The wheels had barely begun lifting off the tarmac at Kabul airport when the nation’s robust open borders lobby began calling for the acceptance of refugees to the Irish Republic. With commitment to cater for 150 additional humanitarian visas as well as scripted calls for upping that to 1,000 from the usual suspects in the NGO peanut gallery, various state departments are currently scampering to prepare for the new arrivals.

We’ve previously delved into the process before under Freedom of Information, examining semi-covert flights to bring in Syrian refugees and the resulting scramble for housing. However, some of the key things to note about the impending wave are as follows.

  • Over the next month or so, 300 Afghan citizens will be flown in, presumably through Dublin airport, potentially using chartered flights as was the case with the bout of Syrians that arrived last year.
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  • Of this initial wave, 103 are those selected for family reunification who have been fast tracked amid the anarchy, with the remainder being those recently issued humanitarian visas.
  • The majority of the legwork will be done by the UNHCR, of which the Irish government has given €1 million to its efforts providing for Afghan refugees in neighbouring Uzbekistan, Iran, Pakistan and Tajikistan. Previous refugee dumps have involved UNHCR activists shepherding new arrivals off planes and onto waiting private bus services to EROC centres.
  • On the matter of accommodation, refugees will be housed temporarily at EROC centres before being provided for with resettlement schemes as well as the Community Sponsorship Ireland scheme, which would see local communities volunteer.
  • Speaking on RTÉ on Tuesday, Minister for Children and Equality Roderic O’Gorman stated that those soon to arrive have already been selected using criteria favouring human rights activists.
  • Efforts are being coordinated from the Irish Embassy at Abu Dhabi liaising with EU member states and NATO countries with capabilities to carry out evacuations.
  • As it is presumed the nature of their refugee application is genuine, those arriving will not be sent to Direct Provision and enjoy full entitlements and ability to work.

While Afghans have always been present in the Irish Asylum industry, their numbers have been traditionally fairly low on asylum tables relative to Albanians, Syrians and Nigerians. The deposing of the Afghan regime however potentially heralds a new era. With experts predicting a refugee surge out of the country come Spring, Ireland and its ideologically monopolised refugee system, and dearth of electoral populism, remains a potential weak spot for offloading refugees.

While refugees undergo Garda screening, the fact that the state has previously accepted Taliban commanders in years gone by (even paying their legal bills), all points to a potential laxity in the process.

It’s a tired point, but ultimately, none of this is our fault nor responsibility. Manpower spent flying human rights workers out of Kabul and onto rural Irish hotels is hardly an optimal way to spend state resources, but so is the case of our benighted NGO Republic. 

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Can someone out help me understand what is it that the NGOs’ detest and hate about the Ireland, that a
    for finite time remains truly Irish?
    Inviting and enabling people from some of the most unstable and chaotic parts of the world to bring their beliefs and mores to the most geographically Western nation in Europe is insane.


    1. The Real Fianna 18/08/2021 at 9:12 pm

      Greetings T.Gilligan .

      It is all about the money, the NGO’s funding is being justified on the basis that they seek to help poor refugees, the UN and EU tells irish politicans to do their part in helping refugees. Being the subservients that they are, they then give funding to the NGO’s from the tax payers pockets, and the NGO’s profits from using the refugees as an excuse for their funding. They will tell you that ireland is racist BLA BLA and should be more accomodating, because its business for them to use refugees to justify funding.

      The refugees benefit from the NGO as it is the NGO that pressure society into housing the refugees and expecting the tax payers to pay the bill. The NGO Benefits from the tax payer and private funding by globalists who want to undermine the homogenity and sovereignty of nations so they can rule them under a one world government monoculture with no sovereign independent nations to stand in their way.

      The open border pushing NGO’s are the well paid useful idiots of globalists and the naive tax-payers to bring about monoculture so globalists can undermine sovereignty of a nation to absorb it into a one world government structure.

      Monoculture = One Culture. A globalist culture controlled by ONE world government ruling through the UN, the who etc.

      The WHO: Put on the face nappy.

      Gullible Irish Gombeen: Yes master.

      The world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” – David Rockefeller.

      That is what the useful idiots Antifa defend and why they get their hair in a twist when they are told that is they who are the ones supporting fascism. They have LOW IQ’s.


  2. Im disgusted we as a country have no responsability for this catastrophe .
    The U.S and its nato allies should take
    all the refugees ‘ every last one.


    1. Ireland handed Fort Shannon to Usaf . Now the chickens are coming home to roost . Paddy should accept 10,000 vetted refugees from Afghanistan, preferably women & children .


      1. The Real Fianna 18/08/2021 at 10:12 pm


        Afghanistan and their love for sharia law has NOTHING got to do with the Irish people. Its not their problem or responsibility to take in foreign refugees from a different continent, when they can’t even house its own citizens, and can barely accommodate its own citizenry as it has a severe housing shortage and a high-rent-cost housing crisis due to uncontrolled mass-immigration.

        10’000 refugees? you expect the tax payer to pay for all that do you? You expect for afghans to be placed ahead of homeless irish citizens on housing lists do you?


  3. No surprise then. Another opportunity to break the social ,cultural and ethnic identity of the native people of Ireland. A trickle soon to turn to a flood.


  4. This is simply wrong.
    Here is a link to a piece by Aris Roussinous, who is far more able than me to argue whether the Taliban can rule in fairness, which is well worth a read.
    Copy and paste to your url or look up Mr Roussinous.

    It is not acceptable to allow more migrants into a country which cannot house its own indigenous people, people who have worked here for years, paying tax and supporting the influx of education migrants and economic migrants, as well as those from Eastern Europe, some of whom are still fleecing the system.

    This is not the same country as the Ireland who welcomed the Vietnamese and the Bosnians, who were genuine refugees and grateful for the asylum. No, we have been sadly used since then and it’s time to stop this nonsense. Is there a leader out there who will speak for us? Please, enough is enough


  5. The Real Fianna 18/08/2021 at 8:25 pm

    From the article – It’s a tired point, but ultimately, none of this is our fault nor responsibility.

    Great point. Afghanistan is a country where the populace favours sharia law, that is why the Taliban is back in power there, the people seem to want strict islam and have welcomed them back, they don’t care for mcdonalds. Sharia law is their culture, it is not irelands problem if muslims want to be governed under sharia in afghanistan. The lamestream media constantly shows afgans trying to flee, it never showed a lot of afghanis being happy, cheerful and taking selfies with the taliban as they got back power. Its always bias with the lamestream.

    The afghan citizens that don’t like it? why should the irish tax payer be forking out for failed countries in the middle east and accomodating people from there? Ireland fails to house its own citizens, but has no problems housing foreign citizens over their irish citizenry. That is selfish behaviour, to favour foreign citizens for housing over its own irish citizens freezing in the streets with no roof over their heads.

    Ireland is filled to the brim with globalist NGO’s coercing politicans into importing foreign citizens and expecting the irish tax payer to pay for all the accomodation of foreign citizens, and the funding of globalist NGO’s seeking to bring them into a small north west european island.

    The irish voter needs to demand better politicans and stricter border controls, simple as!

    Afghan asylum seekers have been convicted of large amounts of sex crimes in scandinavia. There has been numerous cases of afghan immigrants involved in rape attacks in sweden. A lot of them were not deported after the attacks.

    The Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) done an information request from the ministry of interior on statistical crime analysis of crimes committed by refugess in austria during the years 2015-16, About a fifth of all offenders, over 2 thousand of them, came from Afghanistan. There is a reason why Taliban exists and is in power in that country, its because the people there, a lot of them want sharia. That is not irelands problem or the tax payers problem.


  6. Eoin Ruairí 20/08/2021 at 7:14 pm

    This orchestrated demographic replacement in the West is not about something so trivial as money or an erroneous utopian belief in the need for cultural diversity. Sure these may functions as an incentive for the pawns in the NGO complex and party politics, but it is not the driver of the those pulling the strings from above. The oligarchs are motivated by a visceral and atavistic hatred for Western man.

    This is all part of the Kalergi Plan to ethnically cleanse Christendom of its native European populations! Financial or misguided philanthropic motives are nowhere near sufficient to explain a plan so vast and devastating in its consequences. And for those questioning who the oligarchs orchestrating this grand strategy are look to the hero of the Second World War for answers.


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