Dublin Catholics successfully mobilised last week to call a halt to the flying of the Pride flag outside the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Ballyfermot. Significant controversy was generated among the faithful following the raising of the flag earlier by the parish council, a move subsequently defended by Fr Aidan Egan at his Sunday homily.

Following online criticism, a campaign was instigated by local Catholics to apply pressure on the parish council culminating in the removal of the flag after a single day. There followed a protest outside the church last Saturday resulting in 70 or so Catholics dignifiedly praying the Rosary on the Ballyfermot roundabout opposite the church.

The protest was organised and directed by the Irish Society for Christian Civilisation, a Catholic activist group known for their spirited public demonstrations and resulting progressive meltdowns.

Outlining their reasons for organising the protest a spokesman for the group stated the following,

‘One of the tools of the homosexual movement is ambiguity. The priest claimed that he flew the flag to show that the Church welcomed everyone – a perfect example of being ambiguous and twisting the meaning of words. The Church has always “welcomed” people but that never meant condoning a sinful lifestyle. The Church “welcomed” a sinner back by charitably pointing him in the direction of the confession box”

While in of itself a benign act, the assembly attracted the unwanted attention of Sinn Féin councilor Greg Kelly, visibly enraptured at the sight of protesting Catholics. Bellowing accusations of homophobia, Councillor Kelly proceeded with what were presumably his children to drive frantically around the Ballyfermot roundabout blaring Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ in contrast to the Ave Marias of the crowd.

Having decamped from observing an earlier antifascist demonstration in Smithfield this author had the pleasure of observing the tailend of Councillor Kelly’s temper tantrum as he wildly asserted the praying Catholics were the same as the DUP.

There is a certain historic irony in a Sinn Féin representative harassing praying Catholics while wearing a Celtic FC top that no doubt in between his singing renditions Kelly ought to have recognised. A party formed out of the embers of Bombay Street to defend Catholic areas has been reduced to that of a rainbow tinted orange order when it comes to Catholicism. The arrogance of Kelly and others to demand that a Catholic Church fly a LGBT flag is akin to the very same chauvinism Catholics were accustomed to in the Northern state.

While sanity prevailed with the swift removal of the flag, a media fueled campaign has since picked up steam promoting a counterprotest this weekend. Spearheaded by various Sinn Féin and People Before Profit fronts, it will see a picket arranged upon the same roundabout protesting homophobia.

From a theological standpoint the Church’s outlook is clear cut. Per the Magisterium, homosexual acts are categorised as “objectively disordered” with Catholics instructed to hate the sin but love the sinner when it comes interacting with homosexuals.

Those with any experiences of Catholic youth organisations or within seminaries know the malefic effects homosexuals have upon organs of the Church. Certainly with various desecrations of religious property seen during both the Repeal and SSM referenda, nevermind constant cultural attacks by the LGBT lobby on Catholics, one wonders if any compassionate attitudes will be reciprocated. Will The George fly Papal colours or the various LGBT quangos redirect their state funding to missionary work perhaps? 

If it’s not clear enough already, Catholics in Ireland or elsewhere will not be afforded the right to pursue their own individual Benedict Options as more and more our societies veer into the wilderness. 

Our nation’s well resourced LGBT mafia has the Church under the knife and intends to keep it there .Any inch given to the lobby precipitates a mile being taken, with any concessions so far being granted in no way placating the LGBT militants.

Failure to stick by our guns will only trigger further demands and rewrites of Catholic dogma by the intransigent LGBT lobby who seek a parody of the Church. These groups will not rest until like Anglicanism the Church becomes culturally and spiritually demoralised to the point of just becoming another liberal appendage. 

The past year we’ve seen a timorous abdication of responsibility by the hierarchy when it comes to defending the rights of Catholics to attain the Sacraments during a lockdown which has targeted religious gatherings inordinately. The spectacle of the Archbishop of Dublin sheepishly smiling as Mohammedans utilise Croke Park, church services getting busted up by Gardaí and various Catholic protests being harassed by authorities have been the images which have defined the previous year as the writ of secular Caesars ran rampant.

As Hungary comes under siege for seeking the most basic of demands in its educational system as a Christian nation,we bear witness to lengths to wish the LGBT lobby desires to pursue its blood libel against traditional moral orders. Those who take to the roundabout this weekend seek not a compromise with Catholicism but its neutralisation and maligning from public life. This is a battle of territory as much as it is moral.

Irish Catholics are increasingly waking up in a captured state, more like the historically anticlerical French Republic than the state our ancestors built. Against subversives both within and without, the Church is tasked with standing sentinel in upholding the Christian order. As Irish Catholics we comprehend at a primal level the nefarious designs of those who wish to threaten our Church whether it is the northern orangeman or the southern NGO apparatchik.

There is very little point trying to placate the implacable and try reason with those who with you ill. Long may the flag of the Sacred Heart fly over Irish Churches and let that banner be raised over our society when the LGBT fanatics are driven out of the corridors of power. The message of the Gospel will outlive those who currently hold the whip hand over Irish society.

Image courtesy of Eugene McDonagh-@emcdonagh1

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. The Real Fianna 26/06/2021 at 7:39 am

    Quote from article: As Irish Catholics we comprehend at a primal level the nefarious designs of those who wish to threaten our Church

    The problem is that the roman catholic church does not belong to the Irish though, it belongs to a hierarchial power structure in rome that is aligned with international bankers and mafia organisations. Just watch the movie the Godfather III ffs.

    All the irish bishops and priests recieve their orders from Rome, not Ireland. A similar problem exists in Britain, the protestants recieve their orders from the anglican church which is ultimately ruled by the windsors and international bankers.

    It would be very naive to believe that they (Catholic + Protestant hierarchy) are not all best buddies behind the scenes through the masonic lodges. Masonic lodges are all over the place in europe.

    The leadership of the roman catholic church has clearly made its intentions clear, it is pro mass-immigration into european states, and pro LGBT and pro-islam too. Wasn’t old francis in some mosque a month back? its no joke.

    Francis Bergoglio, was named Person of the Year by a well known LGBT magazine, The Advocate. He also has expressed support for same sex civil unions.

    The Irish priests are all for the pride flag. That is why that priest in the article did not object to the raising of the flag, because the orders from rome do not object to the pride flag.

    If you call yourself a roman catholic, its like saying your spiritual leader and spiritual spokesperson is the head of a foreign state, the roman vatican.

    Rome is not in Ireland the last time i checked.

    I dare anyone to challenge the idea that the roman catholic church has not become an advocate for globo homo culture. Its the vatican that has the power over irelands churches, bishops and priests. So no surprise they are allowing the raising of pride flags.

    The roman catholic church has always been corrupt to the core. It should not be taboo for irish nationalists to point out its failings and corruption.

    It was also irish missionary priests abroad who were telling about how generous the asylum seeking system is in Ireland, cead mile failte.

    Irish nationalism may have traditionally been associated with catholicism, but look at the state of Ireland today from the damage the church has done. Look at all the abuse cover-ups, absolutely disgusting. I don’t know how anyone calling themselves irish nationalists could support such a corrupt institution.

    Lets not forget that all those lovely FF and FG politicians were educated by the church. It is not looking too bright now is it?

    As for Hungary and its objection to homosexual and trans propaganda? As a christian state, they will hear no support from rome, you can be sure of that.


    1. Maolsheachlann 27/06/2021 at 4:39 pm

      I think you need to reflect on Our Lord’s words regarding God and Caesar. The Magisterium of the Pope and bishops is universal and international, nor is it in conflict with national loyalties. The caricature of the Catholic Church you present here is only true of a minority of liberal bishops and priests. It’s funny that this Church which is supposedly corrupt to the core has outlived every heresy and schism.


      1. The Real Fianna 28/06/2021 at 1:51 am

        Maolsheachlann: The Magisterium of the Pope and bishops is universal and international, nor is it in conflict with national loyalties.

        Coming back to that comment of yours again. I think it pure naivete on your part. In a way the church has undermined national loyalties, and clearly IS in conflict with nationalism on a philsophical standpoint.

        The church have educated irish politicans and framed their minds and their whole world view through the christian run schools and colleges to be welcoming to mass-immigration, to be the good christians etc, to be like the jesus character, welcome the global village etc, the priests are always on about it, welcome the global village. Just listen and watch.

        Their loyalty you could say is to a globalist welcoming ideology, more so than any strong nationalism. They are being good christians after all right? When irish politicans have been challenged by implementing refugee quotas and housing them over native irish, they always point out to themselves being good christians, you always get a sense of them feeling justified by believing themselves to be the good christians. This is what the church has teached them. They know no different.

        Oh the poor third world, oh those poor things, ireland must take them all in (even though it can’t house its own) Shur isn’t it awful. That has always been teached in irish christian schools and is embedded into the irish psyche and has been for generations.

        The irish must save the world, donate vast sums to christian charities where the money goes out the economy and out of Ireland etc, and have a good old prayer afterwards. Shur it might get them into the heaven the church tells them about? yeah, old pensioners after they die giving their land and money to the church to fight world poverty right? How much is the church worth again exactly? It still does not pay money out to its victims in Ireland who suffered at the hands of a corrupt institution.

        Where are the irish priests and bishops speaking out against mass-immigration into Ireland? They would welcome it, knowing them, in fact, they have welcomed it and even invited it through missionaries abroad. Loads of their nuns are foreign too, its a global village according to them right? so why wouldn’t they have their global village on irish soil? They will have african priests too and probably already do, they are a global village right? a global religon right?

        Lets say if the nationalist party got into power in Ireland, they will not be seen as good welcoming christians by the church in Ireland, you can be sure of that. I can not see the irish psyche ever allowing christianity to be combined with nationalism, because its a direct contradiction to all the stuff teached by the church in the schools.

        And it will always be consistently pointed out by the leftists, oh but you’re not being good christians bla bla. And guess what? the bishops and priests in Ireland will be thinking it too, nothing points to anything different.

        The church can never be changed from Ireland, as old francis is the irish priests and bishops boss, rainbow cross and all.

        In other christian countries like Poland and Hungary, there seems to be a different psyche at play, since they have their languages still intact, and pulled themselves out of communism (although into new communism, the eu) they are more nationalistic and untrustworthy of outsiders, especially as they see the failings of multicultarism in the west, and the destruction it has caused.

        The people in those countries are generally more traditional and archaic in their ways, not as domesticated as Ireland, or as off the fucking rails as Ireland is.

        But with old francis wearing rainbow crosses, you can see them becoming less influenced by the church over time, as it is clearly mutating into something else entirely and has been for a while. It is aligning itself with lockdowns, climate hoax and pro-immigration philosophy. All anti-nationalism agendas.

        Build back better? Ever hear that? they are building back alright.


  2. The Real Fianna 27/06/2021 at 7:23 pm

    Maolsheachlann, greetings.

    I have no lord, i bow to no one. You are entitled to believe in what you want, you can bow and pray to what you want, i don’t really care.

    It does not mean i have to believe though, in what i consider to be fairy tales from rome designed to entrap the minds of the subjects of the empire under an expansionist, universalist, globalist ideology. Which rome always was and still is, under its modern flavour, roman catholicism.

    Personally i think the christ figure is fiction, it makes no sense to me, it is obviously a metaphor for solar worship, as indeed the christ character is worshipped on a SUN-DAY, get it? the sun. It is clearly an esoteric character, based on ancient solar dieties like Mithra etc. Frankly i find the pacifism of the christ character to be really weak, it is not a warrior figure, it is submissive. Not something that i could ever like.

    Look at the mythology from ancient european tribes, look at the irish mythology, full of warriors, heroes and magical inspiration.

    Look at Cuchulainn and the strength of that character, these are the characters whom i believe irish nationalists need to be looking to for spiritual strength, look at home for the spirituality, not at rome or the desert culture.

    Irish were polytheist animists for a whole lot longer than they were christians. They respected nature a lot more than those in the modern age. In that time nature were the gods and goddesses, in the modern age, money is the god, materialism is the god, nature is being ripped up, ancient burial sites of irish kings are being desecrated.

    Now, lets get back to what you’re saying Sir.

    Maolsheachlann: the Magisterium of the Pope and bishops is universal and international, nor is it in conflict with national loyalties.

    They are universal and international, because christianity is a globalist religon and ideology. It is a form of colonialism for the minds. The vatican even thinks it owns peoples souls. Just read some its dogma.

    The royalties in european have been granted the “divine right to rule” which was given to them by rome. Its all power and money which was what christianity was designed for. It has now served its purpose, and the hierarchy will probably make it into something else, which explains why it is getting more gay.

    Maolsheachlann: The caricature of the Catholic Church you present here is only true of a minority of liberal bishops and priests.

    They are testing the limits, also Francis Bergoglio has been known to wear a rainbow coloured cross, look it up, it was nodding support for the LGBT agenda. He would look right at home in a pride parade wearing it, there are pictures are all over the net of him wearing it. Its like he is laughing at how he can test the limits, say one thing, yet mean another. Mind games in other words, get people into confusion, test the waters.

    In 2020 an irish priest from the defense forces took part in a virtual pride parade, the bishops basically said nothing. The catholic church is aligning with the so-called progressive politics and the globo homo agenda.

    Maolsheachlann: It’s funny that this Church which is supposedly corrupt to the core has outlived every heresy and schism.

    What the church deemed heresy, they violently suppressed by murdering innocent peoples who did not share a colonial expansionist mindset. From europe to the americas, christendom has caused havoc, in europe they murdered untold amounts of beautifiul white women at the stake for having the audacity to believe in something different.

    Even in Ireland, it was rome who told the normans to invade ireland so they could crush the independent celtic christian church that that did not follow rome.


  3. A Christmas sermon at my local RC Church in East London, the priest said ‘we should welcome asylum seekers’. All my suspicions and cynical thoughts confirmed what my doubts were nagging away at my heart. That was it: I decided not to attend mass again- even if it was only once a year.

    The (selectively) ‘liberal’ media moralizes each time the migration racket is debated. Actually debated would be way off the mark, an echo-chamber discussion with a open border advocate is a more accurate description; virtue flag waving with phrases like ‘It’s the right thing to do for fellow human beings; we are better than that (processing better-lifers wanting make the UK their home in an offshore centre).
    Being an Irish Catholic will be regarded in these times as being eccentric, and standing up the global homos, however much I agree with this stance, will only add to that perception.


  4. Bergoglio papacy and the globohomo movement now one and the same. Christianity,Judaism,Islam are Eastern in orgin and should have no place in the West.


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