There was much crying and gnashing of teeth from politicians and government officials Saturday over mass outdoor gatherings of mostly young people in Dublin and Cork. After over a year’s worth of lockdowns, the drink-filled gatherings were lambasted by a wide variety of sources, including Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Holohan (PBUH) who said he was ‘absolutely shocked’ by them, comparing them to an ‘open-aired party’.

This outrage however was met with stern opposition. Other commentators, on both the left and right ends of the political spectrum came out against the campaign of castigation, often citing the relatively low level of risk posed by the gathering, as well as the multiple failings of both the Government and local authorities to adequately prepare for gatherings that any reasonable individual could see were ultimately inevitable.

The controversy serves as the latest flashpoint between Ireland’s ruling class and the youth of the nation. While the modern State has always had an issue properly catering for the youth under its charge, the relationship between the two has only soured with the pandemic. What was once a relationship of mild disdain now drifts ever towards abject hatred, as the younger generations move ever more towards the populism of Sinn Féin and the nascent right-wing in response to inept governance. 

As the world collapses around them, all that is left for the youth of our nation is to rampantly abuse alcohol and other substances on the streets of our cities, desperate to forget the times they are living in. 

The Government, weak and ineffective in its ability to maintain and administer justice, has left these generations with little to nothing to hold on to, both ideologically and materially. The levels of opportunity within the State have utterly withered with the growth of globalism. As talking heads remind us that Irishness is nothing more than a piece of paper, they simultaneously expect the youth to carry the brunt of the State’s financial burdens caused by both this health crisis as well as the financial crises before it. 

In response, our generation lashes out. Binge drinking culture has always been a problem for the Irish nation, but recent years have seen a substantial increase in the use of hard drugs, such as cocaine, as well as gang violence amongst the young people of this country.

While I believe Holohan’s comments to be narrow-minded at best, I do agree that Saturday’s events in Dublin can only be described as shocking indeed. I myself had business in the city at the time, and traversing the streets felt much like journeying through an Irish variant of Dante’s inferno. As I struggled to avoid pools of vomit and splatters of blood, my own contemporaries screamed and shouted, out of their mind in Dionysian revelry as they roamed the absolute kip that is Dublin city. This is not the world Pearse dreamed of. Hell, I would wager that it’s well beyond what were his worst nightmares.

As our island slowly drowns under a multitude of crises, the various generations of young people are left with nothing better to do than to drink, smoke and snort the night away, with no care for the world around them. Those older of course look on at this behaviour in disgust, asking how these youngsters could act with no regards to their city. 

But they are hardly unique in this. The Government has been so lax on public safety that the women in my life are no longer willing to walk the streets alone at night, and the local councils don’t seem to care what happens, so long as the vomit-soaked pavement the many homeless must sleep on is rainbow-coloured. If the people who rule Ireland’s cities do not care for them, how can we expect the youth to? 

As our ruling class starts another round of castigation aimed at the youth of our nation, let us remind ourselves of how we got here. A shambolic pandemic response, combined with a housing crisis and a boat load of national debt has left Young Ireland with little hope. With all this in mind, are we really surprised that young people act out in such ways? I know I’m not.

Peter Caddle

Posted by Peter Caddle

Peter is the Burkean's resident expert on all things popular and cultural.


  1. Wait until we have hyper inflation, which is an absolute certainty given the way money is being printed, not just in response to the supposed pandemic, but it has been massively ramped up in the last year and the ECB has now decided on a 150 billion annual cash injection for the EU.


  2. The Real Fianna 02/06/2021 at 8:00 am

    I said it before and i will say it again, the whole narrative around the scamdemic is nothing but BULLSHIT!

    If there is no PCR tests, there is no scamdemic! Simple as!

    People are not falling dead all over Ireland from a made-up virus. Lets be real. All these bullshit narratives about a fictitious virus and its fictitious variants being promoted in the lamestream is nothing but optics to keep the scam going, so the new orwellian normal can be accepted by the masses. People die and get headaches, runny noses, sneezes every year, now they are testing all the people with a dubious test and a large proportion are being labelled as having a fictitious virus. Of course they are going to have many targets to test positive. ITS a fucking scam!

    EVENT 201 just look it up. The whole scenario gives off a potent smell of being a false flag operation.

    As for that doomsday merchant, the Chief Medical Officer, and the absolutely ridiculous NPHET, they should really take a good look in the mirror before they start complaining about drunk and drugged up youths littering towns and cities at the first chance they get a bit of freedom from the orwellian lockdowns.

    The people responsible for running Ireland have clearly lost the plot! That should be very apparent to anyone who has the eyes to see and ears to hear.

    And the people they are like sheep in the pen being told they can roam every so often. The lack of awareness is truly terrifying!


    1. It’s all a scam for sure and with the vaccination of a huge tranche of the population with the magic ‘freedom’ sauce, we better hope that Antibody Dependent Enhancement is not a thing, because if it is we are in an apocalyptic scenario.

      I notice that the lamestream media are going with the lab leak theory now, which had you alleged it a year ago you were simply nuts, HOWEVER, this I believe to be more mainstream propaganda,

      The evidence very clearly points to the ‘virus’ being a bio warfare attack on the Chinese by the deep state in the US, part of their ongoing trade war.

      I would strongly recommend an article by Ron Unz in the Unz review which charts the who sequence of events, is a superb source of different perspectives on the world we live in today,

      Don’t be put off by it being describes as far right etc, we all know what that means.


    2. Jamie carroll 04/06/2021 at 4:17 pm

      Not enough people who i thought of as smart have done any research on the COVID scam, what so called conspiracy people were saying will happen is now being treated as normal by the sheep this year. The stupidy is amazing.


  3. Stiofán McCumasaigh 03/06/2021 at 3:14 pm

    Once the west collapses under the weight of useless paper money, all that will be left is what is important. Family, community, country and faith. Nationalism is the default position in times of crisis.
    It may well spell trouble with the
    enormous amount of planters here now, who never have, never will and never can be, GAELS.


    1. Jewish social scientists identified those very societal attributes as the ones to be attacked and destroyed because in such societies their parasitical practices were frowned upon,

      Hence the full on attacks on the family, any sense of community, the idea of an homogeneous nation and of course Christianity,

      We should know our enemy, but most don’t, the world is ruled through the power of the purse and we know who those people are,

      I strongly recommend the Unz review, and a recent post by the founder Ron Unz ( a multi billionaire Jew) on the origins of the ‘virus,

      Finally, to you Stiofán, be careful about assuming that somebody with lets say a Nigerian dad and an Irish mammy cannot be a Gael,

      My late father was a lifelong member of the Republican movement and never deviated from the fundamental and non negotiable position that Britain must leave for us to have peace and freedom, and when he was on his last legs, his mixed race great grandson made his day in the nursing home when he arrived in with his certificate of ‘Gael an Lae’ that he was given by his primary school teacher.


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