While the NGO-Media complex has been stirring up bogus claims about the so-called ‘far-right’ in Ireland for years now, the last few days have seen the infection spread to oversight bodies within Official Ireland.

Yesterday, the Standards In Public Office Commission (SIPO) held an investigative hearing into alleged breaches of a variety of Acts and Codes of Conduct by Monaghan County Councillor Seamus Treanor.

The councillor is being investigated for allegedly distributing ‘racist’ campaign material during the 2019 local elections.

The material in question, which was supposedly referred to as ‘racist, dangerous and xenophobic’ by complaints, largely involve the councillor’s entirely justifiably stance on immigration.

The councillor, who clearly states he has no issue with people arriving into the country who can sustain themselves and are willing to abide by the laws of the country, raised concerns over the uncontrolled immigration being encouraged by Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, and Sinn Féin.

A Dangerous Precedent

While comments by various legal experts during the hearing referenced it not being SIPO’s place to determine whether the comments were ‘right or wrong’, and that the councillor had a right to free speech, the very fact that such an investigation into the councillor is underway is extremely concerning.

What’s more, though the committee appears to not want to get involved in the judgement of ideological or political claims, multiple comments do reference how the body should be willing to investigate the ‘tone’ of the Monaghan councillor’s material.

Ultimately, considering the relatively reasonable nature of the councillor’s concerns, the fact that an investigation is currently underway into such minutiae as the ‘tone’ of his campaign materials raises doubts as to whether anyone on the political right in Ireland can ever campaign effectively. How could one possibly hope to get their point across if their point itself may be seen as breaching a variety of esoteric codes and procedures?

Anarcho-Tyrannical Oversight:

While right-of-centre politicians are now seemingly under almost oppressive amounts of scrutiny regarding what they can and cannot say to the general public in their campaign materials, Ireland’s petty excuse for a media has been seemingly given free-reign to say whatever they like about those same politicians.

After a complaint made by the Irish Freedom Party’s Hermann Kelly to the Press Ombudsman against online rag The Journal over the publication incorrectly referring to the party as ‘far-right’, the Ombudsman sided with The Journal.

Why? Was it because they believed that The Journal presented enough information to justify the incorrect ‘far-right’ label, or even that there was just enough general information floating out in the ether to justify the labelling?

Not at all. It’s because, in the Ombudsman’s own words, “the Irish Freedom Party promotes a range of objectives and policies”, and that the term far-right is a “broad-sweep term which coming from a political reporter expressing his or her political judgment seems acceptable given the range of policies promoted by the party and by the causes party members have been associated with.”

Such a weasel-worded response is beyond laughable when considering Principle 1 of the Press Ombudsman’s Code of Practice is ‘Truth and Accuracy’. And that the second is about clearly delineating between what is fact and what is comment, as our friends at Gript have rightly pointed out.

This is only worsened by the fact that the Journal is now taking money directly from the European Union, a body that the IFP routinely campaigns around leaving.

Instead of standing up for objective measures of truth required for honest journalism, the Press Ombudsman has presented a ruling that is merely convenient for its members, and not one that defends the integrity of Irish civil discourse.

Speaking to the Burkean on the ruling, Mr. Kelly said:

“The self-loathing Left who occupy positions of influence in Official Ireland don’t have arguments or evidence so they can only resort to name-calling. It’s a sure sign of weakness and intellectual dishonesty.”

“That EU-funded Journal.ie would smear us without proffering evidence should be a wake-up call to any reasonable person keen on truth in the news.” 

Next-level Smear Mongering

The increasing pressure dissident voices within Ireland are coming under in recent months, let alone years, reflects a level of cynicism by Irish elites.

While some commenters are no doubt dumb enough to think that many dissidents are actually evil megalomaniacal Nazi psychopaths who would love nothing more than to throw puppies into woodchippers, the vast majority of regime agents are well aware that the ‘far-right’ label being levelled at opponents is untrue. However, while untrue, it is extremely useful, as there are few labels more alienating nowadays than the label of ‘far-right’. It should be remembered that Aoife Gallagher of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue told us herself that she deliberately obfuscates between different groups of people and calls them/us all “conspiracy theorists.”

When all counter-arguments fail— which they already have for official Ireland— slurs such as ‘far-right’ are all that is preventing a momentum shift towards new ways of thinking which would remove many of those involved in the current regime from power.

And Official Ireland cannot have that. 

The Burkean has contacted Cllr. Treanor for comment, but have not received a response at time of writing. 

Posted by Daithí O'Duibhne

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  1. The besmirching of the Irish people who wish to maintain Ireland and the Irish as a distinct ethnic European race is something to be held high in high regard.
    Two can play at this game – call and label the anti-Irish for what they stand for and what they envision for Ireland in the next 80 years ( or even less): Radical Leftist or Revolutionary Leftist.
    Gaining traction and a critical mass of voices is the way to overturn this venal movement.


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