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Young Fine Gael and the Yellow Peril: Hawkish NeoCons Play Diplomat

IntroductionThe hawkish Neoconservatism of Young Fine Gael is on display recently in an ominous policy paper document regarding the future of Irish-Chinese relations. The YFG hierarchy has dictated the state’s recommended approach to Ireland’s diplomatic relations, with the hypothetical prompt...

/ 27/01/2023

Time for YFG to Grow Some Teeth

Imagine the following scenario: a high ranking member of the Labour Party Youth group attends a foreign conference of international socialists. The conference, while banal in their eyes, plays host to a variety of far left Stalinists and Marxist-Lenninists sympathetic...

/ 06/08/2019

The Burkean’s Political Parties – Young Fine Gael

This autumn, students all over Ireland will be starting or returning to life on their college campuses, and those of a political mindset might consider joining one of the various political parties on campus. The below is my effort as...

/ 18/09/2018