Last year The Burkean covered the flying of and the subsequent controversy around the raising of a LGBT flag to mark the month of Pride at a Ballyfermot church.

Contravening stipulations allowing only the tricolour and Vatican flag to be flown on church grounds, the decision to feature the flag at the time was made by the local priest as a conciliatory gesture to the LGBT community and shortly thereafter taken down after a backflash by parishioners and protests by Catholic activists. 

Quelle surprise, for Pride 2022 a second attempt appears to have been made to normalise the flying of LGBT colours at Irish churches, this time with considerably more effect.

Billed as a LGBT ecumenical event involving a Pride themed prayer event occurred Thursday evening at St Teresa’s Parish Church in Donore South County Dublin. Held in conjunction with local Protestant Churches the event heard directly from LGBT activists in a ceremony presided over by parish priests.

Resulting in LGBT colours decking the parish altar as well as subsequent brandishing of the flag in a live event, the evening was tailored specifically towards LGBT Catholics struggling with their faith to reconcile with the Church and vice versa.

The second time such an event transpired, the parish newsletter reveals that the very same service occurred last year under the radar during covid, it is believed that the driving force behind hosting the event was the parish council.

The dispute occurs alongside Irish Synod which sees an attempt to hear the opinions of grassroots Catholics on the future trajectory of the Church oftentimes giving forum to more progressive opinions and weighted media coverage.

With fears that the Irish Synod may err the way of the uber-progressive German equivalent such a flare up in the ecclesiastical may be an ominous side for the conservative leaning Catholics.

Sources close to the Parish posit that the decision to allow such a ceremony occur was almost solely the handiwork of the Parish council judged by some to hold considerably more sway than even the parish priest.

With seminaries running dry it would appear the scenario whereby less theologically versed and liberal councils may take up the effective running of the day to day church becomes more and more commonplace.

Explicitly teaching that homosexual acts run contrary to ecclesiastic edicts there is little to no wriggle room for thosee seeking to juxtapose the homosexual agenda onto the Church’s roster nevermind the plainly anti-religous thrust of the overall LGBT movement.

In the aftermath of last years attempt to hoist the LGBT flag in Ballyfermot it is believed parish clerics experienced a moderate belt of the crozier from higher ups and there is no reason that such an occurrence can’t occur in the case of St Teresa’s

It is no coincidence that such an event occured out of ecumenicism with moribund Protestant denominations namely the Church of Ireland seeing the self inflicted damage imposed by liberal currents in those organisations.

Eschewed by a firm moral ground the Irish Catholic Church, once a bastion of cultural reaction and order, can and will fall into the hands of the enemy camp paraded around like the many other captured institutions controlled by liberal Ireland.

The last decade has illustrated the prudence of Irish Catholics avoiding slippery slopes and the increasingly brazen attitude of the LGBT movement curb stomping away any opposition within the state as it inflicts its agenda shows the importance of fighting battles such as these.

Following the passing of abortion and related legislation the social battles of the next decade will be defined by Catholics holding onto residual institutional power as the tide of secularism reaches its zenith, hospitals, schools etc.

Catholicism on this island can and must survive until such a point the LGBT movement has exhausted itself and Catholics can properly regroup and that means fighting for every inch of territory, Rialto flagpoles included.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. St Bernadine of Siena:
    “Someone who lived practising the vice of sodomy will suffer more pains in hell than anybody else, because this is the worst sin there is.”


  2. It will be interesting to watch what happens next. Will there be a backlash from regular churchgoers, for example, will they boycott the churches involved. I wonder what the bishops think of this.


  3. Phillip Sherry 28/06/2022 at 10:53 pm

    With the growth of Islam in Ireland and the West it will be interesting if we will ever see an LGBTQ flag flying over Clonskeagh Mosque. I would say about the same odds as President Higgins stating the real reason why there was an attack on a Christian Church in Nigeria,(at St Francis Church Owo in Ondo State ) .In the past year alone just under 6,000 Christians are reported to have been killed in Nigeria, or was that starved to death by “Global Warming”? Take your time Michael D.


  4. I’m really surprised by this story. I’ve regularly attended St Theresa’s and, while the sermons are a bit vanilla — as they always are these days — a lot of the priests there are African, not an area generally noted for alphabet soup.


  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 29/06/2022 at 12:49 pm

    This is not just a minority’s group asking for acceptance,it is a demanding psychotic cult,backed by criminals like Soros through a corrupt ngo sector
    that has infiltrated all forms of govt. and peoples lives, using the power of
    money to tarnish all forms of society, and it’s association with Marxist ideology.

    Crashing the pillars of a society it has left in it’s wake, Education,Healthcare,
    Workforce,Government,Judiciary,Policing,Sport,Social, Media, etc.etc. and
    is determined to bury religious worship in Ireland by the destruction of the
    Catholic Church. The next generation of present schoolchildren are already
    being brainwashed from Kindergarten and will be totally isolated from any form of Christianity. IT HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO RUN RAMPANT.

    Right now, their supply sources need to be wiped out completely. That means
    EVERY REGISTERED/NON NGO in Ireland today is under a spotlight,
    Scrutinized and made accountable. And any Person working for a corrupt NGO
    should terminate their employment because the future is not a rosy one,and
    all the Victims will seek justice.


    1. Brilliantly said.
      We need to go in to towns and villages and educate people on the reality of the LGBTQ push.
      And that is to destroy this generation of kids.
      Confuse them into mutilating and castrating themselves.
      Parents need to take back hold of their kids and Parent them.
      All sex education must be taken out of schools.


  6. David Sheridan 12/07/2022 at 5:28 pm

    Excellent piece. The Truth will set you free.


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