The gnashing of teeth has been audible from House 6 this week with public discord emerging  between TCD’s Trinity News and the Irish Times, resulting in the former terminating their business relationship with the Tara Street hacks.

Disharmony emerged with the platforming of various “anti-trans” (TERF) voices within the IT letter section calling into question the effect a ban on conversion therapy would have on trans matters.

Something of a touché issue within feminist circles, The Burkean has previously reported on the rancour generated by the arrival of a TERF lobby onto Irish shores and the shade being thrown by disgruntled comrades in the LGB(T) movement. 

While the average citizen maintains a respectable degree of indifference vis a vis trans matters, this issue has engendered a flurry of internecine cultural battles among progressives, as attested by the Graham Linehan saga.

With high profile denouncements and even subscription cancellations of the IT by court figures like Rory O’Neill, it seemed inevitable the storm in the teacup would percolate to Trinity News and its recently installed editor Jack Kennedy.

The Lady is displeased, some of the commercial opprobrium being directed at the IT

Part of the print duopoly active on campus, Trinity News had previously contracted out their printing needs to the IT, with additional advertising slots taken by the paper of record in TN. With the student market playing a key role in keeping the IT’s business model afloat, the move, while largely symbolic, raises the heat on the paper for moving against the institutional current on the trans issue.

The announcement was made by Kennedy Friday, confirming that TN had severed business ties with the IT on account of their recent platforming efforts of “trans critical” voices.

In an online statement Kennedy outlined the reasoning behind the move, gaining much laudation from left quarters.

‘The IT has been going down a path of increasingly outspoken editorial support for transphobia….they’ve consistently and almost exclusively featured (apart from one dissenting letter) featured hateful views on the subject’

Unlikely to pop any financial bubbles at the Irish Times, the decision is perhaps a conscious effort to prevent any breaking of the ranks on the Trans issue by voices within the liberal overton window. 

Since the ink went dry on the Gender Recognition Act as well as some recent high profile cock ups within prisons and child services, the country’s latitudinarian outlook on trans matters has engendered dissent within progressive circles, increasingly finding form in a new TERF lobby.

Jack Kennedy-Pronouns ‘Window’ and ‘Licker’

A twinkish looking figure even by Trinity standards, Kennedy combines his brand of arts block radicalism with a patrician South Dublin private education and is not the only one to do so on campus. Almost certain to veer leftwards under the tutelage of its new editorial master, the spat may be an early warning of the ideological direction the publication may head in the year coming.

TN, despite its 68 year history, has found itself overshadowed by its big brother in the form of the more centrist University Times. Dare I say The Burkean may have potentially overtaken them in readership per online metrics. 

A potential rising star of sorts, we at this publication have raised Mr Kennedy’s blood pressure in recent years, most recently by the electoral showing made by our very own Peter Caddle in TCDSU elections.

While petty ruptures like this may cause some on the right to gloss their eyes, seeing it as just mere catfighting among our elite, these splits ought to be analysed for a deeper context. The Republic has waded too far into trans mania for some liberals who are attempting to interject some sanity into the matter.

On a long enough timeline the trans mania of the last decade will have to be scaled back for the human cost it inflicts on individuals, as well as wider society as a whole. The likes of Kennedy hardly bats an eyelid when the IT syndicates adverts from totalitarian regimes or indulges in a daily splurge of anti-Catholic rhetoric the paper is historically known for. 

Let history register where these people stood in allowing this cultural poison to overcome Irish society, and don’t allow them any leniency of wriggling out when the bodies literally do begin piling up.

Irish society is about to experience a harsh learning curve and will no doubt be on way to recovery by the time TN journalists are still working out their pronouns.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. The Real Fianna 14/08/2021 at 11:58 pm

    TCD’s Trinity News seems to be written by low IQ people. I would never read it, as i have no interest in reading material written by obsequious underlings of the globalists. All they do is regurgitate the orders from globalist institutions from high on up, so they can feel part of something bigger than themselves, as they preach whilst fawning over their globalist masters and wearing their masters livery (Globalism). They virtue signal to become a part of the “globalist-clique” so they can feel important. They are just order followers way low down in the ranks of globalism.

    One of my favourite quotes.

    Good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people. – John D. Rockefeller

    Globalists juct click their fingers and the below average just march in line like a clique.

    It is tragic that all across the world young women are deliberately being brainwashed to despise marriage and motherhood. Feminism promises a career, freedom and money; but in reality, it’s a dead-end of loneliness, heartache and bitter regret.– David J. Stewart

    Feminism breaks up families, women spend all day at meaningless work, when they should be spending it with their family. Women going out to work is a DOUBLE TAX on the family unit. Long ago a man could easily provide enough for his family and to put a roof ovder their heads without the wife having to work or place her children over to creches.

    A woman should be at the heart of a family unit, her fulfillment is in motherhood.

    Strong fathers make for masculine sons. They make for strong families. Strong sovereign nations. A real man would always want to be the provider for the family. The west has been deprived of STRONG fathers.

    STRONG FATHERS = STRONG NATIONALISM. STRONG MEN = STRONG NATIONALISM. STRONG MEN = STRONG PATRIOTISM! Women will always follow strong men. Women need men to be men. So become strong and patriotic for the women!

    Globalists promote weak mem exactly like the weak irish underling globalist politicans selling ireland OUT.

    Become strong men, be proud of your warrior celtic heritage, love Ireland, love its beauty. The same blood that was flowing through the veins of Cuchulainn flows in the vein of all Gaelic men for Gaels are descended from heroic kings, queens and warriors. THE CELTS!


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 16/08/2021 at 11:37 am

    Keep up your great work @ THE REAL FIANNA. I admire and support a lot
    of your material and opinion. We are on the same page. I do enjoy many a laugh with your quotes and quick wit,and it is the irishness in me that begs the silly question. If you’ve never read TCDs Trinity News , how then do you know it’s by people of apparently low IQ….? your leading sentence just cracked me up and I am laughing with you,not at you,me aul flower. The importance of being earnest, please take no offense…It could happen a Bishop,so they say.
    No interest in reading material written by obsequious underlings of the globalist, never would…MAGIC…but how do you challenge without reference ?
    Just me tuppance worth…HAVE A GREAT DAY.


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