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It’s Better to be a Sigma for a Day Than a Betabux All Your Life

“As you can imagine, I am quite the celebrity, and am treated like a Mafia don. They call me either Uncle Bernie or Mr. Madoff. I can’t walk anywhere without someone shouting their greetings and encouragement, to keep my spirit up. It’s really quite sweet, how concerned everyone is about my well being, including the staff…It’s much safer here than walking the streets of New York” – Bernie “The Based” Madoff, An Extract from a letter to his Daughter-in-Law

As an introduction to this piece, I simply wish for the audience to pause. To stop and partake in a short exercise.

First, I dictate that you, as a subject of my paternal thraldom, must read the words of Bernie Madoff (bearer of an Indo-European Physiognomy), not just once. Not even twice will suffice. Nor will a mere glance – the audience, of which you are a member, must digest what he’s saying. I want the audience to mull over his words three times – and after each time, during the interim period, I want you to reflect on the questions posed below.


  • Is it better to submit to the anti-racist diktat of FUPA-possessing Human Resource Harlots that litter one’s corporate hellscape or should those with vigour and life (see: ‘Lebensphilosophie’) run a Ponzi Scheme with Albanian Warlords?
  • Should I go to Aldi for the second time today because I forgot to buy a face mask for my pissed off Uggo wife – or, perhaps, should I go on the Salo Forum and deny the Rwandan Genocide?
  • When my kid comes out as trans due to pressure from his overweight CSPE teacher, should I fake acceptance, or should I pack him off to the Balkans in order to secure Romanian Geopolitical interests vis-à-vis Russia? Even if he dies, he’ll pass away as a renowned Martyr in the Romanian folk-consciousness – perennially known as the Gael who made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of Dacian irredentism. Moldova is Romania! Make Gigi Becali (enemy and bully of Journo scum) President for Life of Greater Dacia!

Explicit answers will not be provided. A hint will merely be offered to guide you in your internal odyssey: what would Bernie Madoff do?

Think carefully, your destiny is at stake: to be a Sigma or not to be – #Finance, #Investment, #Grindset.

What is a Sigma Male?

“bringing the NEWS to all the young DUDES” – A CHI TOWN cat who is, without DOUBT, bringing the NEWS to all the young DUDES (BELIEVE THAT)

Since its rise to prominence in our collective lexicon, the term ‘Sigma’ has occupied a polarising position in the public square. To some, it’s an ideal to aspire to. For men who suffer from gyno induced cynicism, it’s a term of derision used to mock those who occupy a prestigious station in society. The prospect of accruing Reddit upvotes is the other major motivating factor which undergirds a distinctly preformative hatred of Sigma Males.

Yet, to conflate the Sigma as being synonymous with a particular position in society is an egregious category error. It’s more apt to conceptualise Sigmas as: Alphas-gone-Rogue; Lone Wolves on a quest to amass capital via their stock portfolio; Middle aged Anglos with beer guts who spend too much time fantasising about the nation of Thailand etc.

Joshua Sigafus outlines the nature of the Sigma Male and his relationship to societal power-structures: “Sigma males share many traits in common with the alpha archetype, though their tendency to walk outside of the lines of traditional social dominance hierarchies sets them apart and makes them different”.

The term definitely IS NOT a COPE used by divorced, drunken, and balding men who are pissed off at their cow-shaped ex-wife for leaving them for an employee at her local gym. Further, 45 year old men who conveniently claim that men’s SMV peaks once they reach middle age ARE NOT trying to derive a modicum of self esteem from a letter in the Greek alphabet – definitely not….

Sigma-related content is undeniably saturated at this juncture. Thus, the rationale for “yet another” piece on the Sigma Male phenomenon must be explicated.  Hitherto, the majority of videos and articles concerning this subject matter have been practical in nature. That is to say, the aforementioned – irrespective of quality – has been concerned with how one can embody the Sigma archetype. The end of such an endeavour? Women, Money, and Respect.

This meditation, in contrast, concerns itself little with pragmatic ends. Its purpose, rather, is to outline the philosophical and economic aspects of the Sigma Male philosophy. It may well become the foremost authoritative text regarding said aspects. 

The African AmeriKKKan Origins of the Sigma Mindset

“A lot of people didn’t know that Sigma males existed until last week” – Anthony Spade, ‘Why Sigma Males Are More Attractive Than Alpha Males’

Renowned thought leader, possessor of large nostrils, and “Redpill Coach” Anthony Spade engendered debate, anger, and intrigue when he released his controversial and infamous ‘Why Sigma Males Are More Attractive Than Alpha Males’ video over a year ago. The video, which features life-like Wolf and Tiger animations, cogently outlines why Sigmas are the MALES that women DESIRE.

Subsequently, there has been a proliferation of Sigma-related content on YouTube. This explosion likely owes to Spade’s employment of airtight argumentation – some commentators (creepy Dravidians who have trouble spelling) have likened his arguments to logical syllogisms.

However, certain critics have alleged that Spade’s success can be attributed to inequitable affirmative action policies which benefit POCs (Pick-Up-Artists of Colour) at the expense of whitey – Spade is an African AmeriKKKan.

Long considered a rumour, a recent exposé by the GOP adjacent group ‘Conservative Transgenders Against Cancel Culture and Critical Race Theory’, found that the ‘International Society for Seducing Sadies’ implemented an affirmative action policy by top down fiat.

This change in direction for the once notorious Tuareg-supremacist and anti-Bantu society can merely be speculated upon in lieu of concrete evidence. Presumably, the ascension of the incumbent society President, Tariq Nasheed, has had some impact upon the re-orientation of the organisation.   

Nasheed, the principle theorist of the ‘Foundational Black American’ movement (to enter, one must have 85% Bantu and 15% Evropean ancestry), was formerly a pick up artist. Prior to his current vocation – anti-Buck Breaking Activism – he went by the moniker “King Flex”.

During his career as a PUA, his most notable achievement was the release of his magnum opus, The Art of Mackin’ (which currently has a 4/5-star rating on Goodreads). The book boldly proclaims that it is the “first how to book that teaches men how to actually become ‘players and macks”. It has been praised as a “game changer” by the Foundational Black American MGTOW community on their official Steam community group.

Special mention has been made of both Nasheed and Spade in order to avoid erasure of the disproportionate contribution of Black and Dark-Brown (due to Evropean admixture) bodies to Sigma Male discursive spaces. Blacks comprise 13% of the Sigma population, yet make up 50% of those who upload Sigma-related content on YouTube – Amazing!

The Sigma Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

“It would be more correct to describe the limbs of men (the head, hands, and feet) as the causes of wealth (we should thus at least approach far nearer to the truth), and the question then presents itself, what is it that induces these heads, arms, and hands to produce, and calls into activity these exertions? What else can it be than the spirit which animates the individuals – Friedrich List, ‘The National System of Political Economy’

As I’ve mentioned in previous essays, Marxism radically re-orientated the Socialist tradition. In contrast to the normative and idealistic arguments put forth by the pre-Marxian Socialists, Marx re-conceptualised Socialism as the penultimate stage in a series of junctures in history, each of which was demarcated on the basis of the particular material basis that was prevalent in that era.

Economic relations – for instance, as between the Bourgeois and the Proletariat under Capitalism – corresponded to “a definite stage of development of [the] material productive forces”. The base was composed of the material productive forces and the economic relations which attend them. The superstructure, which comprises prevalent structures and domains, was erected upon the economic base. Law, politics, intellectual and religious life, culture – all of this was to be regarded as merely epiphenomenal vis-à-vis the base of the social order, which was material.   

If Marx’s viewpoint can be summarised (crudely) as the belief that the material and economic forces determine the nature of the social order, then Max Weber’s contention is the direct antithesis of this. Published in 1905, Weber’s ‘The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism’ represented a rejection of Marx’s historical materialism.

Reversing Marx’s attribution of causal power to the material, Weber argued that the subject of Marx’s study – Capitalism – had itself been the outcome of Protestantism, and more specifically, the Protestantism of John Calvin. Weber noted Calvinism’s distaste for idleness, luxury, and its positive view of work as a vocation which man should approach in a serious, intense, and zealous manner as factors which helped to engender early Capitalism. One could also cite Calvin’s laissez-faire view of Usury to buttress his thesis.

Weber’s book was part of a broader German discourse during this period concerning the origin of Capitalism. In response to Weber’s 1905 work, a former Marxist – who Engels once praised as the greatest interpreter of Marx’s ‘Capital’ – took a similar approach to Weber in privileging the non-material as the causal factor in the formation of social orders. His name was Werner Sombart, they don’t talk about him anymore…

There is a fatalistic, indulgent, and victim-worshipping mentality which tends to follow from deterministic explanations of history. The collective whining surrounding the Gig economy exemplifies this. Many lament the downfall of traditional working relationships and the consequent dearth of security that follows.

Yet, is it not true that this most unstable of eras is also a beacon which heralds greater opportunity? With the coming collapse of traditional work, I foresee the re-instantiation of the 19th century Bourgeois and his virtues in this century: his prudence, labour ethic, and lack of indolence are returning to the Earth.

But the battleground of Human progress is not to be ushered in by ascetic industrial magnates in factories. The inheritor of the 19th century is bound to be the Sigma male. Counterposed to the incessant whining by neo-proles about the Gig economy, the Sigma Male proclaims his faith in the Grifter Economy.

The advent of the internet has conferred to the Sigma Male unprecedented opportunity to swindle others. Self-publishing milquetoast and tedious self-help books, becoming a supplement merchant, offering dating/pick up advice to insular and narrow shouldered Indian men who work in tech, t-shirt shilling, patreon, publishing a philosophy book which you plagiarised from an obscure internet racist – the opportunity to grift another out of their hard-earned money (that they made via their Gig economy job, lol) is out there for those willing to take it. 

One can speculate that the cumulative effort of every Sigma Male grifter on YouTube could have a similar effect as the efforts of the Calvinists. That is to say, we could be witnessing the supersession of Capitalism (as it has traditionally been known) by a newer, grifting-based economic system. 

It would be an instantiation of Dante’s Inferno for emaciated renthogs. Picture them begging their sculpted LandChad for a reprieve from this month’s rent obligations, only for him to retort: “Maybe you should’ve learned to code instead of reading Mao, bro”. One can only dream…

The impact of the Sigma Male revolution is not simply to be witnessed in the economic domain. The German Rightist Author, user of LSD, and Veteran Ernst Jünger argued in his 1932 work ‘The Worker’, that the experience of soldiers on the front lines had engendered a new race of men, not based on blood – but on the  experience in the trenches, where one’s mortality was besieged by the ‘Storm of Steel’. Similarly, the experience of swindling wage cucks on social media may result in ethnogenesis among Sigmas – a race of grifters is emerging.

The Sigma’s efficacy as a grifter is a testament to Weber’s claim that it is the non-material, rather than the material, which is the causal factor in any given social order. The causal agent responsible for the coming Grifting economy will be the Sigma Male volksgeist – in this unity of consciousness, all act in concert to swindle the public. 

The Sigma Male and the Twilight of Philosophy

“Out of life’s school of war—what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.” – Anthony Spade, Prominent Red Pill Dating Coach (definitely not a grifter)

Certain philosophy-nerds have, as of late, taken issue with the Sigma male’s “appropriation” of famous philosophers.

They egregiously assert that Schopenhauer’s works were not intended to be cherry picked in order to confer intellectual pretense to PUA books. Further, they refuse to disabuse themselves of the debunked (by Science) theory that Nietzsche’s aphorisms weren’t targeted at crypto traders to assist them with their portfolios.

Such dishonesty would not normally warrant a response, but owing to the sheer falsehoods being peddled, I feel that a verbal strike is in order.

Nietzsche once stated: “What is the ape to man? A laughing-stock, a thing of shame. And just the same shall man be to the Superman: a laughing-stock, a thing of shame.”

Now, to the philosophy-nerd reading this, ask yourself: who is more akin to the Superman that Nietzsche describes? The gyno ridden Philosopher whose brain is muddled and confused by Onlyfans voyeurism and Hegel – or Bernie Madoff, the embodiment of the Sigma Male Lifestyle?

Ontology? Metaphysics? Ethics, hah!? Epistemology? Philosophy is clogged, obscured, and blinded by retrograde terminology which serves to obfuscate rather than clarify.

How does comprehension of the aforementioned aid in securing a business deal? Will it help one shill their niche, plagiarised, and grossly overpriced e-cook-book to fizeek-maxxing, sun-gazing, and Mishima-admiring Twitter denizens? Will it stave off the seemingly inexorable Bitcon crash? Damn, it feels good to be a no-coiner. 

Keep watching ‘School of Life’ videos, pseud – best to leave the real high resolution philosophical work to the Sigmas.

Concluding Remarks

Rather than offering a summation of what has already been said (if you don’t GET IT by now, you’re never going to MAKE IT), I’ll simply state that the Sigma Male phenomenon impinges on Man’s Destiny, Fate, and Legacy in the Modern World. 

I will now show deference to the Sage of Chelsea, he gets the last word – on Destiny:

“These days of universal death must be days of universal newbirth, if the ruin is not to be total and final! It is a Time to make the dullest man consider; and ask himself, Whence he came? Whither he is bound? — A veritable ‘New Era,’ to the foolish as well as to the wise” – Thomas Carlyle, ‘The Present Time’

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  2. Good to know it’s not just Americans yelling at their mothers and demanding hunny mussy for their nuggies. It makes me feel a little better, frankly, to know stupidity and so-bad-it-must-be-satire exists across the pond.

    Have fun never being given any affection by women, Sigmas! I’d say some joke about having a personality only a mother could love, but we all know these sigma’s mothers are just staring longingly at the sleeping pills, hoping to drop into the abyss to never return and have to face the reality of what they inadvertently birthed into this world.


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