Rolling blackouts in the depths of winter await us thanks to the myopia of the upper class, enamoured as they are by the fear-porn of a “Climate Crisis.”

According to the Business Post, Eirgrid has confirmed the likelihood of rolling blackouts as the electricity system suffers from the closure of power stations and the construction of new data centres.

“In the past 12 months, there have been six power shortage alerts on the grid, compared with 11 in the entire decade before. The increase in the number of these power shortage alerts is due to the rise in demand from data centres, outages at two major gas plants, the retirement of two peat-fired power stations in the midlands, the increasing volume of variable renewables on the grid, and a weak pipeline of new firm power generation capacity.”

Not mentioned is the constant pressure on services caused by mass immigration, ranging from housing now needing upwards of 50,000 houses every year (from 20,000 a few short years ago), to waste removal and water treatment services.

Ireland’s elites’ hyper focus on climate hysteria and shuttering power plants lead not only to an increase in emissions this year (as fossil fuel generators are turned back on to desperately pick up the slack), but Irish people are paying the fourth highest rate on energy in the European Union, behind Germany, Belgium and Denmark who have all been captured the same hysteria by the very same rootless clique of elites.

It is however a good example of the need for self sufficiency should the worst come to pass. Make sure this winter to have plenty of non-perishable goods stocked, warm blankets and candles. Consider getting a stove if you can, to keep at least one room in the house warm.

Don’t expect the State to snap out of its reverie any time soon. Expect things to get a whole lot worse.

Posted by Eoin Corcoran


  1. The Real Fianna 17/08/2021 at 9:15 pm

    To understand what is going on with the climate hysteria agenda, it is wise to start reading the Agenda 2030 goals, it is pushed as Sustainable development goals from the UN.

    Always remember that it was a Rockefeller that donated the land for the creation of the UN Headquarters. Look at who the main funder of the WHO is? It is Gates. Those organisations were designed for globalists to push agendas through them.

    These are the organisations that irish politicans aquiesce to constantly. Irish politicans are the obsequious underlings of the globalists. The elected underlings are a real threat to irish peoples civil liberties and the health of the country. The irish voter needs to demand better.

    Those who are asleep focus on the puppets those who are awake focus on the ones pulling the strings.

    Look at some of the sustainable development goals from the GLOBALISTS toolbox the UN.

    They are pushing GMO foods (Unhealthy shit), synthethic meat products (PUKE), they are going after control of water supply and its consumption (Water tax), they are pushing for the removal of traditional energy generation methods like the use of Petrol and Diesel (People will be dependent on power-grid, so easily controlled). They are pushing for creation of smart (dumb) cities, urban areas, with A RECYCLING CIRCULAR Economy, throw out your left-overs from dinner? they will try and recycle it to you, that is what a lot of the recycling industry has become about. Then you have the massive surveillance apparatus in those so-called smart cities. It is destined to be designed like the CCP social credit score system, BIOMETRIC cameras EVERYfuckingWHERE. In china they even have cameras in the WASTE bins, spying on people to see are they recycling properly, and tieing it all in with the credit score.

    Those dumb cities will be linked with railway, as gas and petrol cars are done away with. They will say that you can use electric cars, but they will tax it heavily, as they will say that even those create carbon emissions too, and the charging of the cars will be tied to power grid, so people will be completely reliant on that GRID. Got solar power panels? completely useless! ireland gets no sunshine basically and power panels are unreliable and easily break.

    They will seek to remove gas boilers, condemn coal-fires and instead push useless HEAT-PUMPS instead. OLd people could easily freeze to death if they don’t have a REAL-FIRE.

    They want to reduce farming production and basically make it impossible for small independent farmers to have a living from the farm. They will TAX the living SHIT out of them for breaking ORWELLIAN carbon emission protocols, and push them into alternatives to dairy, which will be TERRIBLE FOOD and very unhealthy.

    It is slowly being pushed along, they want some of it in by 2030, ALL OF IT by 2050-2060.


    This work indicates that the fourth industrial revolution is unique, driven as it is by a global network of smart (network-driven) cities, countries and regional clusters, which understand and leverage the opportunities of this revolution – top down and bottom up – acting from a holistic and integrated perspective.”
    ― Klaus Schwab, The Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Fourth industrial revolution = the surveillance cities tied in with social credit score CCP esque style communist control.

    It is true that in the post-pandemic era, personal health and well-being will become a much greater priority for society, which is why the genie of tech surveillance will not be put back into the bottle. But it is for those who govern and each of us personally to control and harness the benefits of technology without sacrificing our individual and collective values and freedoms.”
    ― Klaus Schwab

    PUSHING OF SURVEILLANCE AND NORMALISING IT. CONTACT TRACING, QR CODE INJECTION PASSES. A MODERN NAZI GERMANY. It was never about any infectious disease (its a ruse), it was never about climate change (its a ruse) ITS ABOUT CONTROL and the removal of civil liberties and lowering living conditions.

    The ravensburg town that Schwab was born in, did you know that in Nazi Germany in 1930’s, that was the town where people with diagnosed illnesses such as dementia, and epilepsy, deafness, and various other conditions were legally and forcibly sterilised in the Städtische Krankenhaus Heilig Geist Spital.

    Creepy as fuck, the WW2 connections to where a lot of globalists are born.

    From the article – Make sure this winter to have plenty of non-perishable goods stocked, warm blankets and candles.

    Yes, good idea, keep food stocked up. Ireland is very dependent on outside sources for food.

    Always a good idea to keep the food stocked up.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 18/08/2021 at 12:34 pm

    Your Tax,not the elite globalist corporations that pay little or NO TAX and are the guilty that cause EMISSIONS,AND USE OF NATURAL RESOURCES.
    CHINA, alone built more coal fired power stations in 2020 than all of the WEST combined, or was it globally.CHINA, stockpiles all materials the west would need to meet CARBON TARGETS. How can a fu king tax stop the belching black smoke?…it does not. Now add in all of ASIA- and its POPULATION demands on the planet…you don’t need a degree in maths to work this one out. Laughing their bollox off again at THE POLITICALLY CORRECT.
    IRELAND accounts for next to nothing regards this global greenhouse garbage. But the Coalition Green Gombeens want to pacify their air fairy friends and global dictators by DENYING IRISH PEOPLE the use of IRELANDS natural resources and self sufficiency,….BY PAYING MORE TAX
    Here’s a starting point for you so called greenies, BAN PLASTIC IN ASIA…
    duh, that’s to bleedin easy. old mc Donald …had a farm…EI…LIEO…OH


  3. An internal link to this article in the Burkean of 21 February 2018 might be in order: Ireland’s nuclear future: an assessment. IF there truly were a climate crisis, THEN those in fear of a dire near-future should want to do anything possible to forestall it. One of the reasons for my cynicism about climate change is that the elites in the U.S. and Ireland (not to mention Brussels and Germany) won’t hear of nuclear energy, which has ZERO carbon emissions and doesn’t require all the ridiculous contortions involved in wind and solar power generation.

    Sadly, Ireland enacted legislation in 1999 that prohibits the production of nuclear energy. Not exactly the voice of the people: The linked article above states that a 2016 online poll with a sample of 14,000 placed the percentage wanting nuclear power at 51%. Four nuclear reactors would be sufficient to provide all of Ireland’s energy needs.


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