A dose of healthy racism could’ve quashed, or at the very least mitigated the ill-effects of, the current fiasco in Kinnegad. Spawned by its planter pollack gombeen owners selling it off for use by the Department of Children, ‘Harry’s Hotel’ fell under the not-so-paternal auspices of the ‘International Protection Accommodation Services’.

Rather than resuming its previous function, and thereby accruing the town’s amenities and businesses revenue, the Hotel – dormant for two years during the Covid 19 hoax is now being used by IPAS to house 150 Arab men.

This is a terrible idea for reasons that need not be articulated. Yet, owing to the prohibitions against one’s words reflecting reality, and the influence on broader discourse that follow therefrom, we have a national zeitgeist marked by its inability to properly conceive of the baneful consequences of stupid decisions. Put differently, political correctness makes you retarded – and at present, the Irish are perhaps the world’s standard bearers of retardation.

So, what is the problem here? It’s fruitful to consider the local response, which has been overwhelmingly hostile to the neo-plantation underway in recent days. The numerous allegations of sexual assault and harassment has enraged locals, who are rightly fearful that they, or their female family members, are liable to become victims. The Irish NGO-complex has responded in its typical trite fashion, contending that the recent egregious incidents owe to a few bad apples among a largely benign group of men.

This viewpoint, which is not being conveyed in good faith, is false. The sheer number of allegations in such a short period of time is indicative of a broader issue. Precedent teaches us that that: large groups of Arabic males + young Irish women and girls accustomed to travelling bereft of male protection = very bad outcomes.

From nascency onwards, these men have imbibed beliefs regarding women, derived from Islam and custom, that are incongruous with the prevailing loose standards in the west. In turn, this engenders feelings of both disgust and lust. Western female laissez-faire dress induces the intersection of these dual sentiments, in turn resulting in vile acts of a lustful nature that are colored by malice. The victim is not simply an object desire, they’re perceived as morally lesser by men who believe them to be deserving of ire.

The sense of unattainability accentuates their sordid proclivities vis-à-vis western women. The term ‘ethnicel’ – or in the case of Indians, ‘currycel’ – exists for a reason. European women are scorned for their unwillingness to date outside of their race. This perception, which is largely true, is especially palpable for the South Asian and Middle Eastern diaspora in Europe. It is plausible to conjecture that acts of perversity directed at western women are fueled by resent, libido, and wrath.

Moreover, the left’s perception is mired by an inability, borne from their degraded instincts, to conceptualise ethnic-polarity, and the issues that flow from it. Even if, as they incorrectly argue, the allegations can be attributed to degenerate minority amid the 150 new aliens, and thus the factor of their ethno-religious background is irrelevant, it can still be advanced that their solidarity, and concomitant antipathy toward the locals and broader Irish society, will prevent self-correction of these behaviors from occurring.

Any crime or controversy that occurs between individuals of different ethnic or religious groupings will indubitably be transfigured in man’s consciousness as a microcosm of group conflict. This is why ethnic sentiment so frequently impinges on matters of sport. We side, irrespective of his personal flaws, with the man of our people, and we derive satisfaction from his victory, or sorrow following his defeat.

Similarly, the recent criminal acts will produce a cleavage along ethnic lines. Even those among the 150 men who would, in normal circumstances, view such acts as abhorrent, will nevertheless be inclined toward standing with the offending members of their group – to do so is to be stalwart of one’s group interest, against the agenda of the out-group.

This tendency is even more pronounced among Arabs, whose licentious attitude toward cousin-marriage has buttressed their ethno-centrism – cousin marriage increases genetic similarity, and since people prefer those who are more closely related to them, this increase group-ties.

Europeans, in contrast, have been subject to an religious-cultural environment for hundreds of years that prohibits cousin marriage. This mitigates the rate of mental and physical abnormalities. However, it leaves one’s group ill-equipped to engage in low-level domestic conflict vis-à-vis more ethnocentric groups – couple this with the incessant and hysterical admonishment of ethnocentrism in western society.

The behaviour of the locals is illustrative. Their opposition to the presence of the foreigners is framed in pragmatic terms. The issue isn’t the lecherous tendencies or disrespect for Irish women among the Arabs, it’s the lack of services and the short notice given to the locals. The effacement of what everyone is really thinking stems from the debarment of ethno-centric sentiment from contemporary discourse.

Although popular opposition on this basis may succeed in displacing the residence of these particular migrants, the cowardice endemic in the middle class of Ireland will not save it in the long-term. The continued existence of our nation is a paramount duty – to ensure its subsistence we must place its survival and predominance at the foreground of our argument against mass immigration.

It is said that nemesis follows hubris, but it’s also a consequence of cowardice – will we be cowards? 

Posted by Ulick Fitzhugh


  1. God what happened to our beautiful country.
    I know it’s the globalist filth and our traitors in government.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 11/07/2022 at 4:19 am

    Although I thank the Author for this article, there are a couple of issues that he
    raised I would consider differently.The emphasis on Cowardice is not missed but considering as he himself illustrates,the tribal culture that these people share,being away from their country/countries,sharing the same accommodation,and despite any crime committed by one,they will without any doubt back each other up.So the average local,considering the odds of 150/1 cannot be described as a coward. Yes, Irishmen need to stand up,but not stupidly. It would be more accurate to describe this as a GARRISON, or in
    military terms “FOREIGN INVADERS “. Yes,the army would have to be called upon because the local Gardai are also outnumbered and should the Community raise similar numbers together they would be charged for gang violence. This is not just poor planning…it is a ticking TIME BOMB and should be considered ILLEGAL due to safety concerns.


  3. Spender_CGB 11/07/2022 at 5:14 am

    “The numerous allegations of sexual assault and harassment has enraged locals, who are rightly fearful that they, or their female family members, are liable to become victims. ”

    The people being imported will be tacitly approved for their acts against the indigenous population. Its replacement time lads and the humiliation of us just adds to the enjoyment of the spectacle for the smallhats who are behind this.

    Noel Ignatiev.
    “When it comes to abolishing the white race, the task is not to win over more whites to oppose “racism”; there are “anti- racists” enough already to do the job. The task is to gather together a minority determined to make it impossible for anyone to be white. It is a strategy of creative provocation, like Wendell Phillips advocated and John Brown carried out.”

    Link https://genius.com/Noel-ignatiev-the-point-is-not-to-interpret-whiteness-but-to-abolish-it-annotated

    For those interested Noel Ignatiev “How the Irish Became White” https://www.amazon.com/Irish-Became-White-Routledge-Classics/dp/0415963095

    In order to win a war you must clearly know who the real enemy is.


    1. Yes, Spencer.
      One the reasons why Professor Kevin MacDonald and Andrew Joyce write about this at The Occidental Observer.
      Here in London, I feel like I have relocated to Hyderabad in Pakistan without the merest token of consent sought for this degradation of my hometown.
      So Ireland, act now and act deftly.


      1. Spender_CGB 13/07/2022 at 4:51 pm

        Hi T.Gilligan.

        I read those guys over at the Unz Review. The UK has a large white population (still) and can if it has the will, push back.

        Ireland does not have the population density of the UK and will be easier to overwhelm especially as I hear that ‘Hate’ laws are coming to Ireland., which is the governments way of gagging the indigenous population from speaking out against this..

        We should be out on the streets challenging these coming laws as an infringement on free speech.


        1. The Irish are too scared to speak out and protest. Woke and its adepts reign supreme. The topic of immigration cannot be discussed at any level as the government will not allow any such debate. And once those hate crime laws come in to effect no one may even mention the word “immigration”. Please, please check out the “History Debunked” Youtube Channel. Concerns on these issues can be voiced freely there. Ireland has a small population, unlike the U.K. (which is already in trouble) .


        2. Hi Spencer,
          History Debunked is reliably ‘ok’ and in fairness to him he has been consistently led the criticism of the new regime thinking in the UK.
          He avoid naming names or even referring indirectly to the puppet masters. Therefore, in one sense he doing a very decent job as a gateway journeyman.

          If I was in Ireland I would get , from my understanding, fully supportive of Justin Barrett of the Irish National Party. He appears to have the backbone and capacity to front up to anti-Irish consensus (correct me if I’m wrong).


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 15/07/2022 at 6:56 am

    It really makes me wonder how effectively they have stripped Irish Manhood.
    I was born in the mid fifties and was inspired by great role models of masculinity
    Grandfathers,Fathers,Uncles,Sons and Brothers demonstrated this quality in
    their daily lives,in a fair and honest way,and woe to he that crossed a line because Irishmen would not tolerate any abuse to their families or Kin.
    The Justin Barrett’s of this world are still out there and I admire the man also.
    He is building up slowly from the grass roots,but he is building with proper foundations.
    UN-fortunately he is hampered in his noble efforts also by outsider influences,
    EU, NGO and the power of money,corruption and abuse of power.You would
    think that if he canvassed say the homeless or any disenfranchised people’s in society today,that he would have them all signed up tomorrow.Add in the likes of the Pro Life movement and God forbid the anti-stabbers, it would certainly move things along more quickly.
    As always with Irish Politics,they cannot agree,they have core principles and end up fighting each other.This is orchestrated too,false oppositions,traitors i.e

    BUT, that is and always has been the excuse for not uniting and doing the job at hand. PICK, one problem,one obstacle,one hurdle,UNITED they will defeat each ,One Problem At A Time and before long they will discover what common ground they stand on.
    They can always regroup,returning to their core principles but at least they have learned to back each other up,on a shared principle,without losing out on the bigger picture…BECAUSE THATS WHAT THEIR real ENEMY DOES


  5. Keeping that message simple, sincere and effective is crucial to uniting different factions who fall out over somewhat marginal difference.
    One cogent message could be: ‘Ireland is home of the Irish people. We stand for an Irish future in this land of ours’.
    I viewed a film ‘Soldier Blue’, a revisionist Western (Europeans guilty of Native Amerindian genocide) directed by Ralph Nelson. He also made ‘Flight of Doves’ 1971; one scene in that case-study of propaganda, was a St.Patricks Day parade – a multi-hued cast of marchers from the third-world. The two young protagonists were informed by a uniformed garda, “You don’t have to be Irish to be Irish”(!)
    Amerindian genocide wicked. Irish replacement encouraged


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 15/07/2022 at 9:10 pm

    Thank you T Gilligan, you got it in one,much appreciated. It would inspire and motivate. Joining in with my tuppence worth ” Ireland,one home to one Irish Nation and People “.


  7. What a dreadful opion piece which suggests that Arabs are an inbred lot , with mental and physical disabilities who lustily want to defile Irish women. The tinge of racism in this article is just awful! The good citizens of Kinnegad have an understanable concern about the 150 or so foreigners suddenly foisted upon them without warning, yet the writer offers not ONE source to back up his claim that “numerous allegations of sexual assault and harassment has enraged locals”. We absolutely do need to control immigration into this country and these 150 foreigners need to be kicked out if they haven’t a legitmate or legal basis for staying here, but we can do without the racism that permeates this article.


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