Thoughts of racial inclusion may be far from the minds of struggling rail commuters but regardless Iarnród Éireann is advertising for a potential €79,000 per annum ‘Equality Diversity (sic) and Inclusion Officer’ to start immediately.

Based out of Connolly Station, the ideal applicant is to have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Relations (HR), as well as four years of industry experience.

The successful candidate will subsequently help shape the semi-state’s hiring policy around diversity and inclusion, as well as enforce the company’s already existing initiatives on the matter.

Carrying a minimum salary of €76,000, additional perks include a defined benefit pension, GP services, as well as 25 days annual leave per annum.

While they showed a rare surplus in their 2020 financial report, it was noted that Iarnród Éireann also witnessed a halfling in their total revenue to €143 million, down from a previous year of €297 million largely driven by covid and furloughing of workers.

In receipt of considerable grants from both the Department of Justice and the National Transport Authority, as well as general wage subsidy schemes, state support to the company totaled €230 million in 2020.

It was once believed by some that semi-state bodies were partially immune to the mad dash towards American-style diversity rot, however news of this role underlines how deep the decay goes even in the most mundane and essential of services.

The cost of this post will go well beyond the €79,000 price tag and no doubt weigh the rail network down with additional opportunity costs from the policies and bureaucracy rolled out on top of itself.

After an ignoble century of rail closures, high ticket prices, and despite the state’s anti-car zealotry, this small but symbolic burden is to be placed upon the shoulders of commuters.

Plagued by issues around industrial disputes and line closures, this new hiring of a diversity guru comes as little comfort for maxed out passengers.

Ireland is unusual among all of Western Europe for having such an unaffordable rail service with overreliance on road transport a disaster waiting to happen.

As with the entire diversity agenda, at the end of the day it will be commuters and taxpayers who will be forking out the cash.

Our state seems more intent on ensuring the employment of Nigerian and trans train conductors than returning locomotives to the North-West.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. rename this country to wokesville now. the place couldnt be more of a socialist banana republic at this point with it ukraine and lgbt flags flying outside our respective government buildings. honk honk! if you take it in the ass and have a sub 70 iq you trump any qualification that a native evil white man possesses. in fairness, a sub 70 iq is probably a requirement to study “a Bachelor’s degree in Human Relations”


  2. I hope the successful applicant has a sturdy pair of trousers and many pairs, going to need them. No amount of facade, fake propriety and power positions can make a wrong right and not one that takes the bread and butter from the mouths of the people. A people who know are wholly as Island people reliant on these jobs as safety nets during down turns to put money into the economy and provide means of good employment. Thus, is by it’s very definition at most a war crime and very least a sectarian agenda with intent. Be careful what you wish for, things might suddenly flip and on record as treason collaborators against the people, homeland and country. All in plain sight by arrogance


    1. Imagine setting up a Job to discriminate against a not a section but a hole population. And calling it equality

      Run a public competitions for what they would call it, people are mentally trained into trivial, time to exploit it like a use it like a padded boomerang, it will hurt.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 26/04/2022 at 8:15 am

    I do hope a native Irish speaker, from the Gaeltacht, Imagine! is going to apply
    and hopefully win this position. Surely there would be an outcry if some racist
    from a foreign land complained that a minority speaking person should not
    receive the same preferential treatment…one can only hope


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