The luminous bib and scooter seem to be the defining garb of globalist Ireland in the year 2022 with Brazilian migration patterns altering Dublin city noticeably the decade passing.

Propped up by a lax visa system and dodgy language schools sector, despite Eurostat figures of just 30,000 holding Irish residency estimates of 80,000 or more in the capital alone seem very likely considering the numeric uncertainty with transient migrant populations.

Despite previous settlements in Gort to meet the labour demands of the meat industry, the genesis for Brazilian migration to Ireland en masse can be traced to reforms made by then Minister of Justice Dermot Ahern in 2009 to facilitate non-EEA students.

Opening up a cheap labour pool for the post-Crash Irish economy the new dispensation enabled arrivals to circumvent the requirement to have a visa upon coming to Ireland provided they had an acceptance letter from a registered English language school as well as an additional qualification.

The only nation in the EU to have such an arrangement, the decision to open up the floodgates emerged from an inevitably one sided ‘public consultation’ favouring employers and pro-migration NGOs.

Before covid the Irish state issued a total of 13,215 PPS numbers to Brazilians in 2019 alone enabling them to work with many more operating slyly in the black economy. In comparative terms that’s a town the size of Ashbourne imported into the state in a single year from one nationality alone. 

Even a short stroll around the capital can reveal language schools positioned in prime real estate, normally with empty classrooms so transparent is the ruse being pulled.

With 2 years maximum study permitted on a stamp 2 or IG visa, in theory those availing of the service are limited to 20 hours during term for work, regulations scarcely enforced. 

Falling into the gig and service economy by the mid 2010s Brazilians had become a regular feature displacing jobs previously occupied by students and Eastern Europeans more often than not heading home as the economic scales tipped East or more recently onto PUP. .

Governed by the Academic Council for English Language Schools (ACELS) there have been numerous almost humorous cases of registered language schools consisting of a few empty rooms with computers only occasionally installed to fool regulators.

Since Brexit there has been further incentive for students to travel to Ireland owing to the fact EU ID cards for education stopped being accepted after October 1st.

Upon the advent of the pandemic Irish migration services essentially went on hiatus embracing a devil may care attitude to even the slightest bit of oversight as the Deliveroo economy revved into gear. 

From Phibsboro to Portobello whole swathes of residential Dublin have been transferred to near tenant style rooms rarely seen by the Irish public. What would normally be the stomping grounds for students and urban professionals has been transformed into lowest common denominator accommodation for Brazilian squats with some nightmarish evictions occurring as a consequence.

The basic fact is that Brazilian migration in particular has taken the floor out of the rental market cannibalising areas with such force that it alters stable communities drastically and for little social return beyond the comfort of a 15 minute delivery time.

While the comfort class was digging into takeaways and Zoom meetings Dublin’s streets became a veritable warzone between local skangers and harassed Deliveroo drivers resulting in effective gang warfare around the North inner city.

Despite attempts to unionise the scale of the disorganised migration and relative brevity of their stay makes such a task nigh impossible. 

So bad has been Deliveroo’s track record in particular that they were even wrapt on the knuckles by Varadkar and the Department of Enterprise for sloppy employment rights.

Now with a new wave of Ukrainian arrivals and Irish capitalism looking further afield to non-EEA nations there is a decent chance that we have indeed reached peak Brazilian after a decade of the influx.

Word of mouth among the community is that Ireland represents diminishing returns in terms of opportunity or even viable living conditions with many slum landlords opting for refugee hosting over Brazilians.

Media reports paint a picture of the price of a bunk bed in a crowded Dublin room reaching €600 a head with many facing the streets or departures lounge in months ahead. 

One can expect the Ukrainian crisis as well will have a very nasty impact on the September student accommodation rush when these competing interests converge.

Epitomising the very worst of the gig economy and mass migration , any review of the last decade of Brazilian migration has to evaluate the classes who benefited most, landlords, employers and select language schools.

A compassionate system of migration would and should have called to stop the madness years ago, hammering down on both gombeen and visa mills alike negatively affecting the general wellbeing of society.

As the captains of industry cast their eyes south to Africa and the Middle East for new labour streams we may look perhaps fondly on the Brazilian decade that Dublin experienced but not without reviewing the social catastrophe it has been and those who have profited from undermining social wellbeing.

As with many other issues facing the Irish nation today by politely but very firmly slamming the door years ago we would have avoided so much hardship.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. James Seymour 07/06/2022 at 10:05 am

    The author of this article would have done well to talk to a few Brazilian “migrants” before writing the article. Most of these “migrants,” at least the ones in my circles, are solidly middle class kids with degrees looking on a bit of a gap year experience and to improve their English. They’re fully prepared to take awful jobs, because “it’s only for a year,” and the euro is much stronger than the réal, so they’ll have amassed a bit of a nest egg when they go finally back to Rio. It’s pretty much the same demographic of aimless nihilistic college kids who, in the US in the 60s, would go backpacking around Thailand. So, away from their parents, they do loads of drugs and party a lot. It’s in no way comparable to Nigerian or Polish migration.

    For some reason, Ireland has a bit of a romantic image, and you get the same sort of temporary migrant from the EU as well. I know so many random highly-educated Spanish people that spent a summer in their undergrad days working in a coffee shop in Ballygobackward (very few French though – they have a better sense of their own value).


  2. Today’s Dublin housing market is as affordable for a single person earning 30 K per annum , as it was for a punter on the scratcher in 1990 # Diversity is our strength


  3. Philip McGee 07/06/2022 at 1:11 pm

    The population of Brazil is over 210 million. NGO apologists would like us to believe we get the cream of the crop rather than the recently convicted gang rapists and coke dealers we get. Many rent rooms to these low life, who fled their own devastated countries to scrounge the dole here.
    When the economy collapses, as it must, watch these same people complain we are not giving these criminals more and more of our shrunken pie.
    The GPO will be surrounded today by Nigerian Muslims, Roma gypsies and various other scum. Unless, as seems less likely by the day, we can get rid of them, they will get rid of us. These apologists have led Black fanatics on marches through Dublin, painting attempted cop killer George Nkencho as a hero. Soon it will be either their way or the highway and an Irishman will be as rare as a Red Indian on the banks of the Potomac or a white face in Balbriggan.


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 09/06/2022 at 12:59 pm

    ” THE 2030 PLAN “, brought to you and compliments from ss Simon and Lieo
    that was before WEF clot swab or WHO /UN/EU announcement in 2022.
    THEIR GOAL, is to achieve a population of 10 million by that time, it is happening now, and do you really think that they care,or give a bollox WHO or
    where your UN-known PADDIES REPLANTATION #2 is. Zieg Hiel !


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