The ongoing arrival of 220 male asylum seekers at an abandoned retail unit in Finglas yesterday was met with local opposition further underlining the faltering international protection system bleeding onto the mainstream.

Primarily non-Ukrainians, approximately 70 asylum seekers were placed at a recently closed Bargaintown shopping depot with more expected over the coming weeks under the auspices of the International Protection Accommodation Services (IPAS).

A noticeable escalation in the asylum meltdown which had previously focused on the cannibalising of hotels rather than industrial units, locals mobilised in the face of the new arrivals having received no notice beforehand.

Already the site of community tension over preferential treatment shown to non-nationals over local Irish families, Fingal County Council previously refused The Burkean’s Freedom of Information request on the percentage of foreigners on the housing list, though 2011 figures showed the majority were non-nationals.

With two Garda cars reported yesterday to monitor local disquiet reports citing heavy security around the centre largely sealed off from the public.

Already attracting the attention of on the ground citizen journalists, Philip Dwyer managed to converse with what appeared to be a Georgian asylum seeker. Notorious for asylum fraud so much so that it has merited criticism by Georgian authorities, the presence of Georgian nationals at the new venue is indicative of the endemic fraud in the asylum system in general with many bogus applicants getting in under the fence amid the recent chaos.

Previous months have seen an unwinding of the already stretched system with highlights including events in Kinnegad and the overflow at Citywest facilities. With moves to transport asylum seekers into tented accomodation and now industrial units the situation is only set to sour in the weeks and months ahead/.

With the countdown now on for the return of colleges and the expected clash between student accommodation and the asylum mess the issue remains defining for us all the next year. So far down the river the Irish public has been sold that some form of reaction is inevitable with any building now at risk of conversion into asylum squats with the precedent set in Finglas.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. How about opening a reception centre in Dalkey , Foxrock , Killiney or Rathgar ? Legal eagles residing in the aforementioned would put a stop to it ( pronto ) . When will deportations resume ? I have a feeling that yet another amnesty will be announced in January !


    1. Peter clohessy 31/08/2022 at 8:53 am

      Yes we have total traitors running country and opposition ar aa bad thanks p clohessy without prejudice


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 21/08/2022 at 8:34 am

    Just wondering, is it true that the GAA is offering all of it’s club facilities Nationwide to facilitate the Great Green n Gold rush?
    CIE could follow suit and actually develop the Mobile Refugees Accom.
    Oh yeah, all the Cinima Chains could…hang on what about all Mac Ds yes yes food and shelter…wow I’m on a role here,don’t stop me.

    To think that they’ve been peddling a homeless crisis for years,give over
    this is Child’s Play. Let’s move on to now to what..? BANKING crisis no problem.


  3. Pádraig Cronin 03/09/2022 at 10:50 pm

    There is a person inside the international protection system who seems to be speaking out about behaviour of immigrant men, and is being ignored. That article does not mention Georgians. It does mention men from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria, and how Islamic ‘asylum seekers’ are running to system.

    The article is called The Shariazation of Ireland’s Direct Provision Institution. You can read it here SSRN:


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