With a fresh standoff between asylum seekers at Harry’s Hotel in Kinnegad over the state’s wish to transport the current occupants to tented accommodation in Clare to make way for Ukranians, the asylum crisis looks set to continue its downward trajectory into anarchy.

The February/March promises made by the government look increasingly dented as the state seeks to break ground on tented accommodation for 320 people at Gormanston military camp.

With Russians digging into their positions and commencing a drawn out artillery campaign and growing unrest in Africa and the Middle East, the deepening of the crisis looks more certain as open border policies ring the dinner bell globally to incentivise yet more numbers.

To the chagrin of most sane citizens the state is ploughing ahead with custom built homes for the influx as the Defence Forces are deploying retrofit Dublin Airport into the latest casualty of an asylum system run amok.

Hidden away from public view is the ongoing spectacle at Citywest which has left International Protection services frustrated after maxing out at 800 largely non-Ukranian refugees.

By all accounts Ireland is set to repeat the asylum catastrophes of the 2014/2015 period across Europe where services were easily overwhelmed prompting populist responses when elections came round.

A hallmark of this initial crisis was the ugly appearance of tent cities in major European capitals to cope with the sheer overflow from Africa and the Middle East. Such spectres were in the electoral sails for nationalist movements though Ireland’s own electoral future may be complicated by slow electoral response times and the safety valve that is Sinn Féin.

As the quantity of hotel and miscellaneous accommodation is gobbled up, tented sites seem to be the next logical step beginning first at designated sites before rupturing onto Irish streets.

There is no anecdote to the emergency bar doing what the liberal state is loath to do and break from international commitments and enforce its own borders. There will be no respite for the Irish populace until the individuals, organisations and interests that promote this insanity are thoroughly dislodged and dismantled.

Do not expect chaos in the morning, but similar to how recent mass migration has normalised us to the return of slum-like cramming in our cities, tents appearing of refugees looks set to be the norm for this decade.

Similar to the harvesting of rural hotels for asylum cannon fodder, the temporary measures of housing arrivals in tents will graduate into permanency despite the grand promises of O’Gorman’s White Paper or any constitutional right to housing inserted into Bunreacht. 

Even as the sharks move around the liferaft as to the dismantling of the farming sector by green edicts, asylum will be the defining issue of the next 6 months. Already impacting arrivals, the Rwanda scheme to mitigate the flow of bogus applicants into the UK is sure to tip an already febrile situation into the abyss.

In many respects a crisis and eventual life lesson that should have happened in the early 2000s with the anchor baby trend and nullification of the Birthright Citizenship loophole, the bureaucratic inertia of Direct Provision was a band aid which reduced numbers, but is now  being ripped off by a brainless Irish elite.

Our elites have naively drenched Irish society in gasoline fresh out of lockdown confident in the knowledge that no one is willing to light a match. All manner of evils will make their way under the fence when the walls really start collapsing on the asylum system as officials are already hopelessly navigating around Ireland with busloads of cynical grinning applicants.

Will Paddy and Mary still be toeing the government line on asylum when they are driving past Somali squatting camps on their way to Aldi?

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Liam Sherry 29/07/2022 at 8:47 am



  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 29/07/2022 at 1:12 pm

    By all accounts,set up Tent City in one of the largest parks in Europe, they will be very welcome by a parasitic landlord neighbor,living alone.
    His Communist Globalist free for all ( no Irish need apply ) will surely make them feel at home,or perhaps they might swap accommodation as he has no problem with the plight of 10,000+ Irish Homeless which has continued for years and years.He could also offer his numerous properties free of charge,or claim the 400€,he is so hard up. THE ULTIMATE IRISH LANDLORD…documented forever in our Irish history.
    In time, they would all evict him,kick him out for the fraud he always was…an overpaid pompous, parasitic, pathetic,poetic peasant. Con Man.


  3. After neighbouring Botswana , Irl receives the highest number of asylum applications from Zimbabwe nationals . More than France , UK , Germany combined ! Why ? South African tourists don’t need an entry tourist visa for Ireland – THE only one of 49 european countries that grants such a waver . Other African nationals acquire a South African passport on the black market , fly direct to Dublin , claim asylum # Simples . On the DART /Luas , the two languages you rarely hear are English & irish . The huge increase in South Americans , middle eastern 7 oriental punters is due to Ireland having non existent immigration controls & an inability to deport documentless illegals . We are reaping a whirlwind thanks to a hardline immigration policy promised by the Brits .


    1. One of the many problems these countries have is the population growth without the skill and infrastructure to match and keep up with the rising tide of mouths to feed.

      The net result is these countries these folk originate from, are only too happy to reduce there burden.
      So lets be a burden on Western nations. Some daft (il)liberal organisation for ‘refugee rights’ will no doubt concoct a report stating that the reason there are some ethnic ‘refugees’ homeless is no doubt because of institutional ‘racism’.
      One of many such reports to surface.


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