The ongoing Irish Synod is presenting itself as an opening for liberal lobbies within and without the Church to gain traction for long-envisioned ecclesiastical and catechetical reforms.

The Irish wing of a worldwide consultation of the faithful, as well as trademark policy of the Francis pontificate, the findings of polling to do with the Synod has been leaped upon by a press eager to turn the knife, as well as reformist Catholics impassioned that the Church must repeat the mistakes of Anglicanism in embracing progressive oblivion.

Criticised by traditional Catholics for the use of ambiguous polling methods, the press gallery has been thundering in announcing the findings of the Synod as evidence of a need for the men of the cloth to move with the times.

Proclaiming thumping majorities for the ordination of women (96%) as well as acceptance of LGBT relationships (85%), young traditionalists have been firm in affirming the Church’s teachings against moving with the zeitgeist.

In an open letter titled ‘Youth Response to the Synod’ directed at the Synod Steering Committee, traditionalists outlined a sense that the alleged popular opinion of Catholics was being used as a battering ram against established doctrine:

“As young practising Catholics we would like you to hear our voices regarding developments with the Synodal Synthesis. We have concerns that following the presentations at the Pre-Synodial National Gathering in June, the emerging synthesis risks presenting a false conclusion namely that the Sensus Fidei is in conflict with current church teaching and practice”

Listing among its goals the reconnection with young people, the consultation of the past two years is a  build-up to a 2023 General Assembly of Bishops in Rome where the findings will be factored in. Vatican insiders describe the Assembly to be a major forum for traditionalists and reformists to battle it out in what could potentially be the waning years of the current Pontiff.

With pews emptying at an alarming rate, not helped by the covid hiatus and the Church’s desultory fightback against lockdown madness, Catholics have diminishing leverage against a vindictive secular state. That being said, seeds of revival are being nurtured in the small pockets of the faithful, wise to the subversiveness at play and unwilling to play the long game.

Grassroots efforts to reinvigorate the faith are to be welcomed in an increasingly laitised Church, but are liable to hijacking with the transfer of power from clerics to parish councils, a potential shot in the arm for the liberal agenda. 

As per the citizenship assembly model we have seen used pave the way for abortion and secularism, one should be sceptical if these forums are just used as cheap democratically legitimising devices.

Despite a growing number of traditional reverts picking up the slack on an ageing Church, older and more progressive elements are dead set on repeating the liberalising efforts of Anglicanism while the dark banner of Islam grows stronger owing to a hardline and natalist outlook. 

Following the slam dunk referenda, the challenge facing Irish Catholics in the 2020s is locking down the institutional strength of Catholicism once more as the liberal state marches into its own self-destruction. The patch of compromise will lead the Church and the souls it is charged to save towards dissolution merely as a subdued instrument of the liberal order.

The sons and daughters of St Patrick may be presently hobbled but long-term against such transient foes the future looks bright so long as we hold the line.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Archbishop Léfebvre was right. Rome has lost the Faith!


  2. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre:

    “Rome has lost the Faith, my dear friends. Rome is in apostasy. These are not words in the air. It is the truth. Rome is in apostasy. They have left the Church. This is sure, sure, sure. It is a schismatic council. The Church which affirms such errors is both schismatic and heretical. This Conciliar Church is therefore not Catholic. To whatever extent pope, bishops, priests or faithful adhere to this new Church, they separate themselves from the Catholic Church. The Novus Ordo Mass is a bastard rite. The Novus Ordo sacraments are bastard sacraments. The Novus Ordo priests emerging from the Novus Ordo seminaries are bastard priests. So we are excommunicated by Modernists, by people who have been condemned by previous popes. We are condemned by men who are themselves condemned. It is a Church that I do not recognize. I belong to the Catholic Church. Let us add this, that the greatest service we can render to the Church and to the successor of Peter is to reject the “reformed” and liberal church. I am not of that religion, I do not accept that new religion. It is a liberal, modernist religion. We are not of this new religion! We do not accept this new religion! We are of the religion of all time; we are of the Catholic religion. We are not of this “universal religion” as they call it today—this is not the Catholic religion any more. We are not of this liberal, modernist religion which has its own worship, its own priests, its own faith, its own catechisms, its own “ecumenical” Bible. We cannot accept these things. They are contrary to our Faith. We choose not to abandon our faith, for in that we cannot go wrong. We are convinced of this, it is they who are wrong, who have changed course, who have broken with the Tradition of the Church, who have rushed into novelties, we are convinced of this. That is why we do not rejoin them and why we cannot work with them; we cannot collaborate with the people who depart from the spirit of the Church, from the Tradition of the Church.”


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 16/07/2022 at 8:57 am

    And so we return to the 5th Century Ireland,the birth of Christianity by SAINT PATRICK on this Isle,and an IRISH CATHOLIC IDENTITY.
    Despite Romes collaboration with England,it’s Monarchy and Protestantism
    inflicted on Irish Catholics over 800 years and to this day,despite Penal Laws,
    Genocide and forced starvation.Despite losing culture,language and land,and exposing the abuse in the Roman Catholic Church against the innocent faithful,Desspite Romes abandonment of Catholicism and it’s infiltration by Satanism and Communism, DESPITE ALL OF THIS AND MORE…the faith
    has and the Irish Catholic survives and will always into the future on this land.
    The Irish Catholic Faith has proven it needs neither Rome nor Monarchy nor Secularist progressive globalization to survive…it has Faith,it has GOD,it has the Holy Trinity and through them the FATE OF IRISH CATHOLICS SURVIVES…it is time to rebuild in Ireland,our Faithful has been rewarded.


  4. Weird that so many prelates of the Church have no supernatural faith. Atheists are not supposed to believe in the Real Presence, but Catholic bishops are. I mean, even solicitors who don’t believe in their clients innocence give it the old due diligence. Men who are supposed to be standing in the shoes of the apostles ought to be going trough more than the motions.


  5. The Pontif much like our own Political class here in Ireland, has come to the realisation that the majority of Catholics in Ireland are much like myself, aging to the point that Catholicism in it’s current and true form will soon be a minor faith in Ireland.

    Therefore, like shrewd businessmen, they have decided to forsake Catholics and the faith itself, in favor of introducing interlopers, who they will accommodate regardless of the obvious conflict of introducing LGBT
    Members to the church.

    Such accommodation will take the form of rewriting and creating New (made up) understanding of Bible scriptures to fit comfortably with Homosexuality and other practices currently directly in conflict with the Catholic Church of today.

    The Pope himself has begun this process almost on taking up his position. Needless to say, on finding Homosexuality had become rooted in Rome itself, among both Priests, Bishops and Cardinals.
    The current Pontif DID NOTHING to address this situation and in fact is seen to be pointing a blind eye in it’s general direction.

    Any Priest, Bishop or Cardinal who dares to address the situation is immediately silenced. As became clear with the recent case of the Priest who was ordered by the Pope NOT to serve his flock by saying mass, giving communion or hearing Confessions.

    Such decision making by his holiness, has brought about the suggestion that the Pontiff is corrupted by Satan himself. Something of an opinion not only being shared by the faithful, but also by some Priests and Bishops.

    Whatever the reasoning behind current Papal decision making, the fact remains that in Ireland the Catholic Church much like all other aspects of our society, is also on the verge of Woke takeover.

    A very good friend of mine invited me over for dinner, where I once again met her elderly Father, a man of 93 years. He and I, have neither spoken nor seen each other for almost 20 years. Yet on shaking the old Gentleman’s hand, his first words to me were:, “how could this happen?” he continued “We fought the English for the right to keep our faith”.
    ” Right now our own are stealing it
    (our faith) from us.”

    Though it was a very pleasant evening with excellent company and the sharing of decades of memories, from our childhoods, it was also a very sad and disturbing one as well. The old Gent sat all night in absolute sadness.

    On leaving, his daughter my life long friend, confided in me, her hopes that her Father might die before seeing what would happen to the Catholic faith in Ireland.

    That moment, the pain in her face has stuck firmly in my mind, to the point that it has literally begun to haunt my dreams.

    Like most here, I do not know what will be the eventual outcome. BUT I do know that the Catholic Church will forever be changed!.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 17/07/2022 at 7:44 am

    And so,Rome will burn,it’s temples will collapse,the Roman Catholic Church exposed for its exploitation of God and man…that is the reward of being faithful to God,Our Lord, Jesus Christ…and the faithful will move on,their enemies destroyed,time to rebuild in THE NAME OF GOD, not feeble men.


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