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Did Liberal Hubris Sink the West in Afghanistan?

Twenty years, $2.26 trillion dollars and just under 125,000 lives lost.  That's how much time, money and lives the Afghan war has cost. The objective? To find and bring to justice, the Al - Qaeda terrorists who plotted and carried...

/ 06/03/2022

Welcome to the Age of Multipolarity

Under cover of darkness the Russian Federation has invaded Ukraine. Airstrikes as far west as Lviv have culled the Ukrainian Air Force, and Russian propaganda outlets suggest Russia has overrun the borders and is en route to Kiev. As with...

/ 24/02/2022

Iran – not ISIS – Must be the West’s Priority in the Middle East

In late June the ancient Grand al-Nuri Mosque, an enormous 850 year old landmark in the center of Mosul, was blown to pieces by the Islamic State. The fiery demise of this priceless historical treasure did not come as a...

/ 01/10/2017