hayes 30/08/2022 at 9:29 pm

    That is a bit harsh and xenophobic. On a recent trip to Crossmaglen, Bandit Country, I came across a bunch of Syrian rebels exiting the RUC barracks. There are quite a few South Armagh folk doing long sentences in England people smuggling. and the more colourful folk from those parts were never averse to turning a buck through smuggling ventures. Wexford and other truckers have already been caught.
    And then there was that French socialite, married to a South Dublin millionaire and well in with the Migrant Council who had a big thing going in human trafficking, mostly sourced from The Horn of Africa.
    Organised crime from Nigeria has been here for years. Witness all the recent busts and light or no sentences for romance and other frauds. Not that the Mid and East Europeans have been slacking. Remember the machete fights outside the Custom House by various gangs of pimps.? The main pimp site, Escort Ireland, is run by a former RUC man, one of our sundered brethern. Witness all the foreign hookers using it to bring sex and coke to every townland in Ireland.
    Don’t think the Irish are a cut above all this. The Penguin and others have long had alliances. As have the Rathkeale Rovers, members of our hard pressed traveller ethnic group, who have brought crime to the four corners not only of Ireland but of the world as well.
    Plus, lets of Irish morons think helping these folk along is the right thing to do. It is not just Albanians. Official Ireland enables them too. And Provisional Ireland too.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 31/08/2022 at 6:29 am

    Aiding and Abetting Imported Ciminality into Ireland,
    Don’t forget the efforts of Prime Suspects NGOs,the likes of Soros at the helm another Criminal and all associates that know but still make a living from their rackets.
    Don’t forget Gardai,they know every racket and are involved right up
    to Commissioner.Its fruitless mentioning the good guys because they refuse to speak up,therefore they too are criminals.
    Don’t forget Government,Ministers, all the corruption in departments
    and Civil Service,Local Councils etc. they are all tarnished by crime.

    In fact if you think of anything, with connections to any authoritys or
    govt. more than likely corruption and crime is involved.
    ADD together all employees of Govt. NGOs, and you get close to 1 Mil.
    ADD in known criminals,prisoners and victims of crimes.
    ADD in unvetted,undocumented Illegal Migrants/Refugees that have been granted AMNESTY,including wiping criminal history,
    By now you’re seeing a very big picture and the Big Numbers involved,
    a reasonable estimate puts us close to 2 Million,in Ireland now today.


  3. bells of shandon 31/08/2022 at 8:06 am

    Criminality in the asylum Industry and the blatant invasion and subversion of Ireland, gets a free pass under the false claim of ‘Diversity is our strength’.
    Multiculturism.diversity and inclusion are the comfort blanket for naive ,gullible, fools to cover what is in reality an Invasion of Ireland.
    Criminal elements thrive in both the underworld and Regime Institutions , when a comfortable ,trusting population is kept supine and ignorant by a captured Media.
    Irelands Media is the Watchman at the Gate for a democracy ,and has deserted his post, leaving the citizens at the mercy of the wolves.
    The coming Economic chaos and poverty , caused by the destructive EU sanctions on Russia, will make hungry bellies and cold arses for many docile .dopey residents of our Fair Isle.
    Hopefully this will awaken Ireland to the disaster of idiotic, false altruistic tendencies of our more foolish citizens.
    When the soup bowl is empty and the cold wind blows ,reality comes to town.


  4. How are the dopey Brits going to patrol a 310 mile land border with unquantifiable crossing points ? The smart money says they will ditch the bankrupt 6 & eliminate the Common travel area . So long as N I remains in the UK , it is a back door to Britain . ” South African ” document holders have been using this route for decades , as Irl is the only european country that doesn’t require ” S A tourists ” to have an entry visa . 900 a day cross the English channel on dinghies #EasyCome


  5. Beware Liz Truss is on the horizon.


  6. ‘Beware Liz Truss is on the horizon’. Be alert that they are all empty sloganeers who create more problems that the tax-payer on both sides of the Irish Sea can keep future-debting for generations to come.
    The UK and Ireland are equally in the cack from ‘fine upstanding persons’ whether that be Albania or Pakistan.
    The answer is simple: fight fire with fire; make an example of the few to discourage the many. An iron fist without any velvet gloves.
    Time has passed to think of foreigners ‘right’ and all that sanctimonious virtue-signalling.


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